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France made 47 Mhl wine in 2009 (a slight increase)

According to statistics from the French customs office (who collects such statistics) the total wine production reached 47 million hl in 2009. This is an increase from 2008 when only 43 Mhl was made. On the other hand it is substantially less than the average over the last ten years, and far below the record […]

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World wine production is stable in 2009

If we look at world wine production it turns out that it is quite stable in 2009: only a slight increase on 2008 to reach 268 million hectolitres. Europe accounted for 68% of the total in 2009. At the end of the 80s Europe accounted for 78% of world wine production. Down with 10% of […]

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World’s grape production stable

The production of grapes was stable in 2009: 69 million tons were produced (for wine, juice, raisins etc). In a longer perspective the trend has been steadily increasing, albeit in later years stable. In 1995 production was only 55 Mt. The biggest producers were: 1 – Italy, 8.2 Mt (–) 2 – China, 7.2 Mt […]

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The Big Wine Lake drying out

According to the latest statistics from the OIV (Organisation Internationale de la Vigne et du Vin) the surplus of wine produced in the world seems to be diminishing. World consumption has grown with 2 million litres. It’s not that we drink more. It’s rather that there are more people drinking: “new” wine consuming countries are […]

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5000 wine producers in the United States

There are just under 5000 wine producers (“bonded wineries”) in the United States. Half of these are in California, all according to a report by MKF Research LLC. These are the most “vinous” states, measured in the number of wineries (2005): – California: 2275 bonded wineries – Washington: 454, – Oregon: 291 – New York: […]

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