A wine blog to visit: Svenssonsmakaren

Bear with me for just a little bit. I am not crazy. Svenssonsmakaren is a Swedish wine blog but I do recommend that you go there and take a look. It is not easy to make pictures of wine bottles or glasses (or food), especially not if you are at a wine tasting or dinner. You just have to visit a few wine blogs to see it. But one who really succeeds is Svenssonsmakaren, David Lindén.

Every time I look at his blog posts I am impressed by his photos; they are different from most things you see on other (wine) blogs. To start with they are usually technically correct, which in itself is unusual (how many deal correctly with white balance?). But that is perhaps not the most important thing. More important is the feeling in the photo. Svenssonsmakaren’s pictures have composition, light (perhaps the most important element), feeling, context and detail, originality and a rather particular style.

A glass of wine

A glass of wine, copyright Svenssonsmakaren (used with permission)

In truth, I go there mainly for the pictures. I am not really very keen on reading tasting notes or reading about “what we drunk tonight” so I skip many such blogs. But even on this point Svenssonsmakaren manages quite well. Although I do not like grey text on a dark background. (Don’t like dark backgrounds at all actually.) But that of course is of less interest to you, dear English speaking reader.

So suffice to say, Go and visit Svenssonsmakaren and look at his photos. How does he manage to so systematically make brilliant pictures…? As far as I know he is not at all a professional photographer. A blog to visit! By the way, the name means approximately “Mr John Doe taster”.

(This is the first article in a planned series on things worth reading and looking at in the wine blogger world.)

If you like photography, and wine photography in particular, you should head over to BKWine Magazine’s sister site, BKWine Photography. It contains our online stock photo library as well as our photo blog, including the (not yet) world famous Today’s Wine Picture.

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