Category: Rhone Valley Eats

Le Verso Restaurant Pizzeria, Avignon | BKWine Pick

They have good pizzas. That’s the most important thing to say about Le Verso. The restaurant is nothing special, quite plain. But pizzas are good. They do have a terrasse (outside seating), albeit on a

Le Zinzolin, Restaurant Avignon | BKWine Pick

Zinzolin is apparently a dark purple colour. What it has to do with the restaurant we don’t know. You find the Le Zinzolin restaurant in the part of Avignon that use to be the cloth

AOC, Bar à vin, restaurant Avignon | BKWine Pick

Sometimes you find really good places – restaurants or other – in really poor locations. AOC Bar à Vin is one of those. Hidden in a very narrow alley, almost behind the rubbish bins, between

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