Two New Books from BKWine: on Bordeaux and on Tuscany, in new wine book series

Guide to the World of Wine is a new book series that we have just launched. The first two titles in the series are about Bordeaux and Tuscany. The books contain easy-to-read but fact-filled information about wine regions and are richly illustrated. They are published by Tukan förlag. More information about the series Guide to the World of Wine.

Perhaps the most ambitious wine book project in Sweden ever?

Before I tell you the about the details of the first two books in the series let me start with a short presentation of the entire series.

The book series, Guide to the World of Wine

Each book in the series Guide to the World of Wine gives you an introduction to the wine region, the landscape, the grape varieties, the soil, wine types and styles, climate and much more. The books also talks about the local gastronomy, how the region’s wines pair with the local food; food and wine combined. The perfect introduction to what a region has to offer a wine and food lover.

The books also tell you about many of our favourite wine producers. They give you tips on the best wines for the wine enthusiast to look for and for the curious wine consumer. Yes, you will also find the “big and famous” names but the focus in the books is on the individual winemakers who are ambitious, quality-conscious and dynamic. And not least the wineries that make wines that you do not need to take out a mortgage to drink. In short, wines for the enthusiastic wine lover.

The books in the series are in a convenient soft-cover pocket format and also include maps over the regions. Each book has about 130 pages. All books are richly illustrated with photographs from our own archives, one of the world’s largest archive of wine photography. (Virtually all photography in the books comes from our wine tours, so they will give you a good idea of what you can expect to experience when traveling with us in the winelands.)

The books in the series Guide to the World of Wine totally are newly written from start to finish. Today a lot is going on and changing in the world of wine, laws and rules change, consumer tastes evolve, new producers emerge, wine styles change, new wine regions show up on the shelves. Books and texts that were written some years ago are quickly outdated. In these books you get up-to-date information from us who have been there.

The books in the series Guide to the World of Wine are made by Britt and Per Karlsson at BKWine, perhaps Sweden’s most widely travelled wine writers, and multi-award winning authors in Sweden and internationally.

Karin Alfredsson, publishing director at Tukan publishers, says about the new book series: “We are very excited and proud to present a brand new series of guidebooks to the world’s wines and wine regions, written by two of Sweden’s most experienced wine writers.”

Britt, in turn, on the project: “This is an ambitious project that we have started together with Tukan. We want to give the wine enthusiasts an up-to-date and accurate source information about the world’s wine regions, in a completely new way. Easy-to-read but at the same fact-filled. We start with some of world’s most popular wine regions, Bordeaux and Tuscany. It is books for those going travelling there and also for those who just want to travel ‘virutally’ at home on the couch while learning about the wines to enjoy even more the wines and the food of these wonderful places.”

The series will continue in the autumn with more titles.

The books are currently only published in Swedish.

Inquiries for international editions are welcome.

More about the book series Guide to the World of Wine.

More on all our wine books.

Now on to the two new books!

Bordeaux, wines, regions, producers

Bordeaux, wines, regions, producers (by Britt Karlsson and Per Karlsson) is an indispensable guide for those who want to know more about this world famous wine region, its wines and winemakers.

In Bordeaux they make some of the world’s most famous wines, produced in the historic châteaux cellars. In recent years the region has unfairly gained a reputation for producing unattainable luxury wines. But that is not the case. Or, at least it is not the whole truth. Most Bordeaux wines come from family-owned wine farms that make excellent wines in the “normal” price ranges. Bordeaux is also known for its châteaux, a broad ranging denomination – since whatever the size of the winery they are all called château.

Bordeaux is something of a benchmark for quality wine. Winemakers from around the world like to compare their wines with those produced in Bordeaux. Many wine lovers consider the wines made here to be the most classic of classic wines, the wine you can always return to.

Bordeaux, wines, regions, producers gives you the keys to discover or rediscover the wonderful wines of this great and beautiful district.

Read more about the book here: Bordeaux, wines, regions, producers.

Bordeaux, vinerna, distrikten, producenterna, vinboken om Bordeaux viner, i serien Guide till vinets värld

Bordeaux, vinerna, distrikten, producenterna, vinboken om Bordeaux viner, i serien Guide till vinets värld

Tuscany, wines, regions, producers

Tuscany, wines, regions, producers (by Britt Karlsson and Per Karlsson) is an indispensable guide for those who want to know more about this world famous wine region, its wines and winemakers.

Tuscany. Rolling hills, olive groves, cypress trees, winding roads. And of course vineyards everywhere. Who does not start dreaming about balmy evenings with good wine and good food when someone mentions Tuscany?

Tuscany is Italy’s best-known wine region. World-famous wines such as Chianti, Brunello di Montalcino and Vino Nobile di Montepulciano come from here. But there are also many other wines to discover. Come on a virtual wine tour to the vineyards, the beautiful landscapes, the charming villages and the magnificent cities of Florence and Siena.

Tuscany – wines, regions, producers tells you about all the great wines that you can find in this region.

Read more about the book here: Tuscany – wines, regions, producers.

More titles coming this autumn!

Toscana, vinerna, distrikten, producenterna

Toscana, vinerna, distrikten, producenterna, vinboken om Toscanas viner, i serien Guide till vinets värld

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