World vineyard acreage: diminishing; top 12 countries

Global vineyard surface area shrunk in 2010 to 7.6 million hectares, loosing around 10,000ha. The “old world” is still very dominant although the “New World have increased in importance, gaining just over nine percentage points over the period. Here’s the split:

  • Europe: 57%
  • Asia: 22%
  • Americas: 13%
  • Africa: 5%
  • Oceania: 2.7%

The world wide vineyard acreage has been steadily declining since 2003 when it peaked at almost 7.9M ha. The big “losers” are the traditional big, old world wine countries: Spain, France, and Italy.

Guyot double pruned vines in the vineyard

Guyot double pruned vines in the vineyard, copyright BKWine Photography

The 12 leading countries are:

  1. Spain: 1082 Mha
  2. France: 825 kha
  3. Italy: 798 kha
  4. Turkey: 505 kha
  5. China: 490 kha
  6. USA: 404 kha
  7. Iran: 300 kha
  8. Portugal: 243 kha
  9. Argentina: 228 kha
  10. Romania: 204 kha
  11. Chile: 200 kha
  12. Australia: 170 kha

As you can see, “vineyard area” really means “grape growing acreage” since some of the countries grow a lot of grapes but make little wine.

(Source: OIV, vineyard statistics 2010)

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