Taste organic wines at Vinisud with BKWine on February 22

The other big wine fair to put in the agenda this winter is Vinisud (also in Montpellier), specialised in wines from the Mediterranean basin. Vinisud has asked BKWine to lead a wine tasting of organic (including biodynamic) wines. There will be range of wine producers represented from the different regions around the Mediterranean (Languedoc, Roussillon, Rhône, Italy, Spain…).

Britt will make a short introduction on the latest developments in organic wine growing/making followed by an open tasting. There will be some 15-25 wines to taste. All details are not yet settled but the tasting will take place on Monday February 22 (IMPORTANT: NEW DATE!) at Vinisud in Montpellier. The introduction will be in Swedish (the primary target audience being Scandinavians) but if you can take a bit of Swedish you’re welcome even if you’re not Scandinavian! (So, if you’re there why not give us a call to meet over a glass of wine? BKWine will be there!: +33 6 83 51 12 53)

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2 Responses to Taste organic wines at Vinisud with BKWine on February 22

  1. Ryan O'Connell February 10, 2010 at 09:48 #

    We should hang out at ViniSud! It would be fun. We can even do an episode of Love That Languedoc together.

  2. Per and Britt February 10, 2010 at 10:41 #


    Would indeed be great to meet you. Why don't we try and hook up one of those days if you're at the Salon? My phone: 06 83 51 12 53


    PS: The organic tasting will be on the Monday at 17.00 in the Centre de Conferneces

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