Zest: a synthetic cork for sparkling wines

Nomacorc, manufacturer of synthetic wine corks, has launched a synthetic cork for sparkling wines. The cork will start selling in Italy beginning of 2016. The visual aspect of the cork has been important for Nomacorc and Zest looks indeed very much like a champagne cork made of natural cork. If champagne producers would be willing to abandon the natural cork remains to be seen. It seems like a good idea to start selling Zest in Italy.

Even a sparkling wine can be corked, so this is obviously one of Nomacorc’s sales arguments. In this respect Diam Mytik from the company Oeneo will be a major competitor to Zest. Diam Mytik is a technical champagne cork (that is made from granulated natural cork) that has undergone a process that removes the TCA molecule that causes a wine to be corked. Zest will be cheaper to buy than both a natural champagne cork and Diam Mytik. Read more about Nomacorc’s new synthetic cork for sparkling wines:

Champagne corks showing the evolution of shape with time

Champagne corks showing the evolution of shape with time, copyright BKWine Photography

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