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Inspiring wine pictures and ten wine photo tips

Sometimes people talk about food porn referring to photographs you see in those really fancy glossy magazines. There are some food blogs that also have very good pictures. But most blogs have pictures of a “variable” quality, not least wine blogs. I do not think I have ever heard someone talk about wine porn (at […]

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Reader statistics for web sites (and magazines) and five million articles

For printed publications there are in many countries at least a quasi-official reader statistics for magazines and papers (or on circulation or print run numbers). In Sweden this is called “TS Controlled” edition, in other countries something else. This is primarily interesting for advertiser to evaluate the reach of advertising. But it is also interesting […]

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A Swedish cow in profile on a green field

The profile of a wine blogger

Wine blogging probably started in the US an has been slowly spreading across the world. France was rather slow to catch on (has always been a bit of a laggard on the internet) but in recent years it has become a very active wine blogging scene. A French business student made a survey of the […]

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Swedish Wine Blogs

Some free help from us to wine marketing people This is our attempt to make an (as much as possible) comprehensive list of Swedish wine blogs. On BKWine Magazine (this site) you can find this list in the menu Resources > Swedish Wine Blogs. Why on earth would you be interested in a list of […]

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Will you also come to Turkey to taste wine in November?

The European Wine Bloggers Conference (apparently has changed name to The Digital Wine Communications Conference but is still EWBC for short) will take place in Izmir in Turkey in November. It is a fun event that brings together a wide variety of people who are closely or vaguely involved in communication around wine online, for […]

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Wine bloggers' motivation

Wine bloggers: profile, motivation and influence

A survey of French wine bloggers Guillaume Lempérière has recently published a study on French wine bloggers. It is part of his marketing research work at the Rouen Business School. Here are some of his findings (just a selection of some of the things I found most interesting). The objective is to see how blogs […]

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A glass of wine

A wine blog to visit: Svenssonsmakaren

Bear with me for just a little bit. I am not crazy. Svenssonsmakaren is a Swedish wine blog but I do recommend that you go there and take a look. It is not easy to make pictures of wine bottles or glasses (or food), especially not if you are at a wine tasting or dinner. […]

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Like us on Facebook!

Facebook can be a fun and easy way to keep in contact with old (and new!) friends and to get informed about what’s going on. We at BKWine have recently changed fundamentally how we work with Facebook. Before, we had one single page with everything in a big jumble (that was actually Per’s personal page). […]

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Snow White goes wine tasting!?

Perhaps an idea for the Guggenheim or the Tate? In the entrance hall of the Centre Pompidou museum in Paris (one of the modern art museums) there was recently a very strange event: and “installation” by the artist Catherine Baÿ. Around a dozen Snow Whites gathered around a strange table, decorated with candelabra with black […]

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The top UK wine blogs

Cision is a marketing and press communications consultant company. They have created a top-ten list of the most notable wine blogs in the UK. We don’t know what criteria they have used and you don’t need to agree with their ranking, but the listing can certainly be a source of much further interesting reading as […]

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Prizes to wine bloggers

The wine show Salon des Vins de la Loire gives since a few years (or is this the first time?) prizes to the best wine blogs. It is French speaking wine blogs (albeit not purely French blogs as the prize list will show) but it can be interesting to look at as inspiration even if […]

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More on Worcester Sauce

We’ve been writing about the wine blog called Worcester Sauce, written by Stuart George, since some time now. The big question has been, why is it called The Worcester Sauce Blog? The latest suggestion is that “Nobody knows what on earth goes into this stuff”. May we add that this suggestion comes from a fellow […]

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European Wine Bloggers Conference 2010 in Austria!

Now it’s official. The 2010 European Wine Bloggers Conference (#EWBC) will take place in Vienna in Austria on October 22-24. It is an occasion for all wine bloggers to meet, as well as for everyone else who are just interested in the blogging phenomena, or just interested in wine and the internet (and I am […]

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New (or renovated) photo blog for BKWine Photography

BKWine Photography, the name we’ve chosen for our wine, travel and food photo archive, has undergone a renovation. We’ve completely re-done the design for the photo blog, the Wine Picture Blog, Easier to read, less cluttered. For those who are curious how you do a blog renovation we’ve written a post on how we […]

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Worcester Sauce and wine. Revealed!

Last month we asked the question “what does Worcester Sauce has to do with wine?” It was sparked by the wine blog called Worcester Sauce (sometimes called Worcestershire Sauce – the sauce, not the blog) idiosyncratically written by Stuart George. One (anonymous) reader suggested this explanation: “Worcester Sauce is a very well-known and rather emblematic […]

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From Parisian to walnut farmer and truffle hunter

Just read this wonderful story by Tom Fiorina about how he became a truffle hunter. Hunting truffles not with a pig, not with a dog. But with flies. Truffle flies. I have participated in a truffle hunt a few times and it’s always been with a dog. That’s what is usually the case these days. […]

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So what does Worcester Sauce has to do with wine?

We don’t know. But it’s the name of a new wine blog by Stuart George. Stuart. Stuart is a journalist which perhaps explains that is blog posts are on the long side compared to the blogger average. He writes mainly about wine but digresses frequently into other subjects like art (his most recent posts are […]

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From the EWBC 2009

European Wine Bloggers Conference 09. How was it for you? (Full version) [E] – BKWine TV

Interviews with a handful of participants at the European Wine Bloggers Conference ( #EWBC ) that took place in Lisbon, Portugal, in October/November 2009. What did you think about the conference? How was it for you?: Featuring: Miss Vicky Wine (Anne-Victoire Monrozier): Justin Roberts on sherry: Maria da Assuncao Foy: Julia Sevenich: […]

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Three golden rules for drinking alcohol in Sweden

Sophe la Girafe is a young French woman exiled in Sweden. For some reason, we don’t know which, she has chosen to settle in Stockholm It does take some time to get to grips with Swedish society and customs – to make sure you behave, well, appropriately. But after some time (and practice) you get […]

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