Dr Loosen Beerenauslese

The Doctor cures an ailing reputation – top Rieslings from Dr. Loosen in the Mosel

The German producer Dr. Loosen has been at the forefront of the qualitative renaissance of Riesling wines from the Mosel. Under the leadership of the dynamic owner Ernst Loosen the winery has since the late eighties upped the quality of the wines it produces. At the beginning of the 1900s wines from the Mosel had […]

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Copain wines

Go West! The pick of the best from the American Wine Day 2015

American Wine Day 2015. The slimmed down version of the catalogue still extends over seven pages and lists more than 80 importers and far more producers and vineyards. It feels as if the West Coast just gets more and more interesting from a vinous perspective! How to attack such a trade show? I choose to […]

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Chaptalization or addition of concentrated grape must – a political fight

The biggest IGP appellation in France, the IGP Pays d’Oc, has allied itself with the two largest European manufacturers of concentrated grape must. Together they will fight against chaptalization and the unbalanced competition the they believe exist between the wine producers that are allowed to chaptalize (adding sugar) and the wine regions that instead add […]

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The winery and vineyards at Rubinelli Vajol in Valpolicella

Valpolicella Classico Doc Rubinelli Vajol | Åsa’s Wine of the Month

“Alread?” my husband asks and looks bewildered at the empty bottle. That’s how you feel when you open a really classic bottle of Valpolicella. Like this one from a producer called Rubinelli Vajol. Lots of fruit and cherries on the nose. Good acidity low in alcohol, only just over 12%. Very nice indeed. You empty […]

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A study in style: compare Argentinean and French Malbec | Per on Forbes

Malbec’s origin is in Cahors in the south west of France, le Sud-Ouest. But it has become (almost) world famous thanks to Mendoza in Argentina that is by far the biggest producer today. The two regions make very different wines from this same grape variety. This has of course to do with climate and perhaps […]

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Jonas Larsson on our book on organic wines: “an eminent book”

I happened to click on a link in a wine marketing newsletter and found a “Sunday Chronicle” written by wine writer and editor Jonas Larsson. It was about organic (and similar) wines and begins like this: Organic, my dear Watson! I have repeatedly sighed, at least in secret, when listening to the enthusiastic proponents of […]

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Champagne Fleury Blanc de Noirs Brut | Britt’s Wine of the Month

Champagne Fleury is one of the organic and biodynamic pioneers in Champagne. The family Fleury is found in the southernmost part of Champagne, in the Côte de Bar, famous for its high quality Pinot Noir grapes. This blanc de noirs is made only from these Pinot Noir grapes. It is dry champagne that has a […]

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Biodynamic, Organic and Natural Winemaking; Sustainable Viticulture and Viniculture, “Best Drinks Health Book”

Beautiful Gourmand Awards for our book on organic wine

A little while back I could announce that our new book Biodynamic, Organic and Natural Winemaking; Sustainable Viticulture and Viniculture had won two Swedish awards in the Gourmand International Cook Book Awards: “Best Wine Book for Professionals” “Best Drinks Health Book” It has also been nominated to the short-list of the international competition so it […]

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Poulprix, a "natural" wine from the Jura region

Trending in Paris: “natural” wine bars and restaurants | Britt on Forbes

Since a few years back it seems the craze on the Paris wine bar and bistro scene is restaurants focusing on “natural” wines, and similar low-intervention wines (sometimes also called “primitive” wines). This is a curious trend in some ways since these wines are sometimes hard to understand and not immediately appreciable by many wine […]

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Fire in Constantia, South Africa, vineyards threatened

In South Africa, a huge fire raged in early March that struck the vineyards of Constantia, among others. Fortunately, many had already harvested some of their grapes. It seems that the damage in the vineyards, after all, is rather limited after great efforts by both fire-fighters and volunteers. Constantia is situated on the Cape Peninsula, […]

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Jakeli Khashmi Saperavi 2011, Georgia

Wines for the curious consumer from Meadowdale Wines on Isle of Wight: Slovenia, Georgia, Lipari

Meadowdale Wines on the Isle of Wight is a fairly new English wine importer started by Swede Jan Lindfeldt. He specializes in wines produced with as little additives as possible. He says that he does not know what he should call his wines: “natural, raw, real, naked or pure … “. Instead he just calls […]

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Champagne Maxime Toubart Rose

Rosé Champagne in different guises, Maxime Toubart and Thevenet Delouvin

Rosé Champagne can be made in two ways. The most used method is the rosé d’assemblage. That means adding a little red wine to the white wine before bottling. The red wine is of course also made from grapes grown in the Champagne appellation The second method is called saignée in French and it means […]

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Is the increase in grape sales to Champagne houses a reason to worry?

We have in recent years seen more and more champagnes made by small producers who own their own vineyards. But this trend seems to have been a little bit interrupted lately. Between 2008 and 2014 sales of grapes to the big Champagne houses increased with the equivalent of 2644 hectares. The association for young growers […]

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Vineyards in Cahors, south-west France

Five good-value French wine you really should taste | Per on Forbes

France is without a doubt the world’s most prominent wine country. They make some very expensive wines, famous names known all across the world. But France is also an excellent source for wines in the medium price range. At the very low end they may however struggle to compete with low cost countries, especially for […]

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“France, The Country Of Wine”, best wine education book

Our book “France, The Country Of Wine” wins award as best wine education book and an international nomination

With great joy I can tell you that our recent wine book, “France, The Country Of Wine, Trends and Tradition”, has won the award as “Best Wine Education Book in Sweden 2014″. It is the prestigious organization Gourmand International World Cookbook Awards that choose the book as the winner. (The book is currently only published […]

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Do organic wines taste better? German wine producers answer

Organic, biodynamic and natural wines have a more concentrated flavour than traditionally produced wines, some of the producers claimed at a seminar on German organic wines that I recently attended. The international wine world seems to be increasingly aware of how important it is that wine be produced in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. […]

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A glass of sparkling wine

2012 Stefan Winter Riesling Brut | Birgitta’s Wine of the Month

This Deutscher Sekt from Pfalz (Palatinate) is made with the traditional method with the second fermentation in bottle. It was recently launched on the Swedish market and is probably available elsewhere too. A fresh and fruity nose with some flowers. On the palate there is peach and citrus fruit. A long, lingering flavour. Even if […]

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Stricter rules in Austria for spraying with copper

Organic producers are criticized for their use of copper in the vineyards. The EU allows 6 kilograms of copper per hectare and per year for organic producers, as we mentioned recently (Organic viticulture: How do you use less copper?). But one of our readers, Gottfried Lamprecht, an organic wine producers in southern Austria, has pointed […]

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New Brief out, #139: Excellent champagne, sugar in the wine, California vs France etc | The Wine Newsletter

March has been filled with some interesting trips for us. We have been in Hungary and tried a variety of Hungarian wines that impressed us a lot. We went there to see the very interesting wine fair VinCE in Budapest. You will soon see more reports on Hungarian wines and winemakers on BKWine Magazine. We […]

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BKWine Brief nr 139, March 2015

March has been filled with some interesting trips for us. We have been in Hungary and tried a variety of Hungarian wines that impressed us a lot. We went there to see the very interesting wine fair VinCE in Budapest. You will soon see more reports on Hungarian wines and winemakers on BKWine Magazine. We […]

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Red wines from Philippe Pacalet

Delicious Burgundy wines from Philippe Pacalet

Philippe Pacalet is known as one of the first natural wine producers in France. He currently has a comparatively large production where he rents land from various land owners and produces about 30 different wines in Burgundy. The number of different wines is not uncommon for a Burgundy producer but that all is natural wines […]

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BKWine’s wine tours featured in M Magazine, with Piedmont

M Magazine may need a presentation for the non-Swedish reader. It is one of Sweden’s most successful lifestyle magazines for women. Or as they present themselves, “a magazine for mature, independent women”. In the latest issue they had a story on a wine tour in Germany and in connection with it they gave some other […]

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Cabernet sauvignon at Boekenhoutskloof

Cabestrel, a new grape variety, crossing of two. Guess which!

There is much talk right now in the world of wine of the need for new grape varieties. There are actually two reasons for this. One is the fear that the expected climate change requires grape with other characteristics. And these qualities can maybe be obtained by crossing different vitis vinifera grapes. The second reason […]

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Chateau d'Esclans, Les Clans and Garrus, the Esclans range

The world’s most expensive rosé wine | Britt on Forbes

Really. How great can a rosé be? Well, there are people who produce rosé wine that have great ambition. And who know how to charge for it. Chateau d’Esclan in Provence is one of those, perhaps even the leader of the pack in the current flood of rosé wine. In the second of two articles […]

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New on the Travel Blog: Stories on Tuscany, three classics, Veneto and Bordeaux

We have recently published some short stories on some of our wine tours. The idea is to give you some inspiration and to tell you what to expect when you come wine touring with us. I think I can promise you that it is an experience like no other wine tours. Here are the four […]

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Rosemary George

“At the end, I understood rather more”, Rosemary George, MW, on our book on organic wines

Rosemary George is a Master of Wine wine writer spending a big part of the year in the Languedoc. Languedoc is the region with the highest proportion of organic wine producers in France. So it was natural for us to include quite a lot of winery recommendations from the Languedoc in our book on organic […]

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Tractor equipped for spraying

Spraying of vineyards: 26 active substances should be replaced, says EU commission

The European Commission has recently published a list of 26 active substances used in viticulture that should eventually be replaced, because of their danger to people or the environment. On the list are copper sulphate, copper hydroxide, copper oxide chloride and copper oxide. All of these are used for spraying against fungal diseases, especially downy […]

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Andrea Farinetti of Borgogno, Barolo

Borgogno, a Piedmont wine producer with a reboot

Borgogno is a wine producer Barolo in Piedmont with a long history. It changed hands in 2008. Following the change of ownership, the quality of the wines has continued to rise. When the winemaker Andrea Farinetti came to Sweden to present his wines he met with BKWine Magazine’s Ola Öhlund. “I tasted all the vintages […]

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“A uniquely thorough and clear book”, WijnWijs on our book on organic, biodynamic and natural wines

The Netherlands, just like Sweden, is a country that is keen on organic things. Food as well as wine. So it is perhaps not too surprising that a review of our book on organic wines (and similar things) pops up in The Low Countries. It is of course in Dutch, but since we lived in […]

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Rosé is normally made from red grapes, like these in Provence

Pink is the new colour. Everyone drinks rosé wines | Britt on Forbes

It seems the conquest of the world for rosé wines is unstoppable. From having been a little appreciated cheap (and often nasty) wine rosé is now – literally – on everyone’s lips. Even the most serious of wine writers assures us that rose is, or can be, great. In the first of two articles on […]

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