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The roof of Hospices de Beaune, Hotel Dieu in Beaune, Burgundy

Bistro Bourgogne Sud, Paris restaurant – Food and wine from southern Burgundy | BKWine Pick

Located in central Paris, this restaurant called Bourgogne Sud really offers exactly what the name indicates: food and wine from the southern part of Burgundy. The chef Gilles Breuil is from Mâconnais and the wine list is filled with goodies from Macon and the nearby Beaujolais. You can choose from several excellent Pouilly-Fuissé, Saint Véran […]

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A pisco sour in the shadow

El Picaflor – Peruvian restaurant in Paris | BKWine Pick

Inspired by our South America wine tour trip in February we recently went to a Peruvian restaurant here in Paris, considered one of the very best. And we were not disappointed. We started with a pisco sour – of course! And it was delicious. They use egg white and cinnamon so it tasted a bit […]

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Tete de Gondole by Domaine Chahut et Prodige

Au Nouveau Nez, “natural” wine shop / wine bar in Paris | BKWine Pick

We made a very pleasant discovery in the 20th arrondissement in Paris the other day. It is a wine shop/wine bar called Au Nouveau Nez (which is a play with words, the name means “ the new nose”, but also, if you spell it a little bit different, but pronounced the same, “the newborn”). You […]

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The restaurant table with knife fork, napkin

Restaurant Cinq-Mars, Paris | BKWine Pick

Le Cinq-Mars is a typical, friendly restaurant du quartier where people working in the offices all around come and have lunch and local residents have dinner. The obligatory rickety wooden chairs, wooden table, nice ISO wine tasting glasses (French restos are generally not very good at glasses), but with a touch of design and chic. […]

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Vineyards and the village with church. Morgon, Beaujolais

Restaurant Albion, Paris | BKWine Pick

When you live in the southwest part of Paris, as we do, you feel like you are a bit far from the center of things. At least when it comes to new wine bars and wine restaurants that almost always seem to be located in the northeastern arrondissement: 10th, 11th , 12th, 19th and 20th […]

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Word of mouth for wine bars in Paris has several interesting recommendations for anyone who wants to visit wine bars/wine restaurants in Paris. Some of them are old classics Juveniles, Willi’s Wine Bar, Café de la Nouvelle Mairie, Le Baron Rouge … Some are new classics La Verre Volée, Legrand, Fish … Aand some are new discoveries for us Les 3 Seaux, […]

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Wine bar, bar a vins

Wine bars and wine restaurants in Paris, a selection by Finare Vinare

Finare Vinare is an anonymous Swedish wine blogger (the name means Finer Wines in English). Evidently he was recently in Paris to explore some of the wine bars and wine restaurants. We are familiar with several of the addresses he mentions and can only agree that it is address worth exploring if you happen to […]

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L’Authentique, Paris 15 restaurant | BKWine Pick

L’Authentique is, as one can guess from the name, the classic café-bistrot type of restaurant that you can find in Paris when you walk away from the big streets, in residential and small-office parts of Paris. It’s a simple café but with a food and wine ambition. You can see some of it from the […]

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Glass and bottle on a cafe table

La Gazzetta Restaurant, Paris | BKWine Pick

La Gazzetta is a restaurant that is a mix of Italian and French. It is in a decidedly un-fashionable part of the city, the 12th arrondissement, very close to one of the most interesting food markets in Paris: Le Marché d’Aligre. It is a Parisian café-restaurant, quite simple, quite crowded, and quite friendly. With a […]

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In the restaurant

Glou – Cuisine et vins sympathiques, Paris 3 | BKWine Pick

Modern style restaurant and wine bar. For lunch they offer a menu for 15 euro or choose something à la carte, maybe grilled sardines – very good! – or a steak tartare. Many interesting wines between 20 and 30 euro (you get a pleasant Picpoul de Pinet for 19 euro). Open every day for lunch […]

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Wine bottles in a shop

5e Cru – Cave à Vin & Table d’hôtes, Paris 5 | BKWine Pick

It looks like a wine store and it is a wine store. But also a very inspiring place for a lunch or a dinner, amongst wine bottles and wine cases. The selection of wines is amazingly good, if you – like us – like small, ambitious producers with a penchant for terroir and organic viticulture. […]

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Restaurant table with knives

La Régalade Saint Honoré, Paris 1 – BKWine Pick

La Régalade Saint Honoré, Paris 1 You are treated to the chef’s home made paté with cornichons as soon as you sit down at your table. It tastes very good but don’t eat too much! There’s a three course meal coming up. Bruno Doucet, owner of success story La Régalade in the 14th since 2004, […]

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Restaurant Marie Edith, Paris 15 – BKWine Pick

Not far from métro Cambronne in the 15th in Paris you find this popular Parisian restaurant on a side street. They have a very affordable 29 euro menu (three courses, or two for 26€) that will give you a very traditional French meal. If you have that kind of preferences you can get andouillette (grilled […]

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Ma Cave Fleury, Paris 2 – BKWine Pick

Almost exactly one year ago Morgane Fleury opened the doors to her ’cave éco-logique’ in Paris called Ma Cave Fleury. (The celebration was on February 13 so we say Happy Birthday a bit late.) Ma Cave Fleury is both a wine shop and a wine bar – small but very charming. “Fleury” is the well […]

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Au Vieux Comptoir, Bar à vins – Restaurant, Paris 1 | BKWine Pick

A popular restaurant on a side street to the busy rue Rivoli. Nice atmosphere and very friendly and helpful staff (well worth underlining!). At lunch time you can have Today’s Special for 14€, traditional French cooking, e.g. a ‘hachis parmentier’ (a gratin of mashed potatoes with minced meat), excellent to try in winter when you […]

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Le Vin Chai Moi, Paris 1 – BKWine Pick

Luc Menier is the sommelier and Sébastien Farré is the chef. Born and raised in the same village, in Chinon in the Loire Valley. Now they are both at the cleverly named and very nice restaurant Vin Chai Moi, just off Place de la Madeleine. They used to have a restaurant in the 20th arrondisement […]

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Le Bon Bec, Wine Restaurant Bistro, Paris 15 | BKWine Pick

A wine restaurant/bistro that offers a wide selection of wines by the glass (indeed rare in Paris), sometimes even some very exclusive wines. The couple who runs the restaurant happens to be great wine lovers and has invested in one of the big (and expensive) “wine organs” that allows you to keep opened wines under […]

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Les Bacchantes – Restaurant – Bistro à Vins, Paris 9 – BKWine Pick

Just off Boulevard de la Madeleine and next to the Olympia theatre you find this small restaurant. When you step inside it feels as if it has been there for many years. Probably it has. The staff is very welcoming and even if it’s your first time there they make you feel as if you […]

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Pinxo, Paris 1 – BKWine Pick

Pinxo is run by Alain Dutornier from the Michelin-starred restaurant Carré des Feuillant, just a few blocks away. The decoration is very Spartan with a Japanese touch. The first thing that strikes you with the food is the presentation: very modern, very slick and it too more than a hint oriental. Choose e.g. the mi-cuit […]

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L’Auberge Etchegorry, Paris 13 – BKWine Pick

The name is genuinely Basque (a region that covers bits of south-western France as well as northern Spain) but the restaurant proposes gastronomic specialities from all of the French Sud-Ouest (south west). Let yourself be tempted by a traditional (and delicious) confit de canard – a succulent duck’s leg cooked very tender, or a paella […]

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Restaurant Sorza, Paris 4 | BKWine Pick

Strolling along the river on the Ile Saint-Louis is something that both tourists and Parisians love to do. A relatively new restaurant on the main street (almost the only street…) is Sorza. It is not big and it fills up quickly so booking is recommended. The walls are red and the tables are black and […]

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Restaurant Le Taste Monde, Paris 8 | BKWine Pick

A new TasteMonde has opened next to Place de la Madeleine. Their first restaurant opened several years ago in Issy-les-Moulineaux but now they’ve opened a second location more centrally. Unusual for Paris restaurants the focus is on non-French wines (although they do have some champagne too). And quite an extensive selection too. The cooking is […]

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Racine, Paris 2 | BKWine Pick

A small wine bar in one of the old ‘passages’ (indoor shopping gallery) close to the big boulevards. The peculiarity with this wine bar is that all wines are organic, many are even biodynamic and most are made entirely without sulphur (unusual). In other words, very interesting wines and sometimes also very good. But sometimes […]

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Restaurant Afaria, Paris 15 | BKWine Pick

Between Porte de Versailles and Convention this Basque restaurant is hidden. A bright, welcoming restaurant with big windows to the street. The menu is a mix of Spanish and French south-west with some unusual twists. Very elegantly presented and innovative, and above all very, very delicious. The pumpkin soup with small morsels of artichoke and […]

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Villa Spicy, Paris 8 | BKWine Pick

Just off Les Champs-Elysées, on the avenue F Roosevelt, you find this pleasant restaurant with excellent food with a certain Provençal touch. It used to be called (simply) Spicy but have now (why?) changed name to Villa Spicy. Perhaps because of a total (successful) renovation – the atmosphere is now relaxed and cosy, service is […]

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Restaurant Le Brandevin, Paris 16 | BKWine Pick

A classic Parisian neighbourhood bistro – crowded and with a great and friendly atmosphere and good service. The emphasis is on classic French cuisine – main courses are mostly meat, for example côte de Boeuf (T-bone steak style), entrecôte, escalope de veau (veal with morel sauce), steak tartare, filet de boeuf. Prices for a main […]

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Restaurant 15cent15, Hôtel Marignan Champs Elysées, Paris 8 | BKWine Pick

Hôtel Marignan Champs-Elysées is a new luxury boutique hotel in central Paris. The main restaurant in the hotel is Spoon by the fabled chef Alain Ducasse and they recently opened a “lounge”, this oh-so-trendy concept in the restaurant world today. The lounge, called 15cent15, also run by Ducasse, is a good place to have a […]

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Restaurant Macéo, Paris 1 | BKWine Pick

Macéo is just next door to Willi’s Wine Bar and both are owned by the Englishman Mark Williamson. Just like at Willi’s the wine list at Macéo is outstanding, with an emphasis on the Rhône Valley. Elegant but relaxed atmosphere that is a mix of classic and modern. Very good food of course. Set menus […]

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A Table, Levallois-Perret | BKWine Pick

You find “A Table” in one of the “proche-banlieus” (near-suburbs) in Paris, Levallois-Perret, just north-west of the centre. In an area dominated by modern office buildings they offer an ambitious cuisine but in a relaxed, modern bistro type atmosphere. For example very good oysters and an excellent seafood risotto. Three course menu for 34.50 euro. […]

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Restaurant La Bastide d’Opio, Paris 6 | BKWine Pick

A small Provence restaurant in Paris with a definite southern feeling. Very good cooking that is nicely presented on the plates. The grille tuna was excellent and very succulent and the crumble d’agneau (!) very tasty with just the right cover of crumbles. At lunch time you can get two courses for 14.10 euro. The […]

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