Fun and unusual wine videos: Jaime ton wine

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Internet videos on wine tend to be shaky footage of vineyards, someone drinking wine in front of the camera blabbering on about fruit and body, or sometimes a winemaker who talks.

This one is different: Jaime ton wine.

Jaime ton vin
Jaime ton vin

It helps if you speak French, but even if not it is obvious that this is different. The enthusiasm is so overflowing so that you can almost enjoy it even if you don’t understand what she says.

“Lolita” (!) (Sené?) is a young French woman who is obviously a wine lover. Her first aim was to do videos on wine and music pairing but she has gone off that track quite a bit since starting.

Fun, more than serious. Intense rather than cool. Massive energy rather than sophistication. And lots of wine and opinion.

It is the kind of videos you watch just because you wonder what is going to happen next.

Here are a few examples:

Le vin et le cul

Les parents kiffent le vin

Ce qui va vraiment saouler les français – Vin & Société (Lolita dans l’administration française ?)

Etc etc.

And there is sometimes a little bonus at the very end to make sure that you watch the whole video.

Fun, refreshing, entertaining and well-made. Provided you understand French.

Here is the video channel: Jaime ton wine.

Here is her blog: J'<3 ton wine.

And a sample, La Vie d’une Wine Lover #5 : Les Préjugés:

And of course, “with no taboo”, wine and sex:

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