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Articles on wine regions and wine countries across the world. Many of the worlds wine regions are a joy to visit. If you cannot go there in person, in this category you will find many inspiring texts.

Wind mill, vineyard, in Moulin a Vent, Beaujolais

The ambitious Beaujolais, a new world to discover

Beaujolais is one of the world’s most famous wine districts. There are “regular” beaujolais, beaujolais village, and beaujolais “cru”, from one of the ten villages with their own designation. But perhaps best known of all

A wide range of colours and shades in Chiaretto di Bardolino

Rosé wines from Veneto: Chiaretto di Bardolino

Chiaretto comes from the Italian word “chiaro”, which means light or pale. Chiaretto means something even paler, quite simply, a lighter shade of pale. This is a good description of the colour of Chiaretto di

Vineyards on steep slopes and a village on the Mosel River, Germany

The new German wine classification | Per on Forbes

Germany introduces a wine hierarchy based on geography Germany has introduced a new “classification” system for its wines, under the name Qualitätswein. It creates a hierarchy of wines – Area, Region, Village and Vineyard –

Landscape in Tuscany

Anteprime Chianti Classico 2018, 2017 and Brunello 2015

The “primeurs” tastings of new vintages from Tuscany offered many surprises. BKWine’s Åsa Johansson reports. The Tuscan version of Bordeaux’ primeurs – the anteprima – is one of the highlights of the year. During a

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