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We are happy to receive wine samples for review. Or for that matter review copies of books on wine, gastronomy and travel.

If you send us samples we can not promise that we will write about it. But it is very likely that we will since we think it is only fair to anyone who makes the effort to share their wines (or other products) with us to tell them what we think. We will certainly taste it / read it etc. And if we think it is interesting for our readers we will write about it.

If we do write about your wine we promise to write honestly about it, so if the wine (book…) is not quite outstanding we will say it is not quite outstanding. If it is excellent we will say it is excellent.

Wine samples is a good way of discovering new wines so don’t hesitate to send it to us. And many books are worth making better known (we know how difficult it is to market books!) so we are happy to write about the good ones.

Our address is on the contact page.

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