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Vineyard in the garrigues

Vineyard in the garrigues, copyright BKWine Photography

BKWine organises wine tours. This is the core of our business. We have been in the business of taking people around vineyards, showing wine lovers the behind-the-scenes for almost 20 years. Each year we organise some 30 wine tours. Our destinations are currently focused on Europe and its wine regions but we are constantly evolving. We have done tours to France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Austria, South Africa, Hungary and Germany. More destinations will no doubt come in the future.

We work both with wine enthusiasts and professionals. Our clients range from the curious wine novice who wants to visit a vineyard for the first time to the professional wine educator or sommelier who wants to get an insiders’ view of the wine world.

We probably know more about wine than any other wine tour operator.

This is our introduction on

The Ultimate Wine Tours – with BKWine

BKWine is entirely dedicated to organising top-quality wine and food tours to the world’s most beautiful wine regions and to sharing with you our passion for excellent wine and outstanding food. Are you a wine lover yearning for a wine and food experience of a life-time? A wine professional seeking in-depth knowledge and new suppliers? Or a wine enthusiast curious to know what’s behind the scenes at top-notch wineries? Whatever the case, BKWine wine tours welcome you!

BKWine’s travel programs have been named “World’s Top Wine Tours” by Travel & Leisure Magazine. Each year we organise some 30 wine tours to wine regions across the world.

Read more about our wine tours and our travel philosophy or take a look at our scheduled tours program to find the one that suits you. Or you can contact us to discuss a custom designed wine tour.

We also have a Swedish/ Scandinavian wine travel activity – for wine enthusiasts and travellers coming from Scandinavia – that you can find here: BKWine Vinresor.

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