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BKWine was founded by Britt and Per Karlsson in the early 2000s. Both have been wine lovers for longer than they care to remember. They both live in Paris since many years back.

Britt and Per are both internationally respected wine journalists, writing for example for BKWine Magazine and for Forbes, and wine book authors with several internationally award winning wine books behind them, and wine competition judges.

Together they also run one of the world’s leading specialised wine tour operators, BKWine Tours.

Britt Karlsson

Britt Karlsson, BKWine
Britt Karlsson, BKWine, copyright BKWine Photography

Britt is co-founder of BKWine. She is a respected wine journalist and wine writer, published in wine magazine in Scandinavia and internationally.

She has written several award-winning books on wine, together with her husband, one of which has won the prize as “Best Wine Book of the Year” in Sweden as well as the international Gourmand award “World’s Best Wine Book for Professionals”. Another of her books has won the prestigious OIV (International organisation of Vine and Wine) award on wine and terroir

Britt is also a regular contributor to Forbes.com.

Each year she visits some 200 wineries on her travels. She has travelled in wine country in most corners of the world, even in China and Brazil.

When she is not travelling in wine regions she is often seen giving wine tastings, courses and seminars.

She is also the one who does most of the tour planning for the BKWine wine tours and she is the one to talk to if you want to discuss a custom designed tour. She has organised and led many hundreds of wine tours.

In 2011 Britt was named Wine Personality of the Year by the world’s biggest wine tasting association, Munskankarna, an honour bestowed on people having made substantial contributions to the wine world.

You can read all of Britt’s articles on BKWine Magazine here.

Per Karlsson

Per Karlsson, BKWine
Per Karlsson, BKWine, copyright BKWine Photography

Per is co-founder together with his wife Britt of BKWine. Rumour has it that his interest in wine started already when he was 11. Just like Britt he visits some 200 wineries each year on wine tours and for journalistic research. He writes about wine primarily online on BKWine Magazine and in The BKWine Brief. He is also editor-in-chief of BKWine Magazine.

Per is also a regular contributor to Forbes.com.

Per is also a professional photographer, specialising in wine and travel photography. See BKWine Photography for more on this. Since a few years back he has also branched out into video production on the same subject. He has contributed all images, and some text, to BKWine’s wine books.

Before creating BKWine he had a long career in marketing and international business development in the technology industry (his unusual parcours includes an MSc in physics and an MBA from Insead).

You can read all of Per’s articles on BKWine Magazine here.

Judging in wine competitions

We are both regularly asked to participate in the judging panel in wine competitions. It is always an interesting (and often humbling) experience to be in the jury for wine shows or competitions.

We welcome enquiries.

Here are some wine competitions that Britt and/or Per have judged:


  • Concours Mondial de Bruxelles
    • Liege
    • Palermo
    • Lissabon
    • Oostende
    • Valencia
  • China: Beijing International Wine & Spirits Competition
  • Coup de Coeur des Femmes Journalistes
  • Brazil Catad’Or



  • Chile Catad’Or
  • Argentina Catad’Or
  • Uruguay Catad’Or
  • Rendez-Vous du Chenin
  • Concours Amphore, Concours International des Vins Biologique et en Conversion
  • Challenge en Entre-deux-Mers
  • Apulia Best Wine
  • Concours Saint Bacchus, Roussillon
  • VinCE Hungarian Wine Tasting

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We have also been the organisers of one wine competition: The Scandinavian Wine Fair Wine Competition, for wines made by Scandinavians around the world, in connection with the Scandinavian Wine Fair that we ourganised four times in Paris.

Britt Karlsson
Britt Karlsson, drawing by Ulf Jansson, for the award “Wine Personality of the Year”

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