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Rabbit roulade

A new restaurant in Florence: Osteria de l’Ortolano | BKWine Pick

A genuine Italian restaurant in the tourist district in Florence Imagine being at Disneyland. Amidst all Mickey Mouses and Donald Ducks you find our very own national children’s story-teller Astrid Lindgren. She wonders if you want to listen to a story. What would you do? Hanging with the Disney characters, or stop and listen to […]

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Piazza delle Erbe in Verona

Ristorante Fratelli la Bufala, Verona restaurant | BKWine Pick

They have the tagline “pizzaioli emigranti” and they probably have a large emigrated family: It is actually a chain of restaurants that exists in more than 20 cities. We are not fans of chain restaurants – they tend to be impersonal – but this one we do recommend. We have only visited the Fratelli la […]

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An octopus for main course

Trattoria ai Piloti, Verona restaurant | BKWine Pick

Trattoria ai Piloti is a fish restaurant, which is not easy to find in Verona. It is on the corner of the San Zeno square (a charming square with an impressive church 10 minutes walk outside the old city centre). You can sit outside, either in front on the square or in the garden they […]

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The Roman arena in Verona

Enoteca Zero 7, Verona restaurant | BKWine Pick

Enoteca Zero 7 is a small wine bar, café and wine shop. Will find it around the corner on a side street from Corso Porta Nuova just outside the Portoni della Bra. The perfect place to have a glass of wine before you walk into the old city for dinner, or just a quick espresso […]

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Cafe and wine bar with people on the Piazza delle Erbe in Verona

Osteria Le Vecete Ristorante, Verona restaurant | BKWine Pick

The restaurant Osteria le Vecete is an old-style classic Italian taverna. A touch rustic, a touch gastronomy, a touch friendly. A good mix. The restaurant is bang in the centre of Verona, between Piazza delle Erbe and Piazza Bra, but on a small side street that you will have to look for. It is a […]

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Cafe and wine bar with people on the Piazza delle Erbe in Verona

Pizzeria Du de Cope, Verona restaurant | BKWine Pick

It is very crowded, very busy. It is very likely that they will say “we’ll have a table for you in 20 minutes” and you will have (!) to go and have an aperitif somewhere. Unless you have booked a table of course. This is a simple corner pizzeria at its best. Even though it […]

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Pasta at the Osteria La Pigna restaurant in Verona

La Pigna Ristorante Osteria, Verona restaurant | BKWine Pick

La Pigna is a charming traditional style Italian restaurant, just a touch more towards elegant rather than rustic. It is on a street also called La Pigna (the pine cone) in the historic city centre towards the Duomo, a “safe” distance beyond Piazza delle Erbe to avoid the worst crowds. The cooking is typically Veronese. […]

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Osteria La Pigna restaurant in Verona

Verona restaurant special

This month we propose to you a Verona restaurant special. Verona is a popular tourist destination, not least since it is the centre for the wine regions in Veneto: Valpolicella, Soave, Bardolino, Gambellara, and the nowadays so popular and powerful amarone wines. We will post a selection of Verona restaurant, perhaps to try out next […]

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QOC restaurant in Agrigento, Sicily

QOC Agrigento, Sicily restaurant | BKWine Pick

QOC is a small modern style restaurant in the centre of Agrigento, in the Valley of the Greek Temples, just a few steps away from where you have a view of the temples. On the ground floor there is a café-bar and a small seating place. If you go upstairs you come to the real […]

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In the restaurant in Alba

Osteria dell’Arco, Alba restaurant | BKWine Pick

The Osteria dell’Arco restaurant is actually on the main square in Alba, the Piazza Savona, but it is hidden at the end of a court yard. You can try a range of Piemontese specialities: the carne cruda all’Albese of course (the raw minced beef made from choice meat cuts), tajarin al burro e salvia o […]

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In the restaurant

Marennà Ristorante, Feudi di San Gregorio, Campania | BKWine Pick

You may think that you have taken a wrong turn or lost your way before you arrive. The restaurant, and winery, is at the end of a long winding road on a hilltop. This is both a winery and a restaurant. One of the regions most impressive on both counts. The restaurant Marennà Ristorante was […]

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Latte di Luna restaurant in Pienza, the owner and his daughter

Trattoria Latte di Luna, Pienza restaurant | BKWine Pick

The Latte di Luna restaurant is at the very end of the main street in Pienza. You can’t miss it. This is a real family affair! Il Signore is running the dining room, La Mama is doing the cooking, and La Figlia is helping with the service. Sitting down is like squeezing in at a […]

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The magnificent Arc de Triomphe in Benevento

Trattoria Nunzia, Benevento restaurant | BKWine Pick

Trattoria Nunzia is a family run, family style restaurant. Very Italian. La Mama heads the kitchen and the son in the dining room. Don’t think you can skimp on your portions. La Mama watches you to make sure you are enjoying it! It is small, it is crowded, it is friendly, and it is impossible […]

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Spaghetti with white truffles

Ristorante Aldo di Castiglione, Asti restaurant | BKWine Pick

Ristorante Aldo di Castiglione is certainly one of the more peculiar restaurants we have been to, at least when you arrive. We knew the address but wondered if we were mistaken when we arrived. It looked like just any (ancient) apartment building in Asti. But yes, there is a small sign and a door-bell. We […]

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La Taverna del Capitano, I 3 Mori, Siena restaurant | BKWine Pick

La Taverna del Capitano-I 3 Mori is a small taverna-restaurant just next to the Doumo so a bit away from Piazza del Campo. Traditional Siennese dishes served in a simple setting. The old vaulted rooms with naked brick walls give a certain atmosphere. Their speciality is the hand rolled picci (pasta that is like fat […]

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Le Carceri restaurant in Florence, how it used to look is on the table mat

Le Carceri, restaurant Florence | BKWine Pick

Le Carceri actually means “the prison” and that is what this place used to be. Now it houses a nice restaurant and apartments (of the more voluntary kind). In a calm court yard hidden from traffic in the old penitentiary this restaurant has a very nice outside terrasse – calm since there are non cars […]

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Enoteca Italiana in Siena

Enoteca Italiana, Siena restaurant & wine bar | BKWine Pick

One needs perhaps to do a little bit of extra promotion for this place – it is in the wrong direction. It is not really far from the city centre, though, only five minutes walk from Piazza Matteotti. You can’t miss it. It is in the immense and impressive Fortezza Medicea. It is something like […]

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La Taverna di Cecco, Siena restaurant | BKWine Pick

La Taverna di Cecco is a very small restaurant only a few hundred meters from the famous Piazza del Campo but a world away in terms of the crowds of tourist there are. The style is that of a simple taverna, but with real table cloths and proper napkins, so certainly a bit up from […]

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Il Ciottolo restaurant in Verona

Ristorante Il Ciottolo Osteria Caffè, Verona restaurant | BKWine Pick

You can easily miss Il Ciottolo. It is on one of the main thoroughfares in Verona close to the most busy tourist areas. But it would be a mistake to miss it. It is excellent. It is a very simple, almost country style taverna; rough-cut wooden tables and chairs. The food is also simple but […]

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The outside seating on the terrasse at Al Calmiere restaurant in Verona

Ristorante Al Calmiere, Verona restaurant | BKWine Pick

If you sit outside you can have a view of the splendid Basilica di San Zeno. But the restaurant is indeed worth a visit in itself, not just for the view. It is a classic-style Italian restaurant, traditional style; more elegant than a simple trattoria but not luxurious. Nice table cloth and real napkins, good […]

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Tacabanda restaurant in Asti

Tacabanda, restaurant in Asti, Piedmont | BKWine Pick

Tacabanda is a restaurant that hides in a tiny alley next to the Teatro Alfieri – not easy to find. The only thing you see on street level is the door and stairs leading down. (In season they also have tables outside.) The restaurant is in an old vaulted cellar, probably centuries old. It is […]

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Ristorante La Beppa Fioraia, Florence | BKWine Pick

La Beppa is not a restaurant that you would just happen to pass by. You have to know where to find it. A lot of Florentinos do know where to find it! It is often crowded. The first time I went here I had asked a friend who lives in Florence “I want something away […]

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Il Fuori Porta restaurant and wine bar in Florence

Enoteca Fuori Porta, Florence | BKWine Pick, restaurant

“The other side of the river” is a good place to look for a restaurant in Florence. Away from the worst tourist traps. This place is not only across the river but “outside the city gate” as the name indicates. It is not far though, just a five minutes walk from the Ponte alle Grazie […]

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A sweet wine for dessert

Locanda Gulfi, restaurant Sicily | BKWine Pick

Locanda Gulfi opened recently and it is perhaps the best winery restaurant we’ve ever been to. The winery is called Gulfi and you will find it in the region Ragusa on in Sicily. The restaurant is on the floor above the winery and ambition is high, very high. They have recruited the chef Carmelo Floridia […]

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Osteria da Ugo, restaurant Verona | BKWine Pick

It’s hidden in a back street and you may have to fend off the dust bins on your way there even thought it’s in the beautiful city of Verona. It’s a traditional osteria (bistro for the Francophile), serving typical regional food from Veneto – the region where Verona is located in north east Italy. You […]

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