VINC, new TCA-free cork from the Cork Supply Group

The Company Cork Supply Group, a major supplier of natural corks, introduced earlier this year a new cork called VINC. This is a cork that is guaranteed to be free of TCA contamination. In other words, a wine sealed with VINC will not be corked. VINC is a technical agglomerated cork, which means that it is made from natural cork granules.

The cork is produced in the company’s new and technologically very advanced factory in Porto in northern Portugal. The technology used to produce VINC is a new and improved VAPEX process developed by Cork Supply’s research and development department. Very briefly, this means that the cork granules undergo an effective mass and heat transfer.

Today there are many different techniques to reduce or almost completely eliminate the risk of corked wines. More and more corks of this type are on the market. Corked wines, a thing of the past perhaps?

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Cork soaking for TCA testing

Cork soaking for TCA testing, copyright BKWine Photography

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One Response to VINC, new TCA-free cork from the Cork Supply Group

  1. Regina M Lutz July 6, 2017 at 20:20 #

    Hi Britt,

    Thanks for the nice shout out for natural cork! And thanks also for linking to the Wine Business article on VINC, Cork Supply’s newest offering. We really appreciate it.

    Don’t hesitate to let me know if you’d like more information on the natural cork and technical cork products Cork Supply produces.

    Best, Regina M Lutz,

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