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The roof of Hospices de Beaune, Hotel Dieu in Beaune, Burgundy

Bistro Bourgogne Sud, Paris restaurant – Food and wine from southern Burgundy | BKWine Pick

Located in central Paris, this restaurant called Bourgogne Sud really offers exactly what the name indicates: food and wine from the southern part of Burgundy. The chef Gilles Breuil is from Mâconnais and the wine list is filled with goodies from Macon and the nearby Beaujolais. You can choose from several excellent Pouilly-Fuissé, Saint Véran […]

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A pisco sour in the shadow

El Picaflor – Peruvian restaurant in Paris | BKWine Pick

Inspired by our South America wine tour trip in February we recently went to a Peruvian restaurant here in Paris, considered one of the very best. And we were not disappointed. We started with a pisco sour – of course! And it was delicious. They use egg white and cinnamon so it tasted a bit […]

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Tete de Gondole by Domaine Chahut et Prodige

Au Nouveau Nez, “natural” wine shop / wine bar in Paris | BKWine Pick

We made a very pleasant discovery in the 20th arrondissement in Paris the other day. It is a wine shop/wine bar called Au Nouveau Nez (which is a play with words, the name means “ the new nose”, but also, if you spell it a little bit different, but pronounced the same, “the newborn”). You […]

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Le Verso Restaurant Pizzeria, Avignon | BKWine Pick

They have good pizzas. That’s the most important thing to say about Le Verso. The restaurant is nothing special, quite plain. But pizzas are good. They do have a terrasse (outside seating), albeit on a street with quite a lot of traffic. It is only 50 meters off Place de l’Horloge but is comfortably un-touristy. […]

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The restaurant table with knife fork, napkin

Paul et Kopa Restaurant, Marseille | BKWine Pick

There are plenty of restaurants around the old harbour in Marseilles that serve bouillabaisse. This is not one of them. (Or maybe they do have it after all…) Paul & Kopa is basically a pizzeria, but with a twist, or perhaps one should say not only. It is nicely decorated, real table cloths on the […]

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The restaurant table with knife fork, napkin

Restaurant Cinq-Mars, Paris | BKWine Pick

Le Cinq-Mars is a typical, friendly restaurant du quartier where people working in the offices all around come and have lunch and local residents have dinner. The obligatory rickety wooden chairs, wooden table, nice ISO wine tasting glasses (French restos are generally not very good at glasses), but with a touch of design and chic. […]

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Mesdames-Messieurs in Montpellier

Mesdames-Messieurs Restaurant, Montpellier | BKWine Pick

The focus of Mesdames-Messieurs is clearly on the wine. And on organic – and similar – wines in particular. They call themselves “bar à vin dînatoire”, essentially a wine bar with something to eat too, and that is a fair description. Mesdames-Messieurs Restaurant is not quite a fully fledged restaurant. The wine selection, which is clearly […]

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Vineyards and the village with church. Morgon, Beaujolais

Restaurant Albion, Paris | BKWine Pick

When you live in the southwest part of Paris, as we do, you feel like you are a bit far from the center of things. At least when it comes to new wine bars and wine restaurants that almost always seem to be located in the northeastern arrondissement: 10th, 11th , 12th, 19th and 20th […]

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At Le Chapelier toque in Avignon

Le Chapelier Toqué, Avignon restaurant | BKWine Pick

Le Capelier Toqué is a tiny restaurant. It is easy to miss it when you walk up the street Rue Guillaume Puy in the Quartier des Teinturiers (the old dyers’ part of Avignon – definitely worth a visit). Once you find it you may be a bit surprised. It has only a few table but […]

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A narrow street in the old town, Montpellier

Restaurant Le Petit Jardin, Montpellier restaurant | BKWine Pick

It is not easy to find one’s way around Montpellier with its medieval winding narrow streets. But there is hardly any chance that you loose your way so thoroughly that you wander past the Restaurant Le Petit Jardin by accident. It is in a tiny little alley very close to the Arc de Triomphe just […]

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In the winecellar

Ô Tono Bistrot, Angers restaurant | BKWine Pick

Ô Tono is a very small and very simple café style restaurant some 8 minutes walk away from the central railway station in Angers. You will get simple decent food and a reasonable selection of wines. Solid, rustic cooking with a penchant for meat. The restaurant is definitely better than your average café-resto in Angers […]

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Word of mouth for wine bars in Paris has several interesting recommendations for anyone who wants to visit wine bars/wine restaurants in Paris. Some of them are old classics Juveniles, Willi’s Wine Bar, Café de la Nouvelle Mairie, Le Baron Rouge … Some are new classics La Verre Volée, Legrand, Fish … Aand some are new discoveries for us Les 3 Seaux, […]

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Riesling grapes in the vineyard

Le Verre de Terres, Restaurant Bar à Vins, Colmar | BKWine Pick

This is a small restaurant in the restaurant de quartier-style (neighbourhood restaurant) that can be so sympathique. Rickety wooden chairs, a big zinc bar counter, friendly service – there you go. For lunch they have two three course formulas at 12€ and 21 € and in the evening a more elaborate menu but one that […]

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A cobble stone street along a canal with a restaurant

Le Zinzolin, Restaurant Avignon | BKWine Pick

Zinzolin is apparently a dark purple colour. What it has to do with the restaurant we don’t know. You find the Le Zinzolin restaurant in the part of Avignon that use to be the cloth dyers’ and printers’ part (that must be the link), where there is still an old canal. A good ten-fifteen minutes […]

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A cafe on a square

Chez Boris, restaurant Montpellier | BKWine Pick

Boris does not have a pinch of Russian in him, at least not when it comes to the restaurant. The style is very French bistro of the “dark wood, no-brass” type. And very friendly. They have a quite good selection of wine, but not enough to make them a dedicated wine buff destination, and a […]

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Wine bar, bar a vins

Le Wine Bar, Bordeaux | BKWine Pick

Bordeaux has not been very well equipped with ambitious wine bars but it seems to be changing. Le Wine Bar Bordeaux opened a couple of years ago and was probably one of the first in a new wave of wine bars that is starting to make this elegant city better on that front. Le Wine […]

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Wine bar, bar a vins

Wine bars and wine restaurants in Paris, a selection by Finare Vinare

Finare Vinare is an anonymous Swedish wine blogger (the name means Finer Wines in English). Evidently he was recently in Paris to explore some of the wine bars and wine restaurants. We are familiar with several of the addresses he mentions and can only agree that it is address worth exploring if you happen to […]

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At the counter in the wine bar

AOC, Bar à vin, restaurant Avignon | BKWine Pick

Sometimes you find really good places – restaurants or other – in really poor locations. AOC Bar à Vin is one of those. Hidden in a very narrow alley, almost behind the rubbish bins, between two busy shopping streets at day time, but almost abandoned at night. Nevertheless, this is a very good wine address […]

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L’Authentique, Paris 15 restaurant | BKWine Pick

L’Authentique is, as one can guess from the name, the classic café-bistrot type of restaurant that you can find in Paris when you walk away from the big streets, in residential and small-office parts of Paris. It’s a simple café but with a food and wine ambition. You can see some of it from the […]

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Glass and bottle on a cafe table

La Gazzetta Restaurant, Paris | BKWine Pick

La Gazzetta is a restaurant that is a mix of Italian and French. It is in a decidedly un-fashionable part of the city, the 12th arrondissement, very close to one of the most interesting food markets in Paris: Le Marché d’Aligre. It is a Parisian café-restaurant, quite simple, quite crowded, and quite friendly. With a […]

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Vine sarments in the fire

Restaurant La Cave de Bigoudy, Bordeaux | BKWine Pick

The restaurant hides on one of the dark streets behind the Quai des Chartrons area, but don’t be deterred. (It is very close to the more famous Gravellier.) Rustic country style is a very good description. Their speciality is grilled meat, so if you go there you should definitely try something from the barbeque; that […]

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Roof detail, Hospices de Beaune, Hotel Dieu

Le Bistro de l’Hôtel de Beaune – BKWine Pick

A newly opened bistro-chic owned by Swede Johan Björklund, previous owner of London based wine company Cave Cru Classé. But Johan started his career as a chef and now he is the happy owner of this high-class bistro and luxury hotel with seven rooms in the centre of Beaune. The food is well prepared and […]

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In the restaurant

Glou – Cuisine et vins sympathiques, Paris 3 | BKWine Pick

Modern style restaurant and wine bar. For lunch they offer a menu for 15 euro or choose something à la carte, maybe grilled sardines – very good! – or a steak tartare. Many interesting wines between 20 and 30 euro (you get a pleasant Picpoul de Pinet for 19 euro). Open every day for lunch […]

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Wine bottles in a shop

5e Cru – Cave à Vin & Table d’hôtes, Paris 5 | BKWine Pick

It looks like a wine store and it is a wine store. But also a very inspiring place for a lunch or a dinner, amongst wine bottles and wine cases. The selection of wines is amazingly good, if you – like us – like small, ambitious producers with a penchant for terroir and organic viticulture. […]

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Arc de Triomphe, city gate, Montpellier

In Vino Veritas, Montpellier | BKWine Pick

In Vino Veritas is a small wine bar and restaurant hidden on a narrow street just behind the opera in central Montpellier. The wine list has a good selection of wines, mainly local for the region, at reasonable prices. Many good producers are represented; some examples: Domaine Gauby, Mas de l’Ecriture, Grand Moulin, Chateau Lascaux […]

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Restaurant table with knives

La Régalade Saint Honoré, Paris 1 – BKWine Pick

La Régalade Saint Honoré, Paris 1 You are treated to the chef’s home made paté with cornichons as soon as you sit down at your table. It tastes very good but don’t eat too much! There’s a three course meal coming up. Bruno Doucet, owner of success story La Régalade in the 14th since 2004, […]

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View over the Vallee de la Marne, river and vineyards

La Banque, Epernay

La Banque is a new restaurant in Epernay in Champagne and as the name indicates, it is an old bank that has been transformed into a restaurant. The proportions are impressive; it is a huge restaurant with very high ceiling. But it still manages to have a certain cosy character. As you can imagine, the […]

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Bistrot le 7, Epernay

Epernay is a small town in the middle of the Champagne district. Here you’ll find big houses like Moët & Chandon and Mercier och many others along the beautiful, recently renovated Avenue du Champagne. And, as always in France, you also find good restaurants. One of our favourites is Bistro le 7 in the town […]

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Restaurant La Part des Anges, Beaune – BKWine Pick

In the centre of the small town of Beaune you find La Part des Anges. The interior is modern, designed (for being in rural France). Food is stylish French, but not Burgundian. It rather takes its inspiration from the Mediterranean region. Elegantly presented by a cheerful staff. Expect to pay around 35-40 euro for three […]

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Place de la Bourse, Bordeaux

Restaurant Gabriel, Bordeaux – BKWine Pick

Place de la Bourse is one of the gems of architecture in Bordeaux. As if it needed added attractions there is now, since a year back, a restaurant called Gabriel (after the architect of La Place) that adds one more reason to go there. Located in the most beautiful of the buildings on La Place […]

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