World wine production is back to the long-term average in 2019 | Per on Forbes

There is no reason to be alarmed even though the world’s production of wine fell with 10% in 2019. The global total of wine is still good, estimated to be 263 million hectolitres. It is a big decline compared to 2018 but on the other hand, it is much more than 2017.

In fact, global wine production is almost identical to the ten-year average.

It has been a year that was difficult in Europe. Almost all countries in the EU saw a drop in the production, primarily due to difficult weather conditions, lots of rain and frost in the spring-time and an exceptionally hot summer in some countries.

The rest of the world’ was down a bit but fairly stable.

Read more in Per’s article on Forbes: Global wine production 2019 of 263 Mhl is a return to “normal”, says Pau Roca of the OIV.

Pau Roca, director general, OIV

Pau Roca, director general, OIV, copyright BKWine Photography

Here’s the introduction to the Forbes article:

“Is it an effect of global warming, the big swings in wine production on 2017, 2018 and 2019”, someone in the audience asked. “No,” was the answer from Pau Roca, director-general of the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV). But more important was what he followed up with. “It is too short a time span to be able to draw any such conclusion.

Pau Roca was presenting the very first estimations of the global wine production in 2019 at the new OIV headquarters in Paris.

So, back to the global wine production 2019.

Worldwide wine production in 2019 is back to long term average

The world’s total wine production in 2019 is estimated to be 263 million hectolitres (26.3 billion litres, within a span of 258 to 267 Mhl). This is just slightly below the average global wine production over the last ten years of 270 Mhl.

See the table below.

Read more in Per’s article on Forbes: Global wine production 2019 of 263 Mhl is a return to “normal”, says Pau Roca of the OIV.

 Wine production 2019Million hl% chg 19/18
8South Africa9.73
9China (number not available position estimated by the OIV)na
15New Zealand3-1

All numbers from the OIV report. It should be noted that the numbers are still very preliminary, especially for the northern hemisphere. The numbers also exclude must and juice. Some countries have not yet reported data and are missing.

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