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Cave Berticot, Côtes de Duras – BKWine Pick

A small co-operative with some 1000 hectares. They have invested heavily in quality development in recent years and now work closely together with the individual growers. Stephan Clement, the winemaker, comes from Champagne and finds

Vignoble Tour de Verdots, AOC Bergerac – BKWine Pick

David Fourtout is the winemaker and owner of this excellent winery in Bergerac, a little bit east of Bordeaux. In the recently built winery building he has installed specially designed fermentation tanks to achieve the

Château Belingard, Bergerac | BKWine Pick

Laurent de Bosredon took over this family property in the mid-80s. He had, and has, one target in mind: to raise the quality of, and the consumer interest for, the two appellations Bergerac and Monbazillac.

Chateau Tour des Gendres, Bergerac | BKWine Pick

Luc de Conti of Domaine Tour des Gendres is a well known character in Bergerac. He has been a precursor and a source for inspiration for many producers in the Sud-Ouest region. He has researched

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