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Plastic bag for Bib

Shelf life for bag-in-box wines

Bag-in-box wines have shorter durability than wines in bottle. And the small sizes, 1.5 and 3 litres have the shortest. These sizes are now becoming more and more popular, also in France. At a recent bag-in-box conference, where Smurfit Kappa and other bag-in-box manufacturers participated, it was discussed whether it is possible to improve, at […]

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Special shop for Bag-in-Box

In France, there is now a retail chain that sells only bag-in-box wines. It is called Bibovino and the first one opened in Paris a year ago. The range is expanding all the time and more and more AOP wines are launched. Most recently it was a Crozes-Hermitage. Bibovino specializes in organic and biodynamic wines. […]

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Bag-in-box wines in a Systembolaget shop

Bag-in-Box now has its own competition

It is popular with wine competitions. These can be general, for a particular grape variety, for a particular region, etc. And now even the bag-in-box wines have their own competition. [inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””]“Best Wine in a Box” takes place in Toulouse in southern France[/inlinetweet]  on the 20th of March. In France, sales of BIB increase […]

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Sex and wine: when is the packaging too suggestive?

A while back we wrote about a wine that had been banned from the Systembolaget shelves in Sweden (the monopoly retailer) because of what was judged an offensive packaging: pouting lips on the label and the name “Wacky Chicks”. Poor taste no doubt, but so bad that it should be banned? Recently we happened to […]

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Sexism and equality in wine packaging

What do you think is most suggestive? Stylised pouting lips and the name “Wacky Chicks”, or A young girl with a flimsy skirt (petticoat?), with a wistful man with a flower, and the name “Untouched”? A while back we told you the story of a Swedish wine importer that had had his wine banned from […]

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Bag-in-box wines at the Swedish monopoly Systembolaget

From a wine perspective this is of moderate interest. But from an economic and business perspective it can be interesting. In Sweden more than half of all wine that is sold in the monopoly shops (“Systemboalget”) are sold in bag-in-box. In Sweden they call it box wine. Other countries have other names for it: cubitaner […]

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Bag-in-box – a local phenomena?

If you were in Sweden you might think that the world’s wine packaging is dominated by bag-in-box. Well over half of all wine sold in Sweden is sold in BiB (“it’s so very convenient”). Internationally the picture is different. Leader in bag-in-box market share is indeed Sweden, followed by the two countries that pioneered this […]

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Bag-in-box inventor dies

Sometimes in the 60s Tom Angove came home with a strange construction: a card-board box containing a plastic bag that he had filled with wine. The family thought he was nuts. But it was his prototype for what was to become one of the most revolutionary packaging innovations for wine, the bag-in-box, sometimes called cask […]

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A big (BIG) wine bottle

But we don’t mean just big, we mean REALLY, REALLY BIG. Want Wines in Liaoning in China has produced a bottle containing 1,850 litres of wine. It measures 5 meter in height. ‘We are very proud, and the wine is very good. We have all had a glass from the bottle to celebrate,’ said a […]

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Another bright bottle idea?

Dom Pérignon, the luxury champagne brand made by Moët & Chandon, i.e. the luxury products group LVMH, has launched a special packaging of the Dom Pérignon bottle for night clubs. It is called “lightskin” and for a reason. It is a tight fitting plastic cover that glows in the dark (maybe so that you can […]

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The world’s lightest bottle

Tesco, the big English supermarket chain, has launched what is said to be the world’s lightest glass wine bottle, weighing only 300 grams. A normal bottle weighs in at around 450 g. A champagne bottle is around 850 g and some show-off cuvée of body building wines (assuming body building drinkers) have bottles that weigh […]

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A wine that’s gone flat

Adrien Cussonneau, a design student, won a well deserved prize for his original wine bottle. His end-of-studies project was to design a bottle on the theme “Loire profiles”. The resulting bottle turned out, well, flat. From one side it’s a classic bottle profile, from the other it is completely flat. Very elegant. The flat bottle […]

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Box bar?

Can you make BiBs trendy? The first “pop up bar” is what they call it. The wine importer Philipson Söderberg has launched a wine bar dedicated to the “celebration of bag-in-box wines” in the centre of Stockholm. They will mainly (only?) be serving Fleur du Cap wine from plastic bags in cartons. It sounds about […]

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Champagne Light?

Champagne is bottled in heavy, solid bottles so that they will not burst from the pressure inside the bottle. A typical champagne bottles weighs in at around 900 grams, almost double a regular bottle. CIVC, the champagne producers’ association, has asked Mumm Champagne to trial a lighter bottle, weighing only 835 g, a reduction by […]

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A jewel of a wine?

Perhaps, perhaps not. The cooperative Les Vignerons de Buzet has launched a new elegant bag-in-box called The Vinity Case that is designed to look like a, well, vanity case. The rosé box is in cute pink colour and the white wine is pastel green. There’s also a red wine version that looks like a giant […]

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