Champagne, the Wine and the Growers


Champagne, the Wine and the Growers is our ninth book. It gives you everything you need, or may want to know about champagne. It is rare in that it describes in a modern and complete way what really makes champagne into the rare wine it is. Yet it is an easy read. It also tells about the history, geography, economy and the local gastronomy. A large part of the book is dedicated to the growers, all the independent wine farmers and wine producers (as opposed to the big, marketing-driven “houses”), often families, who make the most individual and expressive champagnes. The book gives you the authors’ selection of the best growers in this exciting wine region.

With this book we want to help you find and appreciate the most exciting of these outstanding wines, wines that should be drunk not only on festive occasions.

Champagne, The Wine And The Growers has been given three honours:

  • First prize in the category French Wines, by Gourmand Awards Sweden
  • Nominated (or “shortlisted”) and then winning third prize in the category French Wines, by Gourmand International
  • Special Mention by the OIV (International Organisation of Vine and Wine) in the category Monographs and special studies
Gourmand Awards Winner

Gourmand Awards Winner

OIV logo

Special mention in the OIV Book Awards

Champagne, vinet och odlarna, omslag

Champagne, vinet och odlarna, omslag

The book has two parts. In the first part, we describe all that makes champagne into champagne: the background, the techniques and technology in the vinification and in the vineyards, the grape varieties, the geography and much more. We explain in detail how champagne is made. We kill some old myths and update old and obsolete information and tell you things – both positive and negative – that one rarely talks about when discussing this bubbly wine.

The second part of the book is dedicated to all the small producers who make what we call growers’ champagne. They are often overshadowed by the world famous “houses” whose names everyone knows. But it is probably the growers and not the big houses that make the most characterful, individualistic and interesting wines. We round everything off with some champagne statistics that give a special insight into the incredible success-story of champagne.

Here’s what the publisher says about the book:

“ ’Much has been said and written about Champagne. Innumerable accolades and superlatives have been uttered. Famous people have coined immortal phrases. What is there to add? Very much!’ this is the striking entry phrase of Britt and Per Karlsson in this stimulating book on the noblest of wines, a volume that is both essential and timely.

These down-to-earth yet insightful writers go, as always, about their task very conscientiously: what makes champagne champagne. They tell us about the background, the technology, the grape varieties, the geography, and of course if the growers.

They share good advice on how to best appreciate this excellent wine – on its own or in combination with appropriate food. Myths and outdated information are corrected and replaced with facts. The small producers, the growers’ champagnes, are presented – those who usually live in the shadow of the great “houses”.

Vineyards in Vallee de la Marne in Champagne

Vineyards in Vallee de la Marne in Champagne, copyright BKWine Photography

The book goes into details on what kinds of champagne are available; how the producers work; the different storage methods used, and what difference they make for the result; what the different districts and villages represent; the constant work in the vineyard; what the text on the label means, etc.

The champagne has a long and colourful history. Consumption is increasing all over the world. Who does not love to raise a glass of bubbly at parties and at special occasions! In this beautifully illustrated book the reader meets hundreds of winemakers and can share their winemaking philosophy and ambitions. Their explanations of how they work convey, through the authors, otherwise hard to grasp facts. Champagne encaspulates a whole world bottled in the classic bottle.”

“Britt Karlsson and Per Karlsson’s many multiple award-winning books have won respect not only in Sweden, they have received international awards and their books have translated into several languages. They live in Paris but continually visit winegrowers all around Europe and the world.”

Here’s a look inside the book:

Book facts

The book is currently only published in Swedish. We welcome inquiries for publication in other countries.

Title: Champagne, the Wine and the Growers. Title in Swedish: Champagne, vinet och odlarna

Author: Britt Karlsson, with contributions by Per Karlsson

Photographer: Per Karlsson

Publisher: Carlsson Förlag

Format: Hard-cover, richly illustrated

Published: 2017

Size: 250 x 170 x 25 mm, 328 pages, weight 1076 g

ISBN: 978 91 7331 813 6

Champagne, vinet och odlarna, omslag

Champagne, vinet och odlarna, omslag

This post is also available in: Swedish

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