Shelf life for bag-in-box wines

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Bag-in-box wines have shorter durability than wines in bottle. And the small sizes, 1.5 and 3 litres have the shortest. These sizes are now becoming more and more popular, also in France.

At a recent bag-in-box conference, where Smurfit Kappa and other bag-in-box manufacturers participated, it was discussed whether it is possible to improve, at a reasonable cost, the longevity of this kind of packaging. It was clear that the most important thing is to protect the wine from oxygen, especially when filling the bags.

For a good result, you should make a proper filtering of the wine, add a sufficient amount of sulphur, top up the bag with nitrogen and ensure that the bag-in-boxes are kept cool during transportation. And then it is up to the wine merchants and the importers to sell the wines quickly. Smurfit Kappa recommends that a red BiB is drunk within 10 months and a white within 8 months.

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Plastic bag for Bib
Plastic bag for Bib, copyright BKWine Photography
Bag-in-box wines in a Systembolaget shop
Bag-in-box wines in a Systembolaget shop, copyright BKWine Photography

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