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Tasting wine at the winery
Tasting wine at the winery, copyright BKWine Photography

Are you serious about learning more about wine? Do you want your team to become more knowledgeable?

BKWine can organises custom designed wine education programs according to your needs.We work both with private wine enthusiasts who want to learn more about wine; anything from a beginners course to an in-depth program. We also work with professionals and the trade: wine importers, restaurateurs, sommeliers etc.

Here are some examples of wine courses and training sessions we have done:

  • Wine courses for wine enthusiasts from beginner’s level to very advanced
  • Restaurant staff training for the whole staff of a newly opened gourmet restaurant
  • Two day intensive study course, including vineyard visits, for a yacht steward
  • “What’s new in France?” for a wine importer’s staff
  • Pre-exam intensive training and study trip for advanced wine studies
  • And much more

We also regularly give tastings and lectures on various subjects relating to wine.

Contact us if you have an education project you would like to discuss! Or if you would like us to come and do a tasting for a special event.

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