World wine production down in 2010, top 12 countries

Just like vineyard acreage, world wine production shrunk in 2010. The total volume of wine produced in 2010 is estimated to be 263 million hectolitre, down from a bit over 270 Mhl in 2009.

Bottles aging in the cellar

Bottles aging in the cellar, copyright BKWine Photography

Here’s the split on continents:

  • Europe: 66%
  • Amercias: 19%
  • Asia: 5.5%
  • Oceania: 5%
  • Africa: 4%

The New World has gained 7% points on the old world over fifteen years. World wine production peaked in 2004 at just under 300 Mhl.

The 12 leading wine producing countries in 2010 were (“OIV forecast”):

  1. Italy: 48.6 Mhl
  2. France: 45.3 Mhl
  3. Spain: 36.1 Mhl
  4. USA: 19.6 Mhl
  5. Argentina: 16.3 Mhl
  6. China: 13 Mhl
  7. Australia: 11.2 Mhl
  8. South Africa: 9.2 Mhl
  9. Chile: 8.8 Mhl
  10. Russia: 8.2 Mhl
  11. Germany: 7.2 Mhl
  12. Portugal: 6.8 Mhl

It is interesting to note that China has moved up to the world’s 6th biggest wine producer. There is a lot of buzz around China as a wine buyer (a market for wine) but apparently it is also catching up on production. It has overtaken both Australia, South Africa and Chile.

(Source: OIV World Wine Production 2010)

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