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Alain Senderens

Chef Alain Senderens, a French restaurant legend | an interview | Per on Forbes

It is not often you meet someone who has voluntarily given up on having three Michelin stars, even if recently we have seen a handful of great chefs do it, or claim they did it. But even in this case Alain Senderens was a precursor. He “handed in” his three stars in 2005, after 28 […]

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Hill slope and village, Etna, Sicily

Sicilian gastronomy: Giuseppe Raciti wins the prestigious contest

Giuseppe Raciti, a thirty year ‘old Sicilian chef recently won the contest for chefs under thirty in southern Italy. The contest took place at Hotel Palace in Mondello, a holiday village just outside Palermo and was organized by the on line magazine Cronache di Gusto. BKWine Magazine’s Asa Johansson caught Giuseppe for a short interview. […]

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Come si mangia l'olio olive oil recipes

Come si mangia l’olio! How to eat olive oil! – A new book

Come si mangia l’olio is the title of a new book published recently in Italy. The book contains recipes from six chefs: Gaetano Simonato (Tano Passami l’Olio, Milan), Vito Mollica (Il Palagio, Firenze), Lino Scarallo (Palazzo Petrucci, Naples), Guido Havercock (La Tavola di Guido, Castellina in Chianti) Oliver Glowig (Ristorante Oliver Glowig, Rome), Pietro Leemann […]

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The competitors at the prize ceremony with the French ambassador

Combining wine and food, starting from the wine. Is it possible? A Rhône experiment

When combining food and wine the starting point is most of the times the food. In this case, a cooking competition arranged around Rhône wines, the situation was the contrary. The wine was chosen first and then four young Swedish chefs prepared a dish they thought would fit. BKWine Magzine’s reporter Henrik Stadler reports. Four […]

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Capon at a market in Paris

Festive food: Paris shops and eats at Christmas and New Year | Per on Forbes

What is your typical Christmas and New Year food specialities? Many countries have something special for this season. Sweden has the Julskinka and Julbord. The United States have the turkey. In Britain they feast on Christmas Pudding and Mince Pies. In Italy, or at least in Veneto, Christmas is not without a Pandoro, or a […]

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Fondue with poached egg, truffles, Pidieri Dolcetto and Castello Verduno

Truffles Fontina Fondue with a Poached Egg in Piedmont

Fondue is French and means melted. In cooking fondue usually means a pot of melted cheese that you can dip pieces of bread, or something else in. In Italy they also use it to mean a creamy sauce – or simply a cream – of melted cheese that you can serve with something. An excellent […]

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Christmas food and wine | New Brief out, #147 | The Wine Newsletter

There are certain countries, Sweden for instance, that have specific Christmas specialities that are eaten only for Christmas. Christmas food in this sense does not exist in France. Here people eat loads of delicacies instead. Tons of oysters, lobster, scallops, foie gras, marinated or smoked salmon, Bresse chicken. Cheeses such as Mont d’Or and Roquefort. […]

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Tasting olive oil in Istria, Croatia

The Secrets of Olive Oil

Like the grapevine the expansion of the Roman Empire spread the olive tree across Europe. But not quite as far north as the vine since the olive tree has greater demands warm weather. The olive tree thrives best in areas where the summers are long, hot and dry and winters are short but cold enough […]

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Poulprix, a "natural" wine from the Jura region

Trending in Paris: “natural” wine bars and restaurants | Britt on Forbes

Since a few years back it seems the craze on the Paris wine bar and bistro scene is restaurants focusing on “natural” wines, and similar low-intervention wines (sometimes also called “primitive” wines). This is a curious trend in some ways since these wines are sometimes hard to understand and not immediately appreciable by many wine […]

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Grappa Cecchini Antica Macelleria

Beef and wine from Tuscany: the Fonterutoli winery and the butcher Dario Cecchini performs at the Restaurant AG

The chef, the butcher and the winemaker Red wine with meat, sure it still works even if one should avoid being too conventional in wine and food pairing. When Francesco Mazzei from the Castello di Fonterutoli and the Marchesi Mazzei winery in Tuscany came to Stockholm he brought with him the legendary butcher Dario Cecchini. […]

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Sign indicating the start of the vineyard Chassagne-Montrachet

Matching Burgundy wines with food – Burgundy Master Class

Combining food and wine may not be as complicated as we sometimes have a tendency to think, but it is always interesting to think a little extra on what is particularly delicious. In addition, a focus on wines from the classic region of Burgundy in France is extra exciting. BKWine’s Carl-Erik Kanne met with Michel […]

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Britt Karlsson, BKWine, in a cafe in Paris

When in Rome do as the Romans. The joys of a French breakfast | Britt’s Column

When in Rome do as the Romans. Certainly this is a good piece of advice. One should not, for instance, complain about the French breakfast when in France. (Actually the French breakfast is today much better than what it used to be.) Or ask for bread for breakfast in China, as an Italian colleague once […]

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Ravioli with chocolate and vanilla ice cream and physalis fruit in an orange sauce with orange peel zests

The five things you need to know about combining food and wine

Is it a science or just common sense? Yes, the question is what to use when choosing the wine for dinner. Precise theories or simplistic common sense? In most cases I simply use common sense. You do not need to make it complicated choosing the right wine to the food. Many might say that this […]

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The table set for lunch at the chateau

”The Gastronomic Meal of the French” – a cultural heritage

Do you feel cultural (or perhaps cultured?) when you sit down to a beautifully set table to enjoy a gastronomic meal? You should. Even though it is the French gastronomic meal that has been recognized by UNESCO as a cultural heritage I think all good meals deserve the honour, be they in France or elsewhere. […]

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5 tips to enjoy your wine even more at the dinner table

1. Best wine last = not true Do not save the best wine until the end of the meal. If you have a dinner with several courses and several wines, people are a bit tired and talkative at the end and less inclined to pay attention to the wine being served. If you have a […]

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Red cars in a parking lot

Buon natale! Italian Christmas

How is an Italian Christmas and an Italian Christmas dinner? Italy is a strange country, difficult to understand. Even for the Italians themselves. There is chaos in politics and in the traffic, but when it comes to food and drink you have to follow the rules. Otherwise you will be stared at or laughed at, […]

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Restaurant Alain Senderens at Place de la Madeleine

Canard Apicius 2010, by Alain Senderens and Jérôme Banctel

Alain Senderens and Jérôme Banctel have shared with us their recipe for one of their signature dishes, the Canard Apicius 2010, including an updated wine suggestion, for an article that we have done on Alain Senderens for Chef Magazine in ther series on “Living Legends”. Here is the recipe in the original French. The English […]

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Grilled sardines

Wines for the summer barbecue parties!

This time of the year food and wine magazines are full of suggestions as to which wines to choose for the outdoor summer parties. So why not also here in BKWine Brief! We love barbecue parties ourselves. It is not really difficult to choose a barbecue wine. You pick something you like, not too fancy […]

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Dîner des Chefs at Park Hyatt Paris Vendôme

Dîner des Chefs at Park Hyatt Paris Vendôme

I went to a very interesting dinner the other day, the Dîner des Chefs at Park Hyatt Paris Vendôme. The dinner was organised for the 6th time (and always during the Paris Book Fair), by the publishing house Glénat. One of the specialities of Glénat is cook books and books written by famous chefs, so […]

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How to make gravlax – 10 easy steps

This is one of the very luxurious Scandinavian delicacies… Did you say luxurious? 1) It’s really easy to do, 2) salmon is not strikingly expensive… And it’s very good! Some call it gravlax salmon, which is a bit silly, since lax means salmon. It’s simply a marinated salmon (“grava” is a traditional way of marinating […]

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Åsa’s … olive oil of the month

Querce2 The olive oil of the month comes from Tuscany and the partly Swedish-owned farm Querce2, just south of Florence. They make an excellent oil that fulfils all requirements to be called “eccellente”, as the Italians would say. It has a low acidity, below 0.4%, is freshly pressed using only their own olives. The olives […]

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Why white wine goes better with fish

White wine with fish is one of the best known rules of thumbs in food and wine matching. Researchers at Mercian Corp in Fujisawa in Japan has discovered why red wine and fish don’t marry well. Apparently, when the iron contents in the wine reaches 2 milligrams per litre or more there’s a chemical reaction […]

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What wine with chocolate?

At BKWine’s and Le Cercle Suédois’ recent Wine-With-Chocolate tasting general consensus was that Banyuls goes very well, as does Madeira. To dark and therefore not so sweet chocolate you can try a Madiran (!). Beer did not mix well at all with chocolate though. Some were also very enthusiastic about the combination with Malt Whisky.

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