Wine competes with soft drinks. Why don’t young people drink more wine?

In France the wine producers are struggling to get young people to drink wine. Plenty of young people today choose not to drink wine as they consider it being old fashioned and difficult to understand.

Glass and bottle on a cafe table

Glass and bottle on a cafe table, copyright BKWine Photography

But has the reason more to do with the taste? Are wines too dry for young people? Yes, this is the view of drink analyst Johnnie Forsyth.

He says winemakers do not understand that young people want sweet wines. He points at the sales of sweet moscato wines in the U.S.

These sweet wines are probably not drunk with food and that is part of the “problem”. Traditional wine countries like France and Italy make wines that go with food while many younger consumers drink wine in other contexts.

Cheap, sweet wines do not have good reputation among wine experts. They are not really considered as serious wines.

So there is, says Forsyth, a discrepancy between what the market wants and what winemakers want to deliver.

Should we believe that these sweet wines can be an entrance to the “real” world of wine with dry, tannic and structured wines? Or is it a bad idea to let young people get used to sugary sweet wines? But otherwise they might drink alcopops and cocktails?

Which is the best (or worst) alternative?

Your view?

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Soft drinks on a cafe table

Soft drinks on a cafe table, copyright BKWine Photography

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