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In the March Brief we said that Beaujolais needs promoting. And we would like to do our part. Because when a Beaujolais wine is of good quality it is really a very pleasant wine. One of our favourite producers in the area, Domaine des Terres Dorées, recently launched two wines at the Systembolaget in Sweden.

If you are not living in Sweden you might be able to find the domaine in your wine shop or if you happen to be in the southern part of Beaujolais, very close to Lyon actually, which is where Jean-Paul-Brun, the owner, has his winery. He is in the village of Charnay-en-Beaujolais.

Definitely a wine that we recommend that you try!

Vineyards and the village with church. Morgon, Beaujolais
Vineyards and the village with church. Morgon, Beaujolais, copyright BKWine Photography

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