Swedish Wine Blogs

Some free help from us to wine marketing people

This is our attempt to make an (as much as possible) comprehensive list of Swedish wine blogs.

On BKWine Magazine (this site) you can find this list in the menu Resources > Swedish Wine Blogs.

Why on earth would you be interested in a list of Swedish wine blogs? It is probably totally uninteresting for you!

Wall decoration in the winery

Wall decoration in the winery

Unless you are a wine producer, a wine marketeer, a wine PR person or something along those lines. Then perhaps one day you might say to yourself “perhaps I should do some marketing campaign in Sweden, perhaps I should contact some wine bloggers there”. Then this is where you will find them.

You will have to do some work for yourself, like figuring out who are those that are active and that have some kind of impact on the market. Those who are the future stars on the Swedish wine media power list perhaps?

Probably not too difficult.

Some even write in English (indicated with an (*) below). But those are perhaps not the ones with the biggest impact in Sweden.

One curious thing (or two):

  • There are very, very few established wine writers on the list. (There are a few.)
  • The wine trade, wine importers are virtually non-existent on the list! (There is one. Yes: 1.)

Perhaps they are too busy drinking wine to have discovered that the internet and social media exist? (Update: both of the above points have changed since I first created this list. But not by much.)

So, here it is:

The Big List of Swedish Wine Bloggers

(roughly in alphabetical order)

Last update, December 29, 2017

  1. Advokat Axelssons vinblogg
  2. Alla goda ting är B
  3. Alsace Wines (*)
  4. Ambassadörsbloggen
  5. Artberg om vin
  6. AuZine
  7. Barolista (*)
  8. Billigt vin
  9. BKWine blogg
  10. BKWine Blog (*)
  11. BKWines vinreseblogg
  12. BKWine Travelog Travel Blog (*)
  13. BKWines Photography (*)
  14. Café Rotsunda
  15. Champagne och mat
  16. Champagnebloggen
  17. Dan Wallins Blogg
  18. DinVinguide
  19. Erik Grödal
  20. Ett eko av mat och vin
  21. Ett glas rött
  22. Finare vinare
  23. Folkvinsbloggen
  24. GastroVin
  25. Gladivin
  26. Goda Vinare
  27. Gödsvinet
  28. Hallucinating Harmony
  29. HandlaVin
  30. InVintage
  31. Italienska viner
  32. Jans vinblogg
  33. JC:s vintankar
  34. Johan´s Vintankar
  35. Johan P Mat & Vin
  36. Konjären
  37. Le Francophile
  38. Lessrof
  39. Livets Goda
  40. Liza in WineWonderland
  41. Mad about Madeira (*)
  42. Magnus Reuterdahls vinblogg Aqua Vitae
  43. Mitt vinrum
  44. MrWineander
  45. Mölstads Vinblogg
  46. Naturvin – The Sound of Soil
  47. Punkvin
  48. Puttes Vinspalt
  49. Rara droppar
  50. Red Scream and Riesling
  51. Scribere Necesse Est, Carl-Magnus Hedin, vinodlare i Arild på Kullahalvön
  52. Svensk vinblogg
  53. Tastelines vinblogg
  54. Testimony of a wine junkie (*)
  55. Tompavan
  56. Torpan45iglaset
  57. Vård & vin
  58. Vin, mat & Alsace
  59. Vinarskallen
  60. Vinbacken
  61. Vinblogg
  62. Vinbanken
  63. Vinifierat
  64. Vininfo
  65. Vinofino
  66. Vinovis
  67. Vinspanaren
  68. Vintomas vinblogg
  69. Vintresserad
  70. Wennös vinkällare
  71. Who cut the cheeze
  72. Wine Virtuosity (*)
  73. Wineblogg (*)
  74. Winedine
  75. Winepunk
  76. Öhmans Mat & Vin

(*) = blog in English

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  1. Jonas December 25, 2012 at 01:03 #

    En till 😉

  2. all-about-wine October 24, 2017 at 08:20 #

    thanks for the list of swedish blogs


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    […] Swedish wine blogs […]

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