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The world’s biggest spirits brands 2012

Do you know which the world’s biggest selling spirit is? It is probably not at all what you think! There is actually quite a lot of myths around which is the world’s biggest selling spirits brands. One reliable source for information is IWSR (International Wine and Spirits Research). They have recently published their Top 100 […]

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A lone tree an a dry field a hot day

The EU’s wine production 2011: Favourable and not so favourable heat

We read on that the European Union has published figures concerning the EU wine production in 2011.  Total volume produced within the union in 2011 was 165 million hectolitres (an increase by 1.5 % from 2010). 39 % of the production is wine with the highest classification (Appellation d’Origine Protegée, Denominazione di Origine Protetta […]

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The most read articles in January 2012

Here is the list of the top ten articles for January, i.e. those that had the most readers (in English): Wine Tweeting 1: how to get started on Wine Twitter 11 wine regions to discover (or rediscover) during 2012 The 2012 calendar with sexy winemakers launched A selection of “grower’s champagne” producers Wine tweeting 2: […]

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The most visited pages and articles in 2011

Here are the most visited English language pages on BKWine Magazine in 2011. Or to be really correct, since we re- launched the web site in the new design in early June, and excluding the blog page, newsletter archive page and other non-editorial pages: Short Gastronomic Glossary: English-French-Swedish The 2012 calendar with sexy winemakers launched […]

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Dom Luis I bridge in Porto over the Douro river

World wine exports booming; top 12 countries

It is in the world wine export numbers (international trade in wine) where you see the real boom. Wine is more and more consumed outside the country of production. There are two big drivers behind this: the big producers are consuming less wine domestically and thus have to export more. Secondly, there is a host […]

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Bottles aging in the cellar

World wine production down in 2010, top 12 countries

Just like vineyard acreage, world wine production shrunk in 2010. The total volume of wine produced in 2010 is estimated to be 263 million hectolitre, down from a bit over 270 Mhl in 2009. Here’s the split on continents: Europe: 66% Amercias: 19% Asia: 5.5% Oceania: 5% Africa: 4% The New World has gained 7% […]

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Guyot double pruned vines in the vineyard

World vineyard acreage: diminishing; top 12 countries

Global vineyard surface area shrunk in 2010 to 7.6 million hectares, loosing around 10,000ha. The “old world” is still very dominant although the “New World have increased in importance, gaining just over nine percentage points over the period. Here’s the split: Europe: 57% Asia: 22% Americas: 13% Africa: 5% Oceania: 2.7% The world wide vineyard […]

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Fine Magazine on Bordeaux, exclusively for readers of The Brief

Fine Magazine is a super-luxury-premium wine magazine (that is actually published in Finland!). Their latest issue is a special celebration of Bordeaux wines. The write, among other things, about “the 100 Best Bordeaux Wines Ever Made” (well, let the hyperbole pass for this time). There are articles on several of the most exclusive estates: Château […]

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EasyJet and British Airways serve the best wines

A good idea not to focus on the business class wines in this recently held competition but instead on the wines served in Economy. How many of us fly these days in business…? The competition included 12 reds and 12 whites and the winners were perhaps not quite as expected: Winners for white wines: EasyJet […]

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The world’s best selling vodka is…?

So is the world’s biggest selling vodka brand something one has heard of? Actually it is. The leading brand is Smirnoff that sells almost twice as much (24 M 9l cases) than the number two, Khilbniy Dar. And Absolut comes third with 10 M cases. Here is the top ten: Smirnoff Khilbniy Dar Absolut Zelenaya […]

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The world’s biggest selling whisky is…?

The world’s biggest selling whisky is not what one thinks. It is a “local” Indian brand called Bagpiper. The biggest “international” whisky is Johnnie Walker that comes third. Here is the top ten: Bagpiper, India Officer’s Choice, India Johnnie Walker, Scotland McDowell’s No.1, India Royal Stag, India Original Choice, India Jack Daniel’s, USA/Tennessee Old Tavern, […]

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Pinot noir from New Zealand

New Zealand wine exports

In the 12 months to January 2011 New Zealand exported 1.56 Mhl (156 M litres). Almost all of it, 84 %, goes to the three top export markets: UK, Australia, and USA. Here are the top ten (to 13) export markets for NZ wines: UK: 34 % of total exports Australia: 30 % USA: 20 […]

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Bag-in-box – a local phenomena?

If you were in Sweden you might think that the world’s wine packaging is dominated by bag-in-box. Well over half of all wine sold in Sweden is sold in BiB (“it’s so very convenient”). Internationally the picture is different. Leader in bag-in-box market share is indeed Sweden, followed by the two countries that pioneered this […]

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The world’s biggest wine producers = 15% of the total

There is a handful of very large wine producers in the world, who together represent a quite big proportion of world wine production. It is not always obvious who they are since they sell their wines under a variation of different brands and rarely under their own name. that is perhaps not very surprising since […]

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Best-selling wines (in UK shops)

The list of top-selling wines is not, as could be expected, a particularly inspiring reading. Off License News, the English drinks magazine, makes a survey of the drinks business in the UK every year together with Nielsen. One of the statistics it presents is which wines sell best in British off-licenses (shops). Here are the […]

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The top UK wine blogs

Cision is a marketing and press communications consultant company. They have created a top-ten list of the most notable wine blogs in the UK. We don’t know what criteria they have used and you don’t need to agree with their ranking, but the listing can certainly be a source of much further interesting reading as […]

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World wine production is stable in 2009

If we look at world wine production it turns out that it is quite stable in 2009: only a slight increase on 2008 to reach 268 million hectolitres. Europe accounted for 68% of the total in 2009. At the end of the 80s Europe accounted for 78% of world wine production. Down with 10% of […]

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World’s grape production stable

The production of grapes was stable in 2009: 69 million tons were produced (for wine, juice, raisins etc). In a longer perspective the trend has been steadily increasing, albeit in later years stable. In 1995 production was only 55 Mt. The biggest producers were: 1 – Italy, 8.2 Mt (–) 2 – China, 7.2 Mt […]

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Who drinks the most champagne?

A while back we wrote about the world’s biggest markets for champagne. At the time we did not have, as we noted, any numbers for who is actually the biggest champagne consuming nation. A helpful reader took out the calculator and looked up the population in Wikipedia and came up with the answer to “Who […]

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Who drinks the most champagne?

It’s not a personal question but of nations. The biggest export market for champagne is the United Kingdom with 36 million bottles (in 2008), flowed by the USA. Here’s the top list (source: CIVC/The Drinks Business): UK: 36 M bottles USA: 17 M Germany: 12 M Belgium: 10 M Italy: 9 M Japan: 8 M […]

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Vodka drinkers world-wide

The world is drinking a lot of vodka. The biggest market is, unsurprisingly, Russia, followed by the USA. Here are the top tipplers (2008 numbers, source: The Drinks Business): Russia: 269 million cases USA: 55 M Ukraine: 41 M Poland: 33 M Kazakhstan: 10 M Belarus: 9 M UK: 8 M Germany: 7 M Uzbekistan: […]

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More forecasts for wine in 2010

John Mariani has, just like we did in the last issue of the Brief, made predictions of what will happen in 2010 in the wine world. Here’s what he thinks: 1. Prices will continue to fall 2. More and more people will buy wine online 3. Wine blogging will continue to grow, albeit not always […]

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