Our pretty winner’s award certificate for the Champagne book

You will have heard it (more than enough?) by now: our Champagne book, Champagne, the Wine and the Growers, was awarded the prize as “the best wine book on France” by the Gourmand Awards in Sweden.

We were not there at the awards ceremony unfortunately. But instead, we have now just received our very pretty certificate as winner in that category. (The best category! Isn’t it?)

It is very pretty (we think) so we have to share it with you. It came in a very posh presentation folder with Chinese writing on the front. I guess that has to do with that the international finals of the Gourmand Awards will take place in China, and has taken place there at a few previous occasions.

Keep your fingers crossed for us at the finals! (And keep your fingers crossed that we one day find an English language – American? – publisher for our books.)

Here it is:

Gourmand Awards' Certificate for Best Wine Book, Champagne Vinet och Odlarna

Gourmand Awards’ Certificate for Best Wine Book, Champagne Vinet och Odlarna, copyright BKWine Photography

The posh cover of the Gourmand Awards' Certificate

The posh cover of the Gourmand Awards’ Certificate, copyright BKWine Photography

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