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A Diam 3 cork

Eco-friendly cork wins award

Every year, over 2 billion Diam corks are sold, so chances are you will now and then pull one out of your wine bottle. Diam Bouchage is a French company that 12 years ago introduced a technical invention that eliminates the molecule responsible for the annoying cork taste (2,4,6-trichloroanisole, TCA) from cork granules. Diam could […]

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Harvesting oak bark for cork, Alentejo, Portugal

China wants natural cork, Australia complies

China has become Australia’s largest export market. And the things you do to satisfy your customers! You even put natural cork in the bottles, despite the fact that you are Australian. Amorim, Portugal’s (and the world’s) largest cork manufacturer, tells us that the fastest growing natural cork market in the last 18 months has been […]

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Cork oak tree in Portugal harvest a year with 5

New techniques for cork oaks in Portugal

Portugal’s (and the world’s) largest producer of cork products, Amorim, is slowly changing the cork industry. Since 2013, a project has been in progress concerning the possibility to start harvesting the cork from the cork oaks earlier than at the age of 25, as is the case today. The solution seems to be an improved […]

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Cork soaking for TCA testing

Natural cork is doing very well these days

An article about how natural cork has made a comeback in recent years made me look for some interesting cork statistics from Apcor, the association of Portugal’s cork industry. 34% of the world’s cork forests are found in Portugal. That means 736,000 hectares in Portugal of a total of over 2 million hectares in the […]

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Cork soaking for TCA testing

VINC, new TCA-free cork from the Cork Supply Group

The Company Cork Supply Group, a major supplier of natural corks, introduced earlier this year a new cork called VINC. This is a cork that is guaranteed to be free of TCA contamination. In other words, a wine sealed with VINC will not be corked. VINC is a technical agglomerated cork, which means that it […]

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Zest: a synthetic cork for sparkling wines

Nomacorc, manufacturer of synthetic wine corks, has launched a synthetic cork for sparkling wines. The cork will start selling in Italy beginning of 2016. The visual aspect of the cork has been important for Nomacorc and Zest looks indeed very much like a champagne cork made of natural cork. If champagne producers would be willing […]

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Cork oaks in Provence

Portugal is the world’s largest cork producer but now competition is coming from Provence. Well, France will never have the volumes they have in Portugal. Portugal is still by far the world’s biggest cork producer. But this year 800,000 bottles will to be sealed with wine corks from cork oaks growing in the Massif des […]

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Natural cork, alive and well

Those who believe that natural cork is about to die out should probably think again. Not only do the major wine countries such as France and Italy, in most cases, prefer natural cork, now more and more winemakers in the United States are also convinced of the benefits of the natural cork. There is no […]

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Corked wine? Not only cork defects

When you talk about faulty wines, the cork is often the scapegoat. However, there are other types of defects. A tasting in the region of Touraine in the Loire Valley shows that the cork defect is not the biggest problem. The tasting was conducted by the Inter Loire in September when a large number of […]

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Cork in an ice cold bottle of grappa

A new device to preserve an opened bottle of wine

Coravin lets you drink the wine without pulling the cork. At a price. There are various devices that you can use to keep your wine longer after you have opened the bottles and a new one has just arrived. Let’s first look at what exists today. Vacuum pumps Some work with a “vacuum” (to be […]

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Amorim helix cork

Amorim launches new natural cork

At Vinexpo, recently held in Bordeaux, Amorim launched a new way to seal a wine bottle called Helix Concept. Helix Concept is in fact both a bottle and a cork. The cork is a slightly longer version of the kind of cork you would put on a fortified wine. The bottle neck is specially designed […]

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Corks and stoppers of various types

Natural ”plastic cork”?

The plastic cork is one of several alternatives to natural cork. Some like it and some do not. Some producers refuse to put plastic in their bottles. While others think it is an excellent alternative for relatively simple wines that are sold to consumers who still want to open their bottles with a corkscrew. The […]

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A diam cork

Natural cork without cork taint

We heard about the Diam closure for the first time about five years ago. We attended a tasting with some Champagne producers who all had tried a natural cork called Mytik, which is Diams counterpart for sparkling wines. Recently we read in Vitisphere that the company Diam Bouchage now accounts for 5% of the world […]

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A new wire cage muselet for sparkling wine

New muselet for the champagne bottle

Will this new invention be accepted by the Champagne producers? It is not easy to introduce new closures in the Champagne region (we recall Champagne Duval-Leroy’s attempt a couple years ago, that failed due to regulations). Perhaps Pierre-Eric Jolly will have more luck with his invention. At first sight, it is not a great revolution. […]

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Cork oaks in Portugal

Portugal dominates cork production

17 billion wine bottles were sealed in 2009. 11.3 billion (66%) used “natural” cork, 3.1 bn used screw cap, and 2.9 bn used synthetic corks. The by far biggest producer of ‘natural’ cork is Portugal. Here are the major cork producers (source: La Vigne, Apcor): Portugal: 157,000 tonnes (52%) Spain: 88,400 tonnes (29%) Italy: 17,000 […]

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A cork campaign with a distinct off taste

The “natural” cork industry has made great strides this year to regain credibility with consumers. Consumer attitudes to natural cork and screw caps vary vastly from one country to another. For example, in Scandinavia (and also in the UK it seems) many people are convinced that the only intelligent, not to say perfect, bottle closure […]

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Natural cork hits back

The English drinks magazine Off License News conducts a survey of consumer preferences for closures since a few years back. the question they ask is “What kind of closure do you prefer?” Last year screw cap became the number 1 preferred closure for the first time. 48% of respondents preferred it (up from 27% in […]

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Carlos de Jesus, Amorim

On cork: interview with Amorim [E] – BKWine TV

Cork in the bottle? Interview with Carlos de Jesus, marketing and communications director from Amorim, the worlds largest producer of natural cork. There has been a lot of criticism of cork in recent years, and people arguing that other type of stoppers are better: screw caps, plastic corks etc. Is cork a bad material to […]

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Natural cork is the most environmentally friendly closure

A study done by the consultancy firm PriceWaterhouseCoopers has shown that natural cork closures on bottles are the most environmentally friendly closure: synthetic (plastic) corks were deemed nine times more damaging to the environment and screw caps twenty two times more. The study was commissioned by Amorim, the world’s largest cork manufacturer, but is said […]

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Does the cork breathe?

This question has been more hotly debated since the screw cap arrived on the scene. According to a study at the faculty of oenology at the Bordeaux University the answer is yes. The study, made in collaboration with the cork producer Amorim, concludes that the cork gives a small but measurable contribution of oxygen to […]

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New edition of Fine Wine e-zine

The downloadable e-zine Fine Wine has just come out with a new issue with various articles on e.g. the Rhône Valley, the new contamination-proof cork that for ever removes the corked wine-problem (it is said), the Loire Valley and more. Download it here:

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Petition for cork-cork

A group of environmentally minded people have launched a petition to preserve and promote the natural cork, and in particular the forests that produce the cork bark. A change to screw cap risks damaging the today extensive and well managed cork oak forests. The group says that the oak forests are important for example for […]

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New method to prevent cork taint

“Innocork” is a new method to eliminate TCA contamination in corks (TCA is the substance that causes “corked wines”). The process has been invented by Cork Supply USA (CSU). They already produce 5 million Innocork corks per month in Portugal and sells to e.g. Rioja in Spain. (Photo: Innocork)

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Dream Taste – a new cure for corked wine

A Burgundian company (Embag with Gérard Michel and Laurent Villaume) has developed a cure for wines with cork taint. You pour the wine into a decanter and put a small plastic grape bunch in it. The grape bunch contains a substance that absorbs the TCA (2,4,6-trichloroanisole) that gives the wine it off taste. Each treatment […]

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