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Tasting wines at the VinNatur workshop

VinNatur, natural wines with rules and regulations, invites you to a big wine tasting in Veneto in June (not April)

VinNatur is an Italian association for, as the name implies, producers who make natural wines. The big difference compared to other natural wine associations is that VinNatur has strict regulations on viticulture and vinification and puts a big emphasis on the wines’ technical and sanitary qualities. The association has around 200 members. It is an […]

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World champions in blind tasting

Swedish team wins Blind Tasting World Championship

With 115 points the Swedish team won the “Blind Tasting World Championship” with an 8 points margin to the silver medallist United Kingdom with 107 points and the number three, Luxembourg with 100. The competition is a team competition with teams of four, organized by the French magazine La Revue du Vin de France. 24 […]

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Riedel Coca Cola glasses

Riedel glass tasting with Coca Cola

Riedel is known for its plethora of different types of wine glasses. They have become extremely popular, but in BKWine’s tasting room we use other types of wine tasting glasses. Now Riedel has launched a glass specially designed for making Coca Cola tastier. Is it possible? BKWine’s Anette Zellen Söderström reports. Yes, for us it […]

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vinisud 2014

Are you going to Vinisud? Come to our wine tasting!

Vinisud is the second biggest wine show in France (after Vinexpo), and in many ways the most interesting. At the next edition of Vinisud, in February, BKWine, Britt, has been asked to lead a wine tasting with organic wines. If you are going to Vinisud you are of course welcome to the wine tasting! Vinisud […]

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Barrel cellar at Chateau Margaux, Bordeaux

A few late-summer days in Bordeaux

One cannot complain when one stands on the terrasse in the late-summer sunshine and look out over the chateau’s garden. With a perfectly chilled four year old white Bordeaux wine from one of the very top estates in the Graves. And then sit down for lunch in the chateau’s private dining room to enjoy a […]

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Vineyard workers on a steep hill

The big Rhone wine jamboree: 11-14 March 2013

Les Découvertes en Vallée du Rhône is a travelling wine show that takes place every second year in the Rhone Valley. Every appellation organises a gargantuan tasting with all the producers (well, almost). The wine trade and wine journalists go from village to village to taste. It is a magnificent occasion to taste a large […]

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Lunching in Valpolicella

Tasting Amarone, a selection of excellent producers

That’s Amarone! The “big bitter” from Italy has wooed wine drinkers all over the world. Rich in both history and taste, the wines from Amarone continue to impress and intrigue. Guest writer Stuart George reports from his visit to Amarone in 2012, and details his best tastings from the trip. Sixteenth century Venice, devastated by […]

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Wine events calendar

Finally we have it up and running again, our wine events calendar. In it you can find dates for wine fairs, wine tastings, and other types of wine events. You find our wine events calendar here. Send us an email if you have something that you want us to put on the calendar. We also […]

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Tasting wines over lunch

BKWine reporters at large – more, much more on wine

Early this year we “recruited” a team of wine lovers to help us cover more and better what happens in the world of wine, and in particular in Scandinavia. The Scandinavian market is peculiar in that all media attention is focussed on the monthly launches at the Systembolaget monopoly. Very few media bother about much […]

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Events calendar for wine events

We used to have a wine agenda at the end of each BKWine Brief. Now we don’t. Instead we have a brand new gleaming wine events calendar on BKWine Magazine. In it you will find dates and links for wine shows, wine tastings, wine and food tours and other wine related things. But it requires […]

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Wine tastings and wine shop in Paris: Legrand

Legrand Filles & Fils is one of the many very interesting wine shops you can find in Paris. It is definitely worth a visit if you are looking for some interesting bottles to carry home. In addition they have a wine bar and serves lunch if you are hungry. They regularly hold tastings and have […]

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Wine tastings at Cave Legrand wine shop in Paris

LEGRAND Filles & Fils is one of the many very interesting wine shops you can find in Paris. They regularly hold tastings and have a series they call “Tuesday wine tastings”. Here’s this seasons program: 15 November 2011 Bordeaux – Pauillac – Château Pontet-Canet With d’Alfred Tesseron Participation : 180,00€ 22 November 2011 Champagne – […]

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Belgium wins international wine tasting competition

Belgium emerged winner in the wine tasting competition organised by the French magazine La Revue du Vin de France. Curiously, the winner of the competition has always been the country in which the competition has been organised and this year it was in Atomium in Brussels. There was even a Swedish team that unfortunately did […]

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Vinisud 2010 – looking back

Vinisud is the second biggest wine show in France. This year it was on February 22-24. 1631 exhibitors were there to present their “Mediterranean” wines. Many came from the Languedoc-Roussillon, the Rhône Valley, Sud-Ouest, Prevence and Corsica but also some other countries are represented. Vinisud is on every second year, the years when Vinexpo is […]

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American wine tasting in Paris

This spring (hopefully spring by then!) we will also see a very interesting wine tasting take place in Paris. This time the focus will be on Zinfandel from all over the United States. 92 wineries and over 200 wines will be on show. The tasting will take place at the residence of the ambassador on […]

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More wine tastings and events at (or off) Vinisud

If you’re going to Vinisud you can come to the organic wine tasting with BKWine that we talk about elsewhere. But there is more. Here are some other things you might enjoy: – Les Vinifilles on the Sunday evening, to warm up the day before it all starts? 18 women winemakers join for a private […]

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Taste organic wines with BKWine at Vinisud

Vinisud, France’s second largest wine show after Vinexpo, organises a tasting of organic wines. The tasting is primarily intended for Scandinavian visitors but as a reader of the BKWine Brief you are of course welcome too. The tasting will start with a presentation by Britt (BKWine) and then there will be some 30 (or more) […]

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Wine events : exhibitions, competitions,…

We have updated our events calendar with several new events : competitions, shows and other. Thank you to FIJEV (Federation International des Journalistes en Vin) who had put the list together: – 25-27/01 Montpellier (F) : Millésime Bio – 28-30/01 Mumbai (IND) : India International Wine Fair, – 30-31/01 Chassagne (F) : Saint […]

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