Château Angélus shoots to fame in Saint Emilion | Britt on Forbes

It is not enough to be talented in making wine to succeed in wine. You also have to be a good business person. Hubert de Boüard at Chateau Angélus is certainly both. He is a sought after consultant that works with many wine producers around Bordeaux and elsewhere. His own Chateau Angelus was one of two that were promoted to the top in the latest revision of the much debated Saint Emilion classification (read more about this Saint Emilion Classification debate here).

We recently met with Hubert de Bouard for a tasting an a chat. In Britt’s latest article on Forbes, The new star château of Saint Emilion: Château Angélus, you can read more on her conversation with de Bouard and her comments on the wines, as well as the other de Bouard chateaux in Bordeaux.

Hubert de Boüard of Château Angélus

Hubert de Boüard of Château Angélus, copyright BKWine Photography

Here’s the introduction:

Château Angélus is not exactly a new wine château. The current owner is the 8th generation so the château has been around for some time. But it is a new chateau in the “A” category of the Saint Emilion classification. Up until 2012 this highest level, Saint Emilion Premier Grand Cru Classé A, had been reserved for two châteaux: Château Cheval-Blanc and Château Ausone. But times change and in 2012 Château Angélus and Château Pavie joined these two prestigious chateaux. Not, I think, without some grunts of discontent from the original two.

Both these new “A” châteaux have shrewd businessmen as owners; Hubert de Boüard at Angélus and Gérard Perse at Pavie. The price of your wine on the world market plays a big part when your château is evaluated during the process of updating the classification every ten years. So to reach the higher hierarchy of the classification you have to be bold enough to raise your prices before you are classified so that you will have a chance to become classified.

Read Britt’s full article on Forbes: The new star château of Saint Emilion: Château Angélus.

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Two vintages Chateau Angelus, Saint Emilion

Two vintages Chateau Angelus, Saint Emilion, copyright BKWine Photography

Chateau Angelus, Saint Emilion

Chateau Angelus, Saint Emilion, copyright BKWine Photography

Chateau Bellevue, Saint Emilion

Chateau Bellevue, Saint Emilion, copyright BKWine Photography

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