Revolution bottles, Australia

Australia – An evolving wine history, sometimes a revolution

When Mark Davidson was asked to describe with a single word Australian wines, he was stumped. There is no one word that can describe Australian wines, so he chose three: “History, Evolution, Revolution”. This became the name of a Master Class of Australian wines recently held in Stockholm by Mark, who is the Education Director […]

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Chenin Blanc plantings decrease in Anjou

Anjou in the Loire Valley is an important region for the white grape Chenin Blanc. In Anjou you find for example Savennières where they produce great dry Chenin wines and Coteaux du Layon where they make some fabulous sweet Chenin wines. Today there are 5000 hectares of Chenin Blanc in Anjou. The black grapes have […]

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Tasting a few wines of various vintages at the chateau

Bordeaux: Médoc and Graves, an introduction

Médoc is the perfect location for viticulture with the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the Gironde bay on the other. The vineyards are located along the Gironde and the pine forest along the Atlantic coast protects vineyards from rain and sea breezes. In total Médoc consists of 11 000 hectares, ie about one tenth […]

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Harvest workers picking grapes

The harvest 2015 in France

Overall it has been a very good year in France. We have seen many happy faces in the vineyards. But nothing is perfect and some regions have had problems. Burgundy: Very high quality. Early flowering, very hot and dry summer and the rain that came in August were much needed. No diseases and the producers […]

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Next season’s wine tours launched

We have now published all the details on next season’s wine tours. It will be a virtual stand-off between the New World and the Old World. The first wine tour will take you to South Africa, one of the most dynamic new world wine countries today. The second tour goes to Bordeaux, the world’s most […]

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niumba tripadvisor logo

TripAdvisor’s list of ”World’s Best Food Tours” includes BKWine Tours

“Miam, miam, experience the world with the world’s best food tours.” It is not our head-line. It is taken from the TripAdvisor article where they have featured BKWine Tours. Well, we are certainly very pleased and honoured to have been featured as one of the companies on TripAdvisor’s list of “The World’s Best Food Tours”. […]

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Tapas in Rioja

When you are in Spain having a few tapas can easily turn into a whole dinner. You go from bar to bar and try a few tapas (or pintxos that it is sometimes called) and a glass a wine. You continue to the next and try some more. We have collected a list of recommended […]

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Personal blend at Rickety Bridge in South Africa

We tried our hands at making wine. Here’s the result

In most cases, when you visit a winery, it is to taste the wine, talk to the winemaker and see the vineyard and cellar. Only on the rare occasion you also get the possibility to actually make your own wine. But that is what our travel guests on the latest wine tour to South Africa […]

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Champagne Roederer has its own nursery

Champagne Louis Roederer has, as one of the few wine producers in France, been approved as a “pepiniériste privé”, ie as a private nursery for vines. Roederer will now grow their own American root stocks. On these they will graft cuttings taken from their own vineyards. It is very unusual for wine producers to do […]

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The barrel ageing cellar at Bodegas Baigorri

Time for a comeback in Rioja with Bodegas Baigorri | Britt on Forbes

Anyone else has the feeling that Rioja has been lingering in the background for quite a few years? But that today it is time for a renaissance? That is at least the feeling we have had when we have travelled in this northern Spanish wine regions recently. We have seen a lot of new thinking […]

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Delas buys Jaboulet house and winery

The big northern Rhône Valley wine merchant Delas, now owned by Champagne Deutz, recently bought the family Jaboulet’s beautiful estate in the centre of Tain l’Hermitage. The houses are to be renovated and the winery will be demolished and rebuilt again, in a more modern style. Jaboulet was run by the Jaboulet family from 1834 […]

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Chateau Saint Cosme, Gigondas

Cherry-picking in the Domaine range

Domaine Wines is a leading Swedish wine importer. They recently presented their range to the specialised press. BKWine Magazine’s reporter Tobias Karlsson reports on the best finds. If you have not been tasting and drinking wine in for quite a while then a tasting of a wine importer’s range is maybe something that does not […]

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La Frosca from Azienda Agricola Gini

La Froscà Soave, Gini 2013 | Birgitta’s Wine of the Month

Make the summer stay a bit longer with a golden yellow glass of soave classico, La Froscà Soave, Gini 2013! The wine has a nose reminiscent of yellow plums, white flowers, peach and almonds. The taste is round, almost fat, filled with yellow fruit, hints of mineral and a touch of barrel. There is enough […]

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Are you paying too much for fine wines? | New Brief out, #146 | The Wine Newsletter

Wine consumers often have great respect, not to say reverence, for fine wine. Old vintages, famous producers, famous vineyards. It affects us all at some point. An awe that comes when you realize you have a Grand Cru or something similar in the glass. Wine is not just a beverage. If it were so, the […]

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BKWine Brief nr 146, October 2015

Wine consumers often have great respect, not to say reverence, for fine wine. Old vintages, famous producers, famous vineyards. It affects us all at some point. An awe that comes when you realize you have a Grand Cru or something similar in the glass. Wine is not just a beverage. If it were so, the […]

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Castello Brolio Vin Santo from Barone Ricasoli

Barone Ricasoli, inventor and re-inventor of Chianti

“I want to make wines that should be drunk in good company, not only tasted” says Francesco, the 32nd Baron Ricasoli with a liberating simplicity founded on a long family tradition. Francesco is the great grandson of the 28th Baron Bettino Ricasoli who in 1872 wrote the Chianti formula in a letter to Prof. Cesare […]

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The vineyard of Chateau du Tertre in Margaux

Favourites from the Winefinder presentation of new Bordeaux wines, “primeurs”

The internet wine merchant Winefinder has for five years arranged tastings of the Bordeaux primeurs at the prestigious Munich Brewery in Stockholm. It is the latest vintage from Bordeaux which is still in barrels, the vintage 2014. Nevertheless it is presented now and already for sale. It will not be delivered to the buyer until […]

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Allegrini La Poja

La Poja, a vertical tasting with Marilisa Allegrini

Allegrini has recently been nominated for “Best Winery” in Italy by Gambero Rosso. Of course there is an element of luck in this. Is it the luck that a talented and hardworking winemaking family deserves? Marilisa Allegrini and her brother Franco is the sixth generation, but it is their father Giovanni who laid the foundation […]

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Successful harvest for Chile

2015 has so far been a good year for the Chilean wines. The harvest was a record-high 12.86 million hectolitres. It’s a good recovery from last year’s very low figure. It is even a bit higher than the previous record year, 2012. Chilean export of wines in bottle is also doing well, with growth both […]

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Italy, Portugal, Germany, USA and Austria at Handpicked Wines

Two years ago, my overall impression from Handpicked’s range tasting was very positive.  It focused on smaller producers who had “something extra” that can make the difference in a large wine selection. (Handpicked Wines is a Swedish importer specialising in wines from small-ish producers.) It was therefore with great expectations that I looked forward to […]

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Barefoot, the bestseller in US

Which wine is the bestseller in the US? Looking at the top-ten list recently published by The Wine Economist, it is a wine called Barefoot, which is made by the large wine company Gallo. The average price for this wine is $ 5.64 and Barefoot made $ 622 million between June 15 2014 and June […]

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Chateau Belgrave, Haut Medoc, Bordeaux

Chateau Belgrave; can you tell how close it is to Saint-Julien?

Chateau Belgrave is located very close to Saint-Julien and has no clear terroir limit that can be detect even by an attentive wine traveller. However, the limit was already fixed in 1855 and the property has since been classified as a fifth cru in the Médoc, not in St. Julien. The current owner, Dourthe, bought […]

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Unlimited photo storage on-line

For those who are fond of photography this may be of interest: Amazon has recently launched something they call “unlimited photo storage on-line”, in the cloud. It’s one of the things they offer in their service bundle “Amazon Prime” (or Premium in some countries). Prime contains some other interesting services as well, but for a […]

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Our friends at Gomez Cruzado in Rioja wins award

When we travel to Rioja we often visit Bodegas Gomez Cruzado. It is the smallest of all the bodegas, ie wine producers, located in the legendary area called Barrio de la Estación in Haro, the second largest (but still small) town in Rioja. One could almost call them a “boutique bodega” in comparison with many […]

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Fonseca vintage ports

Old and new among Fonseca’s Port Wine

This year it is 200 years since Fonseca was founded in 1815. In different ways a magical year 1815, the year when Napoleon’s army was defeated at the Battle of Waterloo by the English, Scottish and Prussian troops. To the English port have always meant a lot, and so it still does. Of course it […]

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Rickety Bridge Pinotage, Franschhoek, South Africa

Celebrate Pinotage Day with a glass from this unusual grape | Per on Forbes

There are a few grape varieties that are more or less unique to a country or that has for some reason become emblematic. Chile has its Carmenere, Argentina has Malbec, and Uruguay has Tannat. Portugal has masses of unique grapes that exist (almost) nowhere else, as does Italy, and Greece and many other countries. South […]

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The cathedral in Reims

Wine regions are also World Heritage!

We have just had a mini-series about wine regions that are on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. Nine different wine regions are on the list that we have. Of the nine wine regions we do, or have we done, wine tours to seven. Seven out of nine, not bad! To four of them, […]

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Selling wines to Swedish consumers, what are the rules?

If you are a wine producer you might wonder what the rules are for selling to Swedish consumers. Or if you happen to live in Sweden, you might wonder if and how you can buy from producers or shops in other countries in Europe. The question is the same and we have done some research […]

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Female journalists’ favourites in Languedoc (wines, of course…)

Agricultural cooperatives in France are numerous and influential. Not least in the wine business. In Languedoc almost 2/3 of the surface planted with vines are owned by wine growers belonging to a cooperative. This means 150,000 hectares and 15,000 cooperative wine growers. Every year the cooperatives compete with their wines in a prestigious competition held […]

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Roses in the garden

Rosé gets brighter and brighter

Rosé wines are not only getting more and more popular. They are also getting lighter and lighter in colour. In eleven years, the intensity of the colour has fallen by half. Today you can have rosé wines so light in colour that they can easily be mistaken for white wines. But despite consumer preference for […]

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