Whole bunches from manual harvest

Small harvest in France but abundant harvest in Burgundy

There is a lot of talk about the very small harvest volume that we will get this year, even here at BKWine Magazine, Record-breaking small wine harvest in France. But in Burgundy they expect to bring in an unusually big harvest! It shows clearly how different weather conditions can be very local and hit very […]

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Bruwer Raats chenin blanc, South Africa

Quality by Design at Raats Family Wines in Stellenbosch

Talking with Bruwer Raats, winemaker in South Africa The ghost of Gaston Huet looms large in the life of Bruwer Raats (pronounced brew-vay rahts) of Raats Family Wines in Stellenbosch, South Africa. Huet, an unbreakable French vigneron, survived a World War II Nazi concentration camp, then walked three days non-stop after release to make harvest […]

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Restaurant table with clown

Alcohol consumption has fallen by 10 litres in 10 years (in France)

Over a ten year period households’ alcohol consumption has fallen by 10 litres to today 70.7 litres per household, a decline of 12%, a study made by Kantar Worldpanel shows (12,000 households). In France. People also spend less: the household budget has fallen over one year by 1.70 euros 327.70 euros in 2016. (How does […]

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World trade in wine 2000-2012

English wine exports increase sharply, up 21%

English wine has become really trendy, especially sparkling. Now, the wines from the Brexit island are also moving forward in the export market. And maybe it’s exactly Brexit that’s the reason behind it. The pound has fallen (soon at parity with the euro) and English wine has become cheaper in other countries. Exports increased by […]

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Domaine de Marcoux vieilles vignes, Chateauneuf-du-Pape

Delicious triplet of Rhône wines from Domaine de Marcoux

Domaine de Marcoux is a family property in the northern part of Châteauneuf-du-Pape. In addition to the exclusive chateauneuf wine, they also make côtes du rhône and vin de france, all of very good quality. On September 14, a triplet of Marcoux wines is launched on the Swedish market by Caviste, but the wines are […]

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Corvina veronese grapes in Allegrini vineyards in Valpolicella

Italy’s wine harvest prediction: extremely small volume

It is perhaps excessive to call it disaster, but also the Italian harvest (like the French harvest) is expected to be extremely small this year. The Italian oenologist association  predicts that Italy will harvest 41 million hectolitres. This is a decline with 24% (!) compared to 2016 (54 M hl). Last year, however, gave a […]

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Vineyard landscape in Franschhoek, South Africa

Dates for some of next year’s (2018) wine tours

If you are already planning a wine tour for next year (this year is sold out), we can first of all offer you Chile-Argentina and South Africa in the winter. But we also have some of the dates ready for the rest of the year. Here they are: Chile & Argentina, January 27 – February […]

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The vineyards of Mas de Daumas Gassac

Record-breaking small wine harvest in France

Already today it is quite clear how big the wine harvest will be this year, with quite a lot of certainty. It will be small. The harvest is also very early. In some places it has already begun, the earliest picker started on August 10, but in most wine regions it will be a bit […]

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A park bench, Lisbon-Oriente

A picture essay from ”Oriente” in Lisbon

A while back I had a few hours to spend in Lisbon. I was visiting Portugal to go to some oak forests and vineyards. (More on cork production here.) I was staying at a hotel in the part of the city called Oriente. Much of it was built for the Expo 98 world exhibition that […]

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Ludivine Ambroise of Maison Ambroise, Burgundy

Affordable Red Burgundy from Maison Ambroise

Red Burgundy that is both good and does not break the bank can be difficult to find. Maison Ambroise is one place to look. We visited the house this spring on one of our wine tours and tasted their selection, starting with the “plain” Bourgogne Rouge, a wine that offers a good pinot noir character […]

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Gérard Bertrand Domaine Gerard Bertrand

Gérard Bertrand celebrates 30 years as a wine producer

Gérard Bertrand in Languedoc celebrates 30 years as a wine producer. He has had a tremendous success. He had to take over the family wine business at a young age when his father died. At the time the business was small. Now he produces 12 million bottles that are sold in 60 countries. He has […]

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Britt & Per Karlsson, BKWine

Wine Country China …? | New Brief out, #168 | The Wine Newsletter

First of all, if you have not yet “liked” BKWine Magazine on Facebook, please do it now. Much appreciated! Wine Country China …? Britt is in China this week. One of ten invited international wine experts to judge a wine competition with Chinese wines in the Ningxia region. Britt was there already in 2005, on […]

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Britt & Per Karlsson, BKWine

BKWine Brief nr 168, August 2017

First of all, if you have not yet “liked” BKWine Magazine on Facebook, please do it now. Much appreciated! Wine Country China …? Britt is in China this week. One of ten invited international wine experts to judge a wine competition with Chinese wines in the Ningxia region. Britt was there already in 2005, on […]

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Cabernet Sauvignon grapes

Grapes in the Napa Valley as expensive as in Champagne

Does Champagne have the world’s most expensive grapes? We thought so but now it seems that you have to pay as much for cabernet sauvignon grapes in Napa Valley, California. For one kilo of Napa cabernet sauvignon you pay 7 USD, compared to between 5.20 and 6.20 euros for one kilogram of Champagne grapes. Other […]

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Vineyard in winter time

Vines threatened by fungal diseases, virus, maltreatment, draught etc

The French nurseries that supply wine producers with vines face major challenges. At the end of June, 120 of them gathered to discuss the future. The most important thing they discussed is the withering of the vineyards that has been going on for some time now. Everywhere, the wine growers see how some of their […]

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Provence wine map

Côtes de Provence celebrates its 40 years with a design competition

Côtes de Provence celebrates this year 40 years as an appellation. And there is reason to celebrate. Rosé wines from Provence have had incredible success in recent years. The world does not seem to be able to get enough of Provence rosé. As part of the celebration, a design competition was organized in June in […]

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Hospices de Beaune, Hotel Dieu, court yard

Corton Cuvée Docteur Peste 2015 from Hospices de Beaune, Patriarche Père & Fils

Importer Domaine Wines invited to a tasting of a red Corton from the excellent vintage 2015, bottled by the Burgundy Négociant Patriarch Père & Fils. The wine was Corton Cuvée Docteur Peste from Hospices de Beaune. First a few words about Hospices de Beaune which history starts back in 1443, when Nicolas Rolin (Chancellor of […]

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Self service wine shop in Croatia

More new wine importers and one mistake

Yesterday I did an update of our Big List with Wine Importers. There were 13 new names and 22 that I removed. But it turns out that I had missed some new importers. I received several reactions and suggestions for new ones. Here are four five more new ones: Swedish Wine Association, “We stand for […]

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Wines at the Drop Shop wine bar and shop in Budapest

New wine importers and closed wine importers

It is not complete but quite close. We have probably Sweden’s most current list of wine importers. We recently received a message from an importer that was not included, so we added his business: WineBee is not a new importer, but we have not noticed them before. They work mainly with Germany, France, Spain, Portugal […]

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Rodrigo Romero at Viña Maquis, Colchagua Valley, Chile

The greatness of carmenere in Chile at Vina Maquis | Britt on Forbes

Carmenere is the signature grape of Chile. Given that, one would think that it is an easy grape to grow all over Chile. But that is not the case. It is a grape that can give green or harsh characters to the wine if it does not ripen properly or is on the wrong type […]

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Otskhanuri Sapere Monastery Wine, Georgia

Qvevri and “normal” wines from Lipartiani-Khareba in Georgia

Georgia is on the move. And it’s no longer just the qvevri wines that get attention. In June, Winery Khareba/Lipartiani presented its wines in Paris. We tasted red and white qvevri wines and “regular” wines. These latter ones account for most of the production in the country. However, the traditional method of qvevri, which means […]

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Peter-Allan Finlayson of Crystallum

South Africa’s “hottest” cool region: with Crystallum’s winemaker Peter-Allan Finlayson

It’s quite possible to make exciting, interesting and characterful wines from Pinot Noir and Chardonnay in South Africa! Everything depends on the temperature – and the winemaker of course (as well as a whole lot else). During a visit to Paul Cluver last spring I noticed an interesting map of temperature differences between the various […]

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Chateau Darius, Saint Emilion

Château Darius: Young wine entrepreneurs set out to modernize Saint Emilion

The wine world is considered by many to be a bit old-fashioned. But times are changing. “We want to be innovative in this very traditional world,” says Flavien Darius Pommier. 23 years old and with a Master’s Degree in Business Administration in his pocket, he is now, along with a friend, marketing the family chateau […]

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Biodynamic, Organic and Natural Winemaking by B & P Karlsson, at Athenaeum

Civil Eats on sustainable and organic wine in Sonoma County, and on our organic wine book

It’s nice to be quoted. Must mean that some people read what you write and even appreciate it! “Civil Eats is a daily news source for critical thought about the American food system. We publish stories that shift the conversation around sustainable agriculture in an effort to build economically and socially just communities”, it says […]

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Glenwood vineyards and mountains, Franschhoek

DP Burger at Glenwood Vineyards in Franschhoek, South Africa, interview and videos

Franschhoek can almost be too quaint, too pretty as a wine region. The wineries are dotted along the main road – the only road – along the valley like pearls on a string. They are surrounded by beautiful real estate developments where the villas have stunning views over the mountains. The village of Franschhoek itself […]

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Ntsiki Biyela, Aslina Wine

Tasting Suo Red Collection No 2 and Stellekaya Hercules from South Africa

If you’ve never tasted the wines of South Africa, you need to start – now! Arguably one of the globe’s most overlooked wine regions, South Africa hammocks the continent of Africa between the Atlantic Ocean on the west, and the Indian Ocean on the East. As an emerging New World producer, South Africa enjoys some […]

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Fattoria della Aiola Chianti

A typical Chianti: Fattoria della Aiola Chianti Classico

A little while ago a few bottles of Chianti Classico arrived in the post from Fattoria della Aiola. This turned out to be a wine estate founded in 1934 by an Italian politician and sold in 2012 to Russian investors, who now continue to develop the 36 ha property. We tasted the wines and discovered […]

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Ntsiki Biyela, Aslina Wine

Ntsiki Biyela, the first black female winemaker in South Africa

It is not that much of an exaggeration to say that Ntsiki Biyela is a South African winemaking legend. She was the first female black winemaker and has been featured for example on CNN and on Forbes (and on BKWine Magazine previously). After many years as winemaker at Stellekaya in Stellenbosch Ntsiki Biyela has now […]

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High mountains can be the backdrop in Le Marche

Magic in Napa’s Mountain Region

When one brings up the concept of terroir—a French wine term used to describe a wine’s “sense of place”—you realize the importance that extraordinary vineyard soils have on producing truly exceptional wines. This text is an opinion piece written by Igor Sill who is a winegrower in the region discussed in the text. Mountain wineries flourished […]

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La Vinocave wine shop in Reims

“Foreign” wines in France increase the market share

In France you drink French wines. With the variety that exists in this huge wine country, you never get tired of French wines. But the fact is that the French drink more and more foreign wines. An study on wine sales in big grocery stores (where most wines are sold) shows a rise in recent […]

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