Swedish Wine Importers

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An extensive list of importers of wine to Sweden

The Swedish wine (and alcohol) trade is split in two distinct parts: the importers and the retailer. Retail is a monopoly and it is the Systembolaget AB company who is the monopolist, operating some 400 shops around the country. Systembolaget is owned by the Swedish state. It exists because of claimed public health concerns.

The import side is not subject to a monopoly. In fact, the Systembolaget monopoly retailer is banned from acting as an importer. Instead it must buy the wines from one of the licensed importers. We have seen the number 800 mentioned as the number of licenses for importers. It may be true or not. But only a handful are of any significance. Less than twenty importers account for the vast majority of all sales. There is a somewhat larger number that are focussed on a niche that from a wine producer’s point of view can also be interesting, focussing for example on Italian wines, organic wines, Portuguese wines, designer wines or other more or less clearly defined niches. There is a very large number of hobby importers among the smaller companies.


It is relatively easy to become wine importer in Sweden. The most important requirement is that you must have a registration with the tax authorities in Ludvika (a small town in the centre of Sweden) as either “warehousing agent” or as “goods recipient”.

There are 1,373 + 381 = 1,754 organisations with such registration according to Ludvika (August 2017), so that’s the theoretical maximum number of importers. There are a number of other requirements that have to be fulfilled too. The real number is much smaller. In reality I would estimate that there is only between 200 and 300 active importers, only ten (10!) of which have a market share of 3% or more.

A wine shop in Paris
A wine shop in Paris, copyright BKWine Photography

There is one other way to segment the wine importers: 1) Importers selling to the monopoly, and 2) importers selling to the restaurant trade. Most are of course a mix of both but there is a significant number of importers who focus on restaurants only. This can of course be interesting for smaller wine producers. Restaurants can buy directly from importers. They do not need to go through the monopoly. It is not unusual for ambitious restaurants to try and differentiate by having a wine selection that is not available in the monopoly shops.

Here is a (no doubt incomplete) list of active wine importers. Some names are with strike-through font. Those either no longer exist (as far as we can tell) or focus exclusively on beer and spirits. It is not a complete catalogue or directory of all Swedish wine importers (there is none) but it is a pretty good approximation.

(Please feel free to suggest additions or corrections to the list.)

More on wine importers:

Important: if you are looking for our list of Swedish internet-based wine shops, selling directly to consumers, not through the monopoly, then you can find it here: Independent Swedish web wine merchants.

The Big List of Swedish Wine Importers

Last update: 3 March 2021.

  1. Aeterno, www.aeterno.se
  2. Agent Clay, www.agentclay.se
  3. Åkesson Vin, www.akessonvin.se
  4. Albert & Lily Wine Etc, www.albert-lily.com
  5. Altia:
  6. Amazing Wines Hedberg & Wising, www.facebook.com/AmazingWinesSWE
  7. Ametller Scandinavia AB, www.ametller.se
  8. AMKA, www.amka-vin.com
  9. Apricot, www.apricot.se
  10. Arcus Sweden AB, www.arcussweden.se, and majority owner in → Vingruppen
  11. Armano’s Wine, armanoswine.se, Croatia, Montenegro and Catalonia
  12. Arvid Nordquist Vin och Sprithandel, www.arvidnordquist.se/vin-och-ol/
  13. Astas Vinkälla, www.astasvinkalla.se
  14. Avando Wines → Winespotting
  15. Avivera, www.avivera.se
  16. Banus, banus.se
  17. Båstad Vinhandel, www.bastadvinhandel.se
  18. Bevco → Altia
  19. BGS Wine Import → Primewine Group
  20. Bibendum → Altia
  21. Blentarps Vinimport AB, www.blentarpsvin.se
  22. Bolingua, www.bolingua.com
  23. Bonden och vinet, www.bondenovinet.se
  24. BonumVinum, www.bonumvinum.se
  25. Bornicon & Salming, www.bornicon-salming.se
  26. BraVin, bravin.se
  27. Bristly Wine, www.bristly.se
  28. Brix Wine Consultants, www.brixwine.se
  29. Brusquini da Bere, www.dabere.se
  30. Byrackavin, www.byrackavin.com
  31. c/o Forssén Öberg, www.coforssenoberg.com
  32. Carovin → Oenoforos
  33. Casa Verde → Idala Gård
  34. Castle Wine Nordic AB, castlewine.se
  35. Cavarosa Wine, www.cavarosawine.se
  36. Cave du vineum i Sverige Vinimport, www.cave-vineum.se
  37. Cavisten, www.cavisten.se
  38. Champagnebonden, https://champagnebonden.se/
  39. ChampagneHuset, www.champagnehuset.se
  40. Chris Wine & Spirits → Viva Wine and Spritis Group
  41. ClosProbus, www.closprobus.com
  42. Club Amarone, www.clubamarone.se
  43. Codorniu, www.codorniu.se
  44. Concealed Wines, www.concealedwines.com
  45. Concha y Toro Sweden AB, www.cytsweden.se
  46. Conveija, https://conveija.se/
  47. Corseimport, www.corseimport.se, Korsika
  48. Da Bere → Brusquini da Bere
  49. Dedikerade viner, dedikeradeviner.se
  50. Deliq,  deliq.se
  51. Divine, www.divine.se
  52. Domaine
  53. Dryckesbutiken, dryckesbutiken.se
  54. Edrington Sweden AB (ex Maxxium, Liquid Inspiration), www.edrington.se
  55. Eletheria Wine Group, www.eletheriawinegroup.se
  56. Enjoy Wine & Spirits (ex Enosvezia), www.enjoywine.se
  57. Enoterra, www.enoterra.se
  58. Expertwine Naturvin, expertproducts.se
  59. Fina Smaker AB, www.finasmaker.se
  60. Fine Brands AB, www.finebrands.se
  61. Fine Wines Sweden, Oregon, www.finewinessweden.se
  62. Finovino, www.finovino.se
  63. Fondberg & Co, www.fondberg.se
  64. Franska Kvalitetsviner → TM Kvalitetsviner
  65. Freixenet, www.freixenet.se
  66. Future Wines → Viva Wine and Spritis Group
  67. Galatea, www.galatea.se
  68. Gardo & Morris New Zealand Wine, www.gardomorris.com
  69. Giertz Vinimport → Viva Wine and Spritis Group
  70. Granqvist Vinagentur, www.granqvist-vin.se
  71. Grapes Fine Wine & Spirits, www.grapes.se
  72. Grapestyle Scandinavia, www.grapestyle.se
  73. Grythyttan Vin AB, www.grythyttanvin.se
  74. GT Vinimport AB – Selezione Barbro Guaccero, www.selezionebarbroguaccero.se, Italy
  75. Gullberg → Stockwine Group
  76. Handpicked, www.handpicked.se, ex:
    • A & L Handpicked Wines AB
    • Klunk AB
    • Nordic Beverage Company AB
  77. Happy in the Hat, happyinthehat.se
  78. Haugen-gruppen, www.haugen-gruppen.se
  79. Heba Trading, www.heba.se
  80. Henkell & Co Sverige AB, www.henkell-sverige.se
  81. Herdenstam Vinhandel AB, herdenstam.se
  82. Hermansson & Co
  83. Hjo Grosshandel, www.hjogrosshandel.se
  84. Hoff Vinhandel, www.hoffvinhandel.se
  85. House of Wines → Samplex
  86. Huset Satz Vin- & Matimport, www.satz.se
  87. Hydmar, hydmar.se
  88. Högberga Vinfabrik, www.vinfabrik.se
  89. Interbrands Wines & Spirits, www.interbrandsnordic.com
  90. Intermondi, www.intermondi.se
  91. Italmondo → Matric Italgross
  92. ITM-Wine, www.itmab.nu
  93. Jakobsson & Söderström Vinhandel, www.js-vin.com
  94. Janake Wine Group, www.janake.se
  95. JO Performance Management → Finovino
  96. Johan Lidby Vinhandel, www.johanlidbyvinhandel.se
  97. JPC Wines, www.jpcwines.se
  98. Juvinum Wine Beer & Spirits, juvinum.se
  99. Kaffak, www.kaffak.se
  100. Kajsa Wines → Vingruppen
  101. Kjeffes Bodega → Principum
  102. Klunk AB → Handpicked
  103. L & S Wine Delivery AB, www.lswinedelivery.com ??
  104. Legal Vintage Sweden AB → Vinalliansen Legal Vintage AB
  105. Levi Import AB, leviimport.se
  106. Liquorama, www.liquorama.se
  107. Lively Wines, www.livelywines.se
  108. Magnum Wine, www.magnumwine.se
  109. Matric Italgross, www.matric.se/mondo
  110. Meadow Valley Wines, www.meadowvalleywines.com
  111. Meletis Imports, www.meletis.se
  112. Merchantelle, www.merchantelle.se
  113. Mero Wines → Viva Wine and Spritis Group
  114. Miguel Torres Sverige, www.torres.se
  115. Mission Wines & Spirits, www.missionws.se
  116. Modern Wines Sweden, → Fondberg
  117. Moestue Grape Selections, www.moestue.se
  118. Moët Hennessy Sverige AB, www.moet-hennessy.se
  119. Mondowine → Primewine Group
  120. Morewine, www.morwine.com
  121. Multibev → Primewine Group
  122. Nebbia Vinimport, www.nebbiavinimport.se
  123. Nigab, www.nigab.se
  124. NJ Consulting & Import, www.njconsultingimport.se, Croatia
  125. Nordic Beverage → Handpicked
  126. Nordic Wine Company, www.nordicwinecompany.com
  127. Nordic Wine Trade → Vinriket
  128. North57, www.n57.se
  129. Oenoforos
  130. Origo Wine & Whisky (Origo Wine Import), no web site?
  131. PedrosBodegas, www.pedrosbodegas.se
  132. Pernod Ricard Sweden, www.pernod-ricard-sweden.com
  133. Peters Mat- & Vinhandel, petersmatovin.se
  134. Philipson Söderberg → Altia
  135. Pompette dryckeshandel, www.pompette.se
  136. Portucastas, www.portucastas.se, Portugal
  137. Principum Dryck, www.principiumdryck.s
  138. Providential Wines & Spirits → Hermansson & Co
  139. Provinum, www.provinum.se
  140. Prästgårdens Vinhandel AB, www.prastgardens.com
  141. Premium Wines → Altia
  142. Primewine Group / Solera Beverage Group, www.solera.se
  143. Quaffable Wines → Vingruppen
  144. Reconnaissance Wine, reconnaissancewine.com
  145. Rewine, www.rewine.se
  146. Robert Rask Vinhandel, www.robertrask.se
  147. Rådabubbel, https://www.radabubbel.se/
  148. Samplex, www.houseofwines.se
  149. Savino, www.savino.se, Italien
  150. Scanwine of Sweden, www.scanwine.se
  151. Seaside Tastes, www.seasidetastes.se
  152. Selected Wines Sweden SWS, web.comhem.se/swswine/index.html
  153. Selezione Barbro Guaccero → GT Vinimport AB
  154. Sigva
  155. Solera → Primewine Group
  156. Spendrups Vin → Spring Wine
  157. Spirit of Avalon, www.spiritavalon.com
  158. Spring Wine, www.springwine.se
  159. Spruce Up, www.spruceup.se, champagne
  160. Stellan Kramer, www.stellankramer.se
  161. Stockholm Wine Importers AB → Stockwine
  162. Stockholm Wine Lab, www.stockholmwinelab.se
  163. Stockwine Group, www.stockwine.se
  164. Suenson, ottosuenson.dk
  165. Sundance Wines → Domaine Wines & Spirits
  166. Supreme Wine & Spirits AB, www.supremewine.se
  167. SvahnCru, www.svahncru.se
  168. Svensk Champagneimport AB, www.champagneimport.se
  169. Svenska Vinkompaniet, www.vinkompaniet.se
  170. Swedish Brand, www.swedishbrand.se
  171. Swedish Wine Association, www.swedishwineassociation.se
  172. Swedish Wine Cellar, www.swedishwinecellar.se
  173. Swedish Wine Import (Promatique), swedishwineimport.se
  174. Sydamerikaviner HB, www.sydamerikaviner.com
  175. Tegnér & Hermansson → Hermansson & Co
  176. Terrific Wines, www.terrificwines.se
  177. The Beverage Group, TDG Invest, thebeveragegroup.se
  178. The Wine Collective, www.twscollective.se
  179. The Wine Room → The Beverage Group
  180. The Wine Team → Viva Wine and Spritis Group
  181. The Wineagency → Vingruppen
  182. Theis Vine, www.theis-vine.se
  183. Tidblom Group, tidblomgroup.se
  184. TM Kvalitetsviner (ex Franska Kvalitetsviner), www.kvalitetsviner.se
  185. TM Wine Trading AB, www.tm-wine.com
  186. Tomp Beer, Wine & Spirits, www.tomp.se
  187. Top Note Wine, www.topnotewine.com
  188. Trans Nordic Selection, www.transnordic.com
  189. Treasury Wine Estates Sweden AB, www.tweglobal.com
  190. Triplus Vinhandel, www.triplusvin.se
  191. Tryffelsvinet, www.tryffelsvinet.se
  192. United Wineries Sweden AB, www.unitedwineries.com
  193. Urbanbeverages → Primewine Group
  194. Valid Wines → Vingruppen
  195. Varbergs Vingrossist, varbergsvingrossist.se
  196. Vin Syd, www.vinsyd.se
  197. Vin & Natur, www.vinnatur.se
  198. Viña Española, www.tempranillo.se
  199. Vinalliansen Legal Vintage AB, www.vinalliansen.se
  200. Vinetum, www.vinetum.com
  201. Vingourmet Sweden AB, www.vingourmet.se
  202. Vingruppen (Vinunic) (huvudägare: Arcus):
  203. Vinhus Örjan & Feuer, www.orjanofeuer.se
  204. Vinhuset Windrush AB, www.windrush.se
  205. Vinia → Sigva
  206. Vinik, vinik.se ??
  207. Vinitor, www.vinitor.se
  208. Vinkällaren Grappes Vinimport AB, www.grappesvinimport.se
  209. Vino Grosso, www.vinogrosso.se
  210. Vinobele, www.vinobele.se
  211. Vino Conoscenza, www.vinoconoscenza.se, Valpolicella
  212. Vinolin, www.vinolin.se
  213. Vinoliv, www.vinoliv.se
  214. Vinopia Wiens & Spirits, www.vinopia.se
  215. Vinovativa, www.vinovativa.se
  216. Vinovum → Vingruppen
  217. Vinsummum AB, www.vinsummum.se
  218. Vintage Import, www.vintageimport.se
  219. Vinunic → Vingruppen
  220. Viva Wine and Spirits Group, www.vivagroup.se:
  221. Ward Wines, wardwines.se
  222. Wester Wine & Food, www.westerwine.com
  223. Wicked Wine Sweden, www.wickedwine.se
  224. Wine Group Sweden (previously Wine Partner HB),  www.winegroup.se
  225. Wine iPass, www.wine-ipass.se
  226. Wine List Sweden AB, www.winelist.se
  227. Wine Rebels, www.winerebels.se, South Africa
  228. Wine Stories, winestories.se
  229. Wine Trade Sweden AB, www.winetrade.se, organic
  230. Wine Waves, Facebook page, Eastern Europe
  231. Winea, www.winea.se, Portugal
  232. Wineagency → Vingruppen
  233. Winebee, www.winebee.se
  234. Winemarket → Viva Wine and Spirits Group
  235. Winemaster, www.winemaster.se
  236. Winepartners → The Beverage Group
  237. Winespotting, winespotting.se, (ex Avando Wines)
  238. Winevillage, winevillage.net
  239. Wineworks Sweden AB → Herdenstam Vinhandel AB
  240. Wineworld → Vingruppen
  241. Wish-IT, www.wish-it.com
  242. WSB The Beverage Company, www.wsb.se
  243. Åkesson Vin → Akesson Vin

This is not a complete list. We are grateful for additions and corrections.

Removed from the list: On the Swedish version of this page (use the language switcher) you can find a list of names that have been removed from this overview of Swedish wine importers.

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25 Responses

  1. Hello,

    We are a sales and marketing partner for importers/wholesalers who want to sell their products in Stockholm.

    Might be useful for some importers on your list to know that we exist :-)

    Thank you.

    Speedy Team

    1. Hello:
      I am interesting in contact with Wine importers in Sweden. Could you please send me an email in order to know your company.

      Thank You

    2. Hello,

      We are Balkan wine project company, we are partners of Winbow inc. and we export some of the best Balkans wines in US…Now we are looking exsclusive Sweden partner for distribution Serbian and Balkans wines and something new in Sweden market, tradicional Serbian famus rakija strong fruit alcohol drink.

      Acording to that Balcan population are numeros in Sweden, we see market for our products true Balkans restorans and specific wine and drinks shops.

      also you will finde offical opinion of world famus wine house Robert Parker about some of our wines…Budimir SVB Rosa,Tamianika…

      If you finde that you are interested in cooperation please contact us for more informations and apoitment.

      sale director
      Milos Vukcevic

    3. Hy,
      We are wine company from Republic of Moldova.We produce red and white dry wines.
      If you are interested in cooperation please contact me to more information.

      Best regards,
      Cojocaru Veniamin
      Sales Director
      Cainari Winery LTD

  2. Dear All,
    here is our website : www,meltwateroriginal.eu.
    we are sure, all of You will agree, that premium water fits to wine.
    Looking for all kind of business proposals on Swedish market.

  3. Hej.

    Vi har en vingård-företag i Uruguay, sydamerika.
    Det är ett exlusivt vin (rött och rose ) som är anpassat för marknaden i Sverige. Vinet exporteras i USA, England och Tyskland.

    Vi är intresserade av att få kontakt med någon som vill representera vårat vin i Sverige.
    Är ni intresserade så hör av er så får ni mer info.

  4. Good evening,

    we are looking for representation in Stockholm area for our brand MONTEBERG.
    We produce white and red wines and some marvellous Mousseux red, rosé and natural (traditional method.)
    Due to a similar climat and bottom as the french Reims area we can compete qualitywise with the best champaignhouses.

    I am visiting Sweden in two weeks time and would like to meet an importer who can take care of our distribution.

    People who have the experience marketting smaller brands will be reluctant as teh future looks bright . Our territory and production will steadily grow and commercial support is possible.

    Looking forward to receive your requests.

    Kind regards

    Kris Debouck

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