Closing the fermentation vat

Making wine in Sweden from Italian grapes, another curious project from Oenofors

Nordic Sea Winery is located in the beautiful small coastal town of Simrishamn on the Swedish south coast. A big portion of wine sold in Sweden gets its final touch here, the “winery” is owned by one of Sweden’s largest wine importers, Oenoforos. Now a new era begins at NSW. Previously wines that have been […]

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Schloss Johannisberg 2015 capsules

Vintage 2015 from Schloss Johannisberg

Schloss Johannisberg in the Rheingau wine region is one of the most historic wine producers in Germany. They were the first German wine estate entirely planted with riesling, in 1720. It was also here that the German spätlese wine was produced for the first time, in 1775. At that time it was a mistake, because […]

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Young people drinking wine in a wine bar

Young Wine Drinkers in New York and London, what they drink | Britt on Forbes

It is sometimes said that the young people of today do not drink wine. It may be true or not, but whatever the case it is very different from one country to another. A recent market report shows surprisingly positive numbers from New York and London. An overwhelming majority of the young people in these […]

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Parisian café or Japanese sushi? | New Brief out, #159 | The Wine Newsletter

Parisian café or Japanese sushi? How is the traditional Parisian café doing? Everywhere you look in the French capital, you see a sushi restaurant or a sushi takeaway where there used to be a café. As soon as a café disappears, the Japanese are there. We now have four sushi places 5-10 minutes’ walk from […]

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BKWine Brief nr 159, November 2016

Parisian café or Japanese sushi? How is the traditional Parisian café doing? Everywhere you look in the French capital, you see a sushi restaurant or a sushi takeaway where there used to be a café. As soon as a café disappears, the Japanese are there. We now have four sushi places 5-10 minutes’ walk from […]

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Wine cellar with barrels in Piedmont

Piedmont’s white wines; to be discovered!

35% of the wine in Piedmont is white We are now on the third part of our little series about Piedmont. I have in previous articles on Piedmont talked about the red wines with a focus on the wines made from the Nebbiolo grape. This is undoubtedly the most important grape in Piedmont. We also […]

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Organic wine producers employ more people

The organic wine producers are hiring more people, according to a French study published in October. The organic growers often say they need more people in the vineyard and in the cellar, and now it has been “proven”. On average, the organic producers create 1.5 times more jobs than the conventional producers. 34.6% of the […]

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Cinsault to have a break-through in South Africa?

We have always been fond of the southern French grape Cinsault. It has never belonged to the prestigious grapes and it has led quite an anonymous existence. It has either been used for rosé wines or brought elegance to Languedoc blends of Grenache and Syrah.  A few producers have however shown us how good Cinsault […]

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Kanonkop Pinotage and Paul Sauer blend

Kanonkop – world’s best Pinotage?

Kanonkop is one of the oldest wineries in South Africa with a history that is more than 100 years old.Today the estate is run by Johann and Paul Krige, fourth generation sons of the founder, Paul Sauer, who has also given his name to the Bordeaux blend, which is the other top wine they do. […]

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Bordeaux is now in Nouvelle Aquitaine

The “new” and very big region in the south-west of France that was created on January 1, 2016 by merging the regions of Aquitaine, Limousin and Poitou-Charentes, has finally received its name: Nouvelle Aquitaine, New Aquitaine. It is in some ways quite a good name, even if it feels a bit like it belongs on […]

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Harvest at Troon Vineyards, Applegate Valley, Oregon

Wine pioneers in Oregon, Craig Camp and Steve Hall at Troon Vineyard

I first met Craig Camp at a wine conference a few years ago. We follow each other on social media, but he really got my attention this past April with his post: ‘Leaving Forward.’ Craig Camp, late of Cornerstone Cellars in Sonoma, was ‘running towards’ Troon Vineyard in Southern Oregon’s Applegate Valley AVA. Intrigued, I […]

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Penfolds want natural cork in quality wine and sees issues with screw caps

What is the best, screw tops or natural cork? Yes, this is a debate that I am sure will continue for some time yet. One of the major proponents of the screw cap, Australian Penfolds, has recently made some new contributions to the debate. Peter Gago, their wine makers, does not think that the screw […]

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Tenute Silvio Nardi Brunello di Montalcino 2011 | Åsa’s wine of the month

Autumn sneaks up on us. We light a fire to keep warm. Stews simmer in the kitchen. This is a good time to pop the cork in a Brunello di Montalcino. Like for instance the one from Tenute Silvio Nardi. 2011 does not have the same cult status as 2010 but it still shows excellently […]

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Congratulations on the 40th anniversary to Crémant d’Alsace

This year the appellation Crémant d’Alsace celebrates its 40 years. Created officially 1976. Congratulations! This sparkling wine has had great success in recent years. Sales have increased from 1 million bottles sold in 1979 to today’s 35 million. Crémant d’Alsace is today the second sparkling wine in France after Champagne. The second best-selling crémant is […]

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Trapiche Gran Medalla and El Esteco Altimus

Impressive depth and breadth in a range of wines from Trapiche in Argentina

Is Argentina the next great wine-trend? Trapiche’s wines poses the question to a head. Grupo Peñaflor is one of Argentina’s biggest wine producers. The group includes the very famous name Trapiche, with a long history on the international market. One of the advantages of being big, as Peñaflor, is that you can experiment with grapes […]

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The world’s biggest wine producing countries in 2016, in short

The ranking of the world’s biggest wine countries is a bit different if you look at wine production compared to the top list for vineyard acreage. Here are the preliminary figures for 2016 (in million hectoliters) for the biggest wine producers according to OIV statistics: Italy, 48.8 Mhl France, 41.9 Mhl Spain, 37.8 Mhl USA, […]

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Argentina’s success and challenges, an interview with Madeleine Stenwreth MW

If you do not have your ear to the (wine) ground, it can be easy to miss the rapid development that Argentina’s wine industry has undergone in recent decades. From having appeared on the world wine scene in the early 90’s as a supplier of decent entry-level wines it has today become a full-fledged producer […]

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Meursault 1998, Domaine Vincent Prunier

Uncorked: Good wines we have tasted recently, November 2016

Uncorked: Under this heading we collect various wines that we have tasted, and liked, recently. It can be wines that we have had during dinner at home, at wine tastings, press lunches, visits to vineyards, or other occasions. We describe the wines just with a few short sentences, tasting notes that we hope will give […]

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The countries with the world’s biggest vineyard acreage in 2015, in short

OIV, the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (Organisation Internationale de la Vigne et du Vin), recently presented statistics for 2015 and 2016 on wine production and wine growing in the world. In 2015 the world grape surface increased to 7.5 million hectares. Spain still leads with just over one million hectares. China is in […]

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Kanonkop winemaker Abrie Beeslaar (L) with CE Kanne (R), copyright CE Kanne

Wines with a bang from Stellenbosch in South Africa

Kanonkop is one of the most famous wine producers in South Africa. When the winery’s head winemaker Abrie Beeslaar came to Sweden he met BKWine Magazine’s reporter Carl-Erik Kanne and presented a selection of his wines. Abrie Beeslaar is a very well-known figure on South Africa’s wine scene and is focused on getting as high […]

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Guest of Argentina’s ambassador and minister of tourism

It is not every day one gets invited over to the embassy of Argentina, or any other country (although I was at the Portuguese ambassador’s residence in Prague earlier this year). Of course, one goes come rain come shine. In addition to pleasant company one can count on great wines and delicious food. Well, it […]

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Cuvee L'Etonnan Monsieur Victor, Champagne Pierre Peters

Pierre Péters’ champagnes, with several new releases

Pierre Peters is one of the leading small growers in Champagne and can be found in Le Mesnil-sur-Oger, one of the grand cru villages of the Côte des Blancs. In this village the grape variety Chardonnay rules almost alone, and Le Mesnil-sur-Oger is one of the best villages of blanc de blancs Champagnes. Pierre Péters […]

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Domaine du Moulin nouvelle cuvee (echantillon de fut)

Red wine without malo from Gaillac – a challenging taste

We tasted an unusual wine the other day. It came from the Domaine du Moulin in Gaillac, it was from 2015 and it was a completely new cuvee, still ageing in oak barrels. (A very interesting producer by the way.) The grapes were 60 % Tannat, 30% Syrah and 10% of the local grape Braucol. […]

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Masi oseleta wines

The oseleta grape – the spice that boosts the Valpolicella from Masi

Oseleta is an ancient grape that was rediscovered in the 80s by Sandro Boscaini, Masi’s owner. After having experimented with making wine on a small scale, he planted 18 hectares with oseleta. In 1990 he started to use the grape blended into Masi’s traditional wines and in 2000 came the first vintage of a pure […]

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Happy wine growers in the southern Rhone Valley: 2016 will be excellent

The harvest is in full swing, at the time of writing, in the southern Rhone Valley – it will be over by the time you read this – and the growers are very happy. “I have rarely seen so fine and healthy grapes,” says Bernard Duseigneur at Domaine Duseigneur, a domain with vineyards on both […]

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Vincent Paris, winemaker in Cornas, and his wife

Bubbles, whites and reds from Cask & Moestue

It was time to venture out on another vinous mission. To taste wines from the importer Cask & Moestue. I tried things I have not tried before, first and foremost, and those that seemed more exciting for personal reasons. I tried far from everything. I neglected parts. Apologies for that. Bubbly On site was the […]

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New rules in Tokaj: puttonyos no more

An era is gone in the Hungarian wine region of Tokaj. Many of you probably remember Tokaj Aszú with its different number of puttonyos. It could be 3, 4, 5 or even 6. The more puttonyos, the higher the sugar content in the wine. Now Tokaj has simplified the classification of its wines and has, […]

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New ideas in Beaujolais: villages on the label

The Beaujolais producers are keen to prove that they do not only make Beaujolais Nouveau wines. One way to do this, they believe, is to give consumers a more accurate geographical indication on the labels. Therefore, from 2016 a number of Beaujolais-Villages wines will be able to put their village name on the label, in […]

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Bayer buys Monsanto?

To combat pests, diseases, and to remove weeds belong to the everyday tasks of a farmer and a wine grower. There is a lot of money – and controversy – in pesticides so therefore the announcement that the German company Bayer is probably buying the American company Monsanto has caused a lot of speculations. Bayer […]

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High or low alcohol? | New Brief out, #158 | The Wine Newsletter

High or low alcohol Are you one of those consumers who think that the alcohol level in wines is getting higher and higher? Actually, this is an undisputed fact. Wine has more alcohol now than it had in the past. Some consumers do not care, while others look at the label and are horror-struck if […]

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