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Jaime ton vin

Fun and unusual wine videos: Jaime ton wine

Internet videos on wine tend to be shaky footage of vineyards, someone drinking wine in front of the camera blabbering on about fruit and body, or sometimes a winemaker who talks. This one is different: Jaime ton wine. It helps if you speak French, but even if not it is obvious that this is different. […]

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Sex and wine: when is the packaging too suggestive?

A while back we wrote about a wine that had been banned from the Systembolaget shelves in Sweden (the monopoly retailer) because of what was judged an offensive packaging: pouting lips on the label and the name “Wacky Chicks”. Poor taste no doubt, but so bad that it should be banned? Recently we happened to […]

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Sexism and equality in wine packaging

What do you think is most suggestive? Stylised pouting lips and the name “Wacky Chicks”, or A young girl with a flimsy skirt (petticoat?), with a wistful man with a flower, and the name “Untouched”? A while back we told you the story of a Swedish wine importer that had had his wine banned from […]

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Jungwinzerinnen Kalender

The 2012 calendar with sexy winemakers launched

Sorry ladies, it is not handsome vineyard farmers looking for spouses (does that TV program exist elsewhere?). It is twelve young female wine growers who have made a calendar, the Jungwinzerinnen Kalender. Each month in the calendar is illustrated with a lightly (very) clad grower, dressed in nothing but lace underwear. The idea, one assumes, […]

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Wacky Chicks Label

Wine and sex: don’t be fooled by pouting lips. You may be fined.

The Swedish monopoly retailer Systembolaget has cancelled sales of a wine brand called Wacky Chicks whose label is covered with pouting lips or lipstick prints, according to The monopolist considers the label to be in violation of current marketing regulations: “The combination of pouting lips and the name gives the impression, in our opinion, […]

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Ad in the metro

New papers from the Wine Economists? Do we seek solace in alcohol or is it the other way around?

The Association of American Wine Economists has published two new intriguing papers. The first is about the development of economic thinking and viticulture. The second is on a more unexpected subject: it is a study on the correlation between monogamy and alcohol consumption. It turns out that in societies that move from polygamy to monogamy […]

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Binge drinking leads to risky sex – perhaps

Does binge drinking lead to risky sex among college students? The answer seems to be, yes, perhaps. The American Association of Wine Economists usually publishes papers on less sexy subjects (as e.g. Measuring the Economic Effect of Global Warming on Viticulture Using Auction, Retail and Wholesale Prices), but Jeff DeSimone has just published a paper […]

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Sex sells cheese

Maybe they simply thought it was worth a try. For the fifth consecutive year the Association Fromage et Terroir publishes a calendar with cheesy photos. Each year they have featured lightly clad ladies, but this year they go one step further to ‘unveil’ the attraction of cheese. The From’Girls calendar includes twelve juicy cheeses, as […]

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Sex sells wine

No doubt it can contribute to the sales. The producer is called Domaine de l’Abbaye de Saint Hilaire. The monastic style seems to have been lost a long time ago, judging from their communications. A semi-nude young girl in a gigantic wine glass at a launch party, videos with barely covered ladies who let the […]

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Better sex drive for women who drink red wine

Researchers at the Santa Maria Annunziata Hospital in Florence have conducted a study that shows that women who drink red wine lead a more active sex life. The study included 789 women aged between 18 and 50. It showed that those who regularly drank two glasses of red wine per day were much more sexually […]

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Wine sells – even sex?

But it is not only in South Africa where you sell wine with sex. In New York they try it too. Or perhaps it is the other way around: selling sex with wine? At Babeland, a shop for sex toys, they recently organised a wine tasting where the participants were offered to taste Seduction Cabernet, […]

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Sex sells – even wine?

Perhaps not something that would catch on with most marketeers (and certainly not the advertising regulators) in Europe. But a South African wine producer has launched a campaign featuring lightly clad (actually, not at all) women and men (mostly women). The ads have been used in the South African magazine Food & Home Entertaining and […]

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