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Wine exports as percentage of total exports, by country, 2020

How important is wine to the country economy?

Wine exports compared to GDP and to total exports There is no easy answer to how “important” wine is to a country’s economy. It depends what you mean by “important”. You can, for example, look

Percentage of wine production that is exported (2020, volume)

The wine countries that focus most on exports

How important are wine exports for a country’s wine sector? We can compare the amount of wine exported in 2020 to the country’s total production to see how big a portion of all wine made

Hopwine virtual wine fair

Virtual wine fairs and trade shows, here to stay?

This year, most major trade shows have been cancelled or postponed. The virus made it impossible to visit Prowein, Vinitialy, VieVinum, Bordeaux, etc., in the same way that regular wine tastings on premise have almost

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