How long will Alsace be able to resist the bag-in-box?

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Alliance Alsace, a cooperative in Turckheim, launched its first bag-in-box in 2020. The well-known Alsace producer Arthur Metz also sells a wine in bag-in-box. For both these producers, the grapes come from their vineyards in Alsace, mainly pinot blanc and pinot gris. But it is still not Alsace wine.

An Alsace, according to the rules, must be sold in the traditional flûte bottle. So, Alliance Alsace and Arthur Metz sell their bag-in-box wines as vin de france, a wine without an origin (without an official one at least).

No exceptions may be made from this strict bottling rule, although the demand for bag-in-box is increasing. Some producers have also tried to get permission to sell their red wines in another bottle shape. But no. Maybe it’s time for Alsace to review its appellation rules?

Source: Rayon Boissons.

Bag-in-box wines on shelves in a Systembolaget shop in Sweden
Bag-in-box wines on shelves in a Systembolaget shop in Sweden, copyright BKWine Photography

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