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Jean-Marie Aurand, director general of the OIV

World wine production 2017 drastically reduced

OIV, International Organisation Of Vine And Wine, presented recently preliminary figures for the world’s wine production in 2017. “As expected,” said director general Jean-Marie Aurand, “the production has been affected by the extreme heat and the drought in France, Spain and Italy”. Italy has produced the biggest volume with 39.3 million hectolitres. A normal harvest […]

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Is the world heading for a wine shortage?

So far there has never been any shortage of wine in the world. Rather the opposite. For a long time there was a large surplus but since some years back this surplus is gone. Now the world makes about as much wine as it drinks. But this year the issue has become topical. The start […]

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275.7 million hectolitres of wine in 2015

The International Organisation of Vine and Wine, OIV, has published figures for this year’s wine production in the world. In total, the world produced 275.7 million hectolitres of wine in 2015. It is 2% more than in 2014. Italy is at the top with 48.9 million hectolitres, closely followed by France with 47.3. Spain is […]

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World sparkling wine consumption

The world drinks more and more sparkling wine | Global market for sparkling wine

The world production and consumption of sparkling wine has increased significantly in recent years, according to a recent report by the OIV (International Organisation of Vine and Wine). 17.6 million hectolitres of sparkling wine was produced in 2013. Over ten years the production has increased with 40%. The consumption is also changing: today we drink […]

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OIV logo

State of the World wine production and grape growing 2014: France back on top for wine

The 2014 statistics on global wine production, wine consumption, vineyard surface area, world grape production, and world trade in wine France will be the world’s biggest wine producer in 2014. World vineyard surface is decreasing but grape production is going up. Europe’s production is in decline. World wine consumption is shifting from “old” countries to […]

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Global wine production 2000-2012

The third article in the series on global vineyard, grape growing, wine production, wine consumption, and wine trade statistics: “Global wine production down in 2012, Europe declining, most others growing. Is Europe strangling its wine sector?: Global wine production decreased 6% in 2012 to 252 million hectolitres. This was partially due to a very small […]

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EU vs non-EU long term trend in wine production (top 11 countries only)

The world’s wine production 2000-2012

Global wine production down in 2012, Europe declining, most others growing. Is Europe strangling its wine sector? Global wine production decreased 6% in 2012 to 252 million hectolitres. This was partially due to a very small harvest in Europe but also a longer term trend. France, Italy and Spain are still the biggest producers. But […]

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From wine lake to wine desert? Will we have a wine penury? World wine production and consumption.

The world’s wine acreage is shrinking. Now we have only 7.5 million hectares of vineyards, with three ”old” wine countries in the top. Wine production, too, is shrinking, especially in 2012 when production decreased with 16 million hectolitres to 248 Mhl. And for production too it is a “old classic” that tops the league. (Do […]

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Wine tanks at Cupertinum co-operative, Apulia

Is it good for the wine consumer that the producers are now allowed to blend vintages with VCI?

A new kind of insurance for the wine producer: “The individual supplementary volume” Many things can happen in a vineyard. Weather problems are frequent. Diseases can reduce quantity and destroy quality. A small harvest could be disastrous for the producer. On the other hand, the change of character in a wine according to the specificities […]

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Champagne Benoit Marguet makes wine from organic grapes

Demand for organic wine continues to grow, as does production

We just received some new statistics on organic wines, the production and the consumer demand (than you Millesime Bio). Both organic wine production and the appetite from customers for organic wines continue to rise. Here are some numbers for France: Organic wine production: 61,055 hectares of organic vineyards in 2011, an increase with 21% on […]

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Pinot noir grapes in the vineyard in Alsace

World Wine Statistics 2010

Statistics and other numbers for the world of wine in 2010: the planted vineyard acreage, the wine production, wine consumption, wine exports and imports. (A summary of previously published stats. Source for all: OIV) World vineyard acreage in 2010 Global vineyard surface area shrunk in 2010 to 7.6 million hectares, loosing around 10,000 ha. The […]

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A lone tree an a dry field a hot day

The EU’s wine production 2011: Favourable and not so favourable heat

We read on that the European Union has published figures concerning the EU wine production in 2011.  Total volume produced within the union in 2011 was 165 million hectolitres (an increase by 1.5 % from 2010). 39 % of the production is wine with the highest classification (Appellation d’Origine Protegée, Denominazione di Origine Protetta […]

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Bottles aging in the cellar

World wine production down in 2010, top 12 countries

Just like vineyard acreage, world wine production shrunk in 2010. The total volume of wine produced in 2010 is estimated to be 263 million hectolitre, down from a bit over 270 Mhl in 2009. Here’s the split on continents: Europe: 66% Amercias: 19% Asia: 5.5% Oceania: 5% Africa: 4% The New World has gained 7% […]

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Pumping over the must

The world’s wine production 2010: very small volume

The world’s total wine production in 2010 is estimated to around 260 million hectolitre (Mhl). It is a decrease with around 4% from 2009. This is a small harvest with in particular the EU having very low wine production. The EU wine production in 2010 was exceptionally small, only 153 Mhl. It is one of […]

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Stainless steel fermentation & storage tanks

Constellation sells wine business, loses top slot

Constellation is the world’s biggest wine producer, as mentioned elsewhere in the Brief. However, they are now set to lose the top spot to Fosters or E&J Gallo. Constellation is in the process of selling its British, Australian and South African wine business. The buyer is a Champ Private Equity. The price tag is said […]

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Stainless steel fermentation & storage tanks

World’s biggest wine producers

Once upon a time it was said that Gallo was the world’s biggest wine producer and that they made as much wine as the whole of Bordeaux. This is no longer quite true (but not far from the truth, and see the following item!). Here are the world’s biggest wine producers (2008): Constellation (USA), 58 […]

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