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Taste organic wines at Vinisud with BKWine on February 22

The other big wine fair to put in the agenda this winter is Vinisud (also in Montpellier), specialised in wines from the Mediterranean basin. Vinisud has asked BKWine to lead a wine tasting of organic (including biodynamic) wines. There will be range of wine producers represented from the different regions around the Mediterranean (Languedoc, Roussillon, […]

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Taste Languedoc wines in Paris on January 21

Miss Vicky’s real name is Anne-Victoire Monrozier and she writes the blog Miss Vicky Wine. She also sells wine (I think, her family has a vineyard in the Loire valley), and, above all, she organises wine tastings in Paris. Her next event is a Languedoc tasting at the art gallery l’Oeilduhuit in Paris on January […]

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Wine tastes better in blue or red light

German researchers have concluded that wine tastes better (is perceived as tasting better? – a philosophical distinction perhaps) when tasted in light with a red or blue colour, compared to if the lighting is neutral white or green. They had the subjects taste wine in different coloured light and compared reactions. The colour also had […]

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Choosing the Right Wine

Choosing the Right Wine By: Beverley Blanning Publisher: Teach Yourself This is a soft cover, pocket size book on how to teach yourself about wine. Small, simple (no glossy paper, virtually no illustrations) and very good. One of the best introductions to learning about wine an in particular wine tasting we’ve seen in quite some […]

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Discover the wines of the Rhône

There are not many better occasions to discover the wines of the Rhône than the Découverte en Vallée du Rhône. Over several days there are many tastings and meetings with vignerons in villages all along the district. This year it takes place on March 16-21. Trade only. More info The only better way to […]

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Book review: Andrew Jefford’s Wine Course

Andrew Jefford’s Wine Course By: Andrew Jefford Photo: William Lingwood & Alan Williams, et al Ryland, Peters & Small, £19.99, ISBN 978-1845977238 This is an introduction to wine and wine tasting. Andrew Jefford accompanies the reader through a series of “projects” where each is focused on learning something about wine. You can start with Project […]

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The great tasting in Paris…

Le Grand Tasting they call it… It is a big wine fair and, yes, tasting that is open to both the public and professionals and will take place this year on November 21 and 22 at the Caroussel du Louvre in Paris. Numerous quality wine producers from all over France will participate and this year […]

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Taste wine on Saturday afternoons in Paris

Each Saturday between 3PM and 6PM you can taste a range of 4 whites and 5 reds at the restaurant Le TasteMonde. They are priced at a very reasonable 1€ or 2€ per glass. You find Le TasteMonde close to Place de la Madeleine, on 8 rue de Surène (ph 06 20 62 60 86).

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Expensive wine tastes better conclude scientists

Sounds perhaps self evident to you and me. A scientific study at the California Institute of Technology designed an experiment where the same wine was served to a tasting panel and sometimes they were told it was cheap and sometimes that it was an expensive wine. The same wine was considered much better when the […]

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Super premium tasting

In the US they categorise wines according to quality (price) level. The top category is Super Premium (or is it Super Super Premium?). The upcoming wine seminar at Sotheby’s could perhaps be labelled a super premium tasting albeit without American wines. Seven vintages of Château Margaux (back to 1983, including 2000 and 1990) and two […]

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