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Bordeaux, wines, regions, producers is an indispensable guide for those who want to know more about this world famous wine region, its wines and its winemakers. The book is part of the series Guide to the World of Wine and is written and photographed by Britt Karlsson and Per Karlsson, multiple award-winning wine book authors. The book is in a convenient pocket format and richly illustrated, and at the same time full of facts, written by experts in the field.

Bordeaux, vinerna, distrikten, producenterna, vinboken om bordeaux viner

Bordeaux, vinerna, distrikten, producenterna, vinboken om bordeaux viner

Some of the world’s most famous wines are made in Bordeaux, produced in historic château cellars. In recent years, the district has unfairly gained a reputation for producing unattainable luxury wines. But that is not a fair description. Or it is at least not the whole truth. Most wines come from family-owned wineries that make excellent wines in the “normal” price ranges. Bordeaux is also world’ famous for its châteaux, however, all wineries, no matter its size can call itself a château here.

Bordeaux is something of a world benchmark for quality wine. Winemakers from around the world like to compare their wines with those from Bordeaux. Many wine lovers think of the wines from here as the most classic of classic of all wines, a wine they always return to.

Bordeaux, wines, regions, producers gives you the keys to discover or rediscover the wonderful wines of this great and beautiful district. The book takes you through all the sub-district, explains the terroir, talks about the grape varieties and the most exciting wine producers.

Wine goes hand in hand with food, not least in France. In Bordeaux, the classic French haut-cuisine gastronomy is mixed with authentic more rustic delicacies from the South-West. You will get a taste of all this in the book too.

The book is part of the series Guide to the World of Wine.

The book, and the whole series, has been named Best Book of the Year, category Travel Guides, by The Gastronomy Academy, Best Gastronomic Literature Awards.


Title: Bordeaux, wines, regions, producers

Published in Swedish under the title Bordeaux, viner, distrikt, producenter. The book is not yet available in English. Please contact us for international publishing enquiries.

Series Title: Guide to the World of Wine

Text and photo: Britt Karlsson and Per Karlsson

Publisher: Tukan Förlag

Format: Soft-cover, lavishly illustrated in full colour

Published: March 2016

Size: 128x211mm (WxH), 144 pages

ISBN: 978-91-7617-367-1

The authors

Britt Karlsson and Per Karlsson live and work since many years in France, where they operate under the name BKWine. They are among Sweden’s most experienced wine writers and have published several books on wine that have won Swedish and international book awards, including the OIV’s prestigious “Nobel Prize” in wine literature. They have contributed to many Swedish and international wine magazines and today write mainly on BKWine Magazine and Per’s photography is also regularly published around the world in books and magazines on wine.

Britt and Per also operate a leading tour operator for wine and food tours, BKWine Wine Tours. Thanks to their writing and their travel business, they spend much of the year in different wine regions around the world. They visit some 300 wineries each year.

Britt & Per Karlsson, BKWine

Britt (R) & Per (L) Karlsson, BKWine

Bordeaux, vinerna, distrikten, producenterna, vinboken om bordeaux viner

Bordeaux, vinerna, distrikten, producenterna, vinboken om bordeaux viner

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