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World sparkling wine consumption

The world drinks more and more sparkling wine | Global market for sparkling wine

The world production and consumption of sparkling wine has increased significantly in recent years, according to a recent report by the OIV (International Organisation of Vine and Wine). 17.6 million hectolitres of sparkling wine was produced in 2013. Over ten years the production has increased with 40%. The consumption is also changing: today we drink […]

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State of the World wine production and grape growing 2014: France back on top for wine

The 2014 statistics on global wine production, wine consumption, vineyard surface area, world grape production, and world trade in wine France will be the world’s biggest wine producer in 2014. World vineyard surface is decreasing but grape production is going up. Europe’s production is in decline. World wine consumption is shifting from “old” countries to […]

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Global wine consumption 2000-2012

The fourth article in the series on global vineyard, grape growing, wine production, wine consumption, and wine trade statistics: “Global wine consumption: who drinks the most wine?: Global wine consumption was stable in 2012 at 243 Mhl. Since 2000 wine consumption has increased somewhat, up 8%. After a peak at 255 Mhl in 2007 it […]

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Swedish wine consumption 2000-2012

The world’s wine consumption 2000-2012

Global wine consumption: who drinks the most wine? Global wine consumption was stable in 2012 at 243 Mhl. Since 2000 wine consumption has increased somewhat, up 8%. After a peak at 255 Mhl in 2007 it went down but with the stable figure for 2012 the downward trend seems to be stopped. The European countries, […]

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From wine lake to wine desert? Will we have a wine penury? World wine production and consumption.

The world’s wine acreage is shrinking. Now we have only 7.5 million hectares of vineyards, with three ”old” wine countries in the top. Wine production, too, is shrinking, especially in 2012 when production decreased with 16 million hectolitres to 248 Mhl. And for production too it is a “old classic” that tops the league. (Do […]

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An old farm house, where Linnaeus was born

What do the French drink at home?

FranceAgriMer, a body linked to the French Ministry of Agriculture, has recently published statistics on how much still wine the French households buy and drink at home (sparkling wine not included). The French buy a little less wine every year. Last year each household bought in average 41, 44 litres of wine which is a […]

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Champagne Benoit Marguet makes wine from organic grapes

Demand for organic wine continues to grow, as does production

We just received some new statistics on organic wines, the production and the consumer demand (than you Millesime Bio). Both organic wine production and the appetite from customers for organic wines continue to rise. Here are some numbers for France: Organic wine production: 61,055 hectares of organic vineyards in 2011, an increase with 21% on […]

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Pinot noir grapes in the vineyard in Alsace

World Wine Statistics 2010

Statistics and other numbers for the world of wine in 2010: the planted vineyard acreage, the wine production, wine consumption, wine exports and imports. (A summary of previously published stats. Source for all: OIV) World vineyard acreage in 2010 Global vineyard surface area shrunk in 2010 to 7.6 million hectares, loosing around 10,000 ha. The […]

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World wine consumption 2010: downwards trend broken?

OIV estimates the world wine consumption for 2010 to around 236.3 Mhl which is a small decrease compared to 2009 (-0.2 M hl / -0,1%). In recent years consumption has been on a steadily sinking trend and OIV speculates if this negative trend is now broken. The fifteen biggest EU countries saw a small decrease […]

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Who drinks the most champagne?

A while back we wrote about the world’s biggest markets for champagne. At the time we did not have, as we noted, any numbers for who is actually the biggest champagne consuming nation. A helpful reader took out the calculator and looked up the population in Wikipedia and came up with the answer to “Who […]

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Who drinks the most champagne?

It’s not a personal question but of nations. The biggest export market for champagne is the United Kingdom with 36 million bottles (in 2008), flowed by the USA. Here’s the top list (source: CIVC/The Drinks Business): UK: 36 M bottles USA: 17 M Germany: 12 M Belgium: 10 M Italy: 9 M Japan: 8 M […]

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American wine consumption continues to grow

The forecast from the US Wine Market: Impact Databank Review and Forecast 2009 Edition shows that wine consumption in the US will continue to increase in 2009, albeit with only 0.6%. It will then be the 16th consecutive year that consumption is up. It is nevertheless affected by the recession: there’s a shift towards lower […]

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French wine consumption reaches record low

According to estimations by the French customs (who keep track of it) the French will drink less wine in the current 12 month period ’08-’09 (“la campagne 08-09”) than ever before: only 30 million hl, down by 9% since the previous year. Wines with appellation controllée do better, decreasing with “only” 7%, whereas all others […]

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Better sex drive for women who drink red wine

Researchers at the Santa Maria Annunziata Hospital in Florence have conducted a study that shows that women who drink red wine lead a more active sex life. The study included 789 women aged between 18 and 50. It showed that those who regularly drank two glasses of red wine per day were much more sexually […]

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