World wine exports booming; top 12 countries

It is in the world wine export numbers (international trade in wine) where you see the real boom. Wine is more and more consumed outside the country of production. There are two big drivers behind this: the big producers are consuming less wine domestically and thus have to export more. Secondly, there is a host of “new” wine producing countries that are becoming important wine producers but that have relatively modest local demand.

Dom Luis I bridge in Porto over the Douro river

Dom Luis I bridge in Porto over the Douro river, copyright BKWine Photography

Lets look at some countries, looking back over the period 2002 to 2010:

Italy: has seen a steady growth, especially lately and is now the biggest exporter.

Spain: has also seen a substantial increase in exports (>+50%) over the period and has become the second exporter.

France: Used to be the biggest exporter but have seen a steady, but not dramatic, decline (-12% over the period) and has fallen to 3rd place.

After these there is a big group of countries that have seen very impressive growth in wine exports: Australia, Chile, USA, South Africa, Argentina, New Zealand and curiously even Germany.

The big loose in relative terms, in market share, is France, although in absolute numbers it has not shrunk all that much.

Here are the top twelve wine exporting countries 2010:

  1. Italy: 20.6 Mhl (trend: +)
  2. Spain: 17.1 Mhl (+)
  3. France: 13.5 Mhl (-)
  4. Australia:7.8 Mhl (+)
  5. Chile: 7.3 Mhl (+)
  6. USA: 4.1 Mhl (+)
  7. South Africa: 3.9 Mhl (+)
  8. Germany: 3.8 Mhl (+)
  9. Argentina: 2.7 Mhl (+)
  10. Portugal: 2.6 Mhl (-)
  11. New Zealand: 1.4 Mhl (+)
  12. Moldavia (!): 1 Mhl (-)

(Source: OIV)

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