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A just picked bunch of gamay grapes

Beaujolais genius Georges Dubœuf dies at 86

The greatest of them all in Beaujolais, Georges Dubœuf, has passed away. Beaujolais has lost a great promotor. Of course, his wines will continue to thrive through his son Franck. Georges Duboeuf was born into a winemaking family and he was only 18 years old when he started working full time with wine. He successfully […]

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New ideas in Beaujolais: villages on the label

The Beaujolais producers are keen to prove that they do not only make Beaujolais Nouveau wines. One way to do this, they believe, is to give consumers a more accurate geographical indication on the labels. Therefore, from 2016 a number of Beaujolais-Villages wines will be able to put their village name on the label, in […]

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Gamay grapes just harvested

Have you seen the “Beaujolais Premier Cru”?

Yes, maybe we will have Beaujolais Premier Cru in less than ten years. Beaujolais continues its struggle to improve its image and to play in the higher leagues. Four years ago it began to analyse its vineyards to find the best plots. To add premier cru vineyards to the 12 Beaujolais appellations will help consumers […]

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A dead gamay vine

Problems in Beaujolais

As many as a quarter of all Beaujolais growers (ie 500 growers) will possibly go bankrupt before the year is over. So great is the crisis in the region, according to La Vigne. The harvest in 2012 will, due to various weather problems, be small and this will not help the situation. The growers expect […]

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Harvest workers picking grapes

Quick facts on Beaujolais

An introduction to Beaujolais in Burgundy Beaujolais is the southernmost, and biggest, wine region in Burgundy. Here are some quick facts on the district: 22,000 hectares 843,000 hectolitres of wine, of which 266,000 hl is Beaujolais Nouveaux (32%). It used to be even more nouveau, sometimes called “primeur”. Almost all wine is red but there […]

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The windmill at Moulin a Vent in Beaujolais

Red wine turns iron into a superconductor

Japanese scientists have discovered that red wine can turn certain iron compounds into superconductors, according to A superconductor can transport electricity without any significant electrical resistance which for instance means that it can be transported indefinitely without losses. The Japanese researchers discovered that certain liquids contributed to the super-conductive properties and decided to try […]

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Road sign to Julienas, Beaujolais

Understanding Beaujolais

The grape gamay needs to be promoted. That is the opinion of Inter Beaujolais, which, according to, now encourages the producers to mention the name of the grape on the back label. Gamay is not found in many other places (a little bit in the Loire Valley, in Switzerland and a few other places) […]

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Fleurie in Beaujolais

Champagne in Beaujolais? Are the Champenois crazy?

We all know that Champagne is protecting its name with an almost fanatical intensity. God help the non-champagne-producer who puts the name of Champagne on the label. We read in the French wine magazine La Revue du Vin de France that the latest region to experience the wrath of the Champagne producers is Fleurie, one […]

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Old vine

Very, very old vines

Many wine producers make a cuvee ‘vieilles vignes’ (old viners). Old vine wines are often considered to have superior quality – lower yields producing more concentrated wines. Jean-Armand Bloc, who is not really a vigneron but a nuclear physicist (according to La Revue du Vins de France), has made it his speciality to produce wine […]

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Harvested grapes

Dramatic cuts in production in Beaujolais

Many wine producers have hard times. For many in Beaujolais it is not only hard but very tough. There is too much Beaujolais wine made and too little of it bought and drunk. According to The Drinks Business the growers’ organisation has decided on draconian measures to try and get a balance between supply and […]

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Old wooden vats in the wine cellar

Domaine du Vissoux, Beaujolais | BKWine Pick

Preconceived ideas are not uncommon when people talk about Beaujolais. Those who automatically think of beaujolais as a ‘petit vin’ they should try Pierre-Marie Chermette’s wines from Domaine du Vissoux. Pierre-Marie has 30 ha, 10 of which are Beaujolais “cru” (from one of the top villages). He is based in the southern part of the […]

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Red sparkling Beaujolais?

Perhaps it will be the saviour for the hard hit wine growers in Beaujolais who today have difficulties selling their wines? Sicarex in Beaujolais has has produced an experimental version of a red sparkling wine made from Gamay grapes. The vinification started with a high-temperature maceration before fermentation, to extract colour and soft tannins, followed […]

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Beaujolais Villages trials mechanical harvesting

The traditional harvest is by hand in Beaujolais but since 2004 it has been allowed to harvest by machine in AOC Beaujolais. This year a new experiment is launched to also use mechanical harvest for AOC Beaujolais Villages and Cru. Mechanical harvest is generally more cost effective and can produce at least as good results […]

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