Spirits and more spirits: which is the world’s biggest seller?

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Drinks International follows what happens on the international drinks market. They recently published a special issue on the world’s top brands. Here are a few pickings.

Which is the world’s biggest selling spirit? Smirnoff? Absolut? Bacardi?

No, not at all.

It is a brand called Jinro, a soju. Jinro is made in South Korea and sells 64 million 9 l cases (the standard measure for spirits). Soju is a spirit similar to vodka, but generally weaker, around 20% (between 18% and 40%) and slightly sweet and its main market is Korea.

Here are the top ten selling sprits brand in the world (brand, category, volume):

  1. Jinro, soju, 64 M 9 l-cases
  2. Smirnoff, vodka, 24 M
  3. Lotte Liquor, soju, 23 M
  4. Pirassununga 51, cachaca, 20 M
  5. Bacardi, rum, 19 M
  6. Tanduay, rum, 18 M
  7. Bagpiper, whisky (Indian), 16 M
  8. Officer’s Choice, whisky (Indian), 16 M
  9. Johnnie Walker, whisky (Scotch), 16 M
  10. McDowell’s No.1, whisky (Indian), 14 M

There are 172 spirits brands selling more than 1 million 9 l cases. (Source: Drinks International)

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  1. Per Karlsson (@bkwineper) - August 22, 2011

    Which is the world’s biggest selling spirits brand? I guarantee you it is not what you think!

  2. Peter Handzus (@PeterHandzus) - August 22, 2011

    Spirits and more #spirits: which is the world’s biggest seller? via @bkwineper

  3. Jinro America (@JinroGotSoju) - August 22, 2011

    Spirits and more spirits: which is the world’s biggest seller? | BKWine Magazine

  4. Earl Han (@earlqhan) - August 23, 2011

    lol jinro soju is the best selling liquor in the world.

  5. Per Karlsson (@bkwineper) - August 23, 2011

    @MelindaJoe Tru. Just like to overall spirits list. Korea on top!

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