Natural cork without cork taint

A diam cork

A diam cork, copyright BKWine Photography

We heard about the Diam closure for the first time about five years ago. We attended a tasting with some Champagne producers who all had tried a natural cork called Mytik, which is Diams counterpart for sparkling wines. Recently we read in Vitisphere that the company Diam Bouchage now accounts for 5% of the world market for wine bottle closures continues to increase.

The great advantage with Diam is that it more or less guarantees the producers that he will not have any cork tainted wines. Diam is made with natural cork but it undergoes a patented process called the Diamond process, which effectively kills the TCA. The method involves treating the cork with supercritical carbon dioxide. The cork is first grinded into flour and then treated. The crumbs are then pressed together to a cork stopper that is available in different lengths (38-48 mm), depending on the type of wine it will be used for. Diam is an option for those producers who do not want to risk cork taint but wants to close their wine bottles with natural cork.

The downside is that you can easily see that Diam/Mytik is an agglomerated cork. Chances are even that you think it is a synthetic cork. But if you see Diam printed on it, you know it is not.

Diam Bouchage has its head quarters in the town of Ceret in Roussillon and actually use some cork from local cork trees in Roussillon.

Have you ever seen it in a bottle? And thought “what’s this?” Write a comment!

A diam cork

A diam cork, copyright BKWine Photography

A diam cork

A diam cork, copyright BKWine Photography

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