World’s biggest selling spirit brands in 2013

The world’s biggest selling spirits is a curious bunch of brands. Most likely you will have heard of no more than two or possibly three brands on the list.

Most likely you will not be familiar with the world’s biggest selling spirit, unless you have read our spirits posts before here on BKWine Magazine.

In fact, most of the brands on the top-10 spirits list are local or regional brands in Asia. The world’s biggest seller is Korean spirit called Jinro Soju. Soju, also called Shochu, is resembling vodka; it is a clear spirit. It is made from rice, wheat, or barley.

There are really only two “international” (i.e. Western) brands on the list: Smirnoff vodka and Johnnie Walker whisky, in 4th and 8th place respectively.

The biggest seller, Jinro, has a volume of 67 million nine litre cases (the traditional measure for spirits), i.e. just over 600 million litres, which is more than double the spirit that comes in second place, Emperador.

Here is the top 10 spirits in the world 2013

Top 10 spirits from the IWSR’s Real 100 list
Rank/BrandCategoryOwnerVolume 2009Volume 2012Volume 2013% chg 12->13
1 Jinro SojuShochu/SojuHite67,36267,71065,660-3
2 EmperadorOther brandyAlliance Global7,10030,00031,9506.5
3 Ruang KaoOther spiritsThai Beverage31,90031,50030,870-2
4 SmirnoffVodkaDiageo23,91026,11825,751-1.4
5 Officer's ChoiceOther whisk(e)yABD12,27718,70524,16429.2
6 McDowell'sOther whisk(e)yUSL/Diageo13,04019,27323,29120.8
7 Chum ChurumShochu/SojuLotte16,77321,27321,8142.5
8 Johnnie WalkerScotch whiskyDiageo14,88018,84719,2882.3
9 CelebrationRumUSL/Diageo11,15717,65718,9047.1
10 Hong Tong 'Liquor'Other spiritsThai Beverage6,50016,37518,50013
Source: The IWSR Database 2014, units: 000’s nine-litre cases

So now I am wondering, have you ever tasted soju? If so, how did it taste?

Source: IWSR

Nowhere on the list:

Spiced Swedish akvavit

Spiced Swedish akvavit, copyright BKWine Photography

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