The world’s biggest wine producing countries in 2016, in short

The ranking of the world’s biggest wine countries is a bit different if you look at wine production compared to the top list for vineyard acreage. Here are the preliminary figures for 2016 (in million hectoliters) for the biggest wine producers according to OIV statistics:

  • Italy, 48.8 Mhl
  • France, 41.9 Mhl
  • Spain, 37.8 Mhl
  • USA, 22.5 Mhl
  • Australia, 12.5 Mhl
  • China, 11.5 Mhl
  • Chile, 10.1 Mhl
  • South Africa, 9.1 Mhl
  • Argentina, 8.8 Mhl (a decrease of around 30% compared with 2015 due to the weather conditions)

In total the world produced 259 million hectolitres in 2016. World consumption is estimated at 240 million hectolitres.

More info:

Fermentation vats at Union Champagne cooperative (Champagne de Saint Gall), Champagne

Fermentation vats at Union Champagne cooperative (Champagne de Saint Gall), Champagne, copyright BKWine Photography

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