Time to plan for Vinisud: 15-17 February 2016

It’s that time of year again. No, not to buy Christmas presents. I was thinking of when invitations for next year’s wine fairs start dropping in. One of the major wine fairs to plan for in your agenda I Vinisud. It is focused on wines from the countries and wine regions around the Mediterranean. It is a very broad interpretation since it even includes Portugal (thankfully!).

Vinisud is, in my view, one of the most interesting wine shows to go to. It is big enough to have a lot (A LOT) of interesting producer present. But it is also relatively achievable to do most of the interesting things you may want to do over the three days.

Vinisud 2016 big

But most important is the cost to have a stand. Why is that important to you as a visitor, you might think. It is! Because a modest exhibition cost makes it affordable to participate even for smaller producers. Some of the big wine fairs are costly, and the exhibitors there are to a large extent big groups, wine and spirits conglomerates, and not many small or medium sized producers. The biggest fairs are more “industrial”.

At Vinisud you will find plenty of family producers and medium sized producers. The kind of wineries and wines that are of interest to the wine enthusiasts and the wine importers who want to have characterful wines in modest volumes in their portfolios.

Wine trade fair

Wine trade fair, copyright BKWine Photography

So, now is the time to plan for Vinisud 2016. As I mentioned February 15-17. More information on Vinisud here.

Previous years we at BKWine have been asked by the organisers of Vinisud to do tastings at the show, either focused on Scandinavian visitors or with organic wines as the theme. This year we won’t be able to do it unfortunately. We will not even be at the fair. With great regret. We are travelling in South America at the dates of the show. Sad but true.

If you want to know more about what prevents us from participating in the next Vinisud, take a look at our wine tour program for Chile and Argentina. Perhaps you will understand that we cannot be there.

Travel to the worlds wine regions with the experts on wine and the specialist on wine tours.

We think, and many with us, that it is the World’s best wine tours. BKWine wine tours.

Emiliana Winery vineyards, Chile

Emiliana Winery vineyards, Chile, copyright BKWine Photography

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