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In the restaurant

In the restaurant, copyright BKWine Photography

You may think that you have taken a wrong turn or lost your way before you arrive. The restaurant, and winery, is at the end of a long winding road on a hilltop. This is both a winery and a restaurant. One of the regions most impressive on both counts.

The restaurant Marennà Ristorante was given one star in the Michelin Red Guide in 2009. It is run by the chef Paolo Barrale who trained with Heinz Beck (three Michelin stars) who also collaborated in the creation of the restaurant.

The location is on a hill crest with a beautiful view over the landscape. To get there you follow the winding road up and up and up. And then, when you think you are lost, you find it. A gleaming modern building with just as modern a restaurant. The cuisine is impressive. It is a mix of modern and traditional everything prepared with attention to detail and top quality. You can have a classic bruschetta to start with, but redesigned in a modern fashion. Or classic cheese filled pasta, but deep-fried and crunchy to capture all the flavours; or crunchy pork belly with a silky dollop of mashed potatoes. Etc. All is delicious, elegant and top quality.

Pork belly and mashed potatoes

Pork belly and mashed potatoes, copyright BKWine Photography

The kitchen is adjoining the dining room with and open view so that you can watch the eight cooks working. A word about the wines and the winery: millions must have gone into building this gleaming installation with the latest technology. It is one of the leading wineries in the region with a penchant for modern-style wines. All in all it is definitely worth the long drive up the hill.

Ristorante Marennà, Feudi di San Gregorio, Località Cerza Grossa (near Avellino), 83050 Sorbo Serpico, ph 0825 98 66 83, and Marenna Ristorante

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Deep fried crunchy pasta

Deep fried crunchy pasta, copyright BKWine Photography

The chef and the head waiter

The chef and the head waiter, copyright BKWine Photography

The vaulted barrel cellar

The vaulted barrel cellar, copyright BKWine Photography

In the restaurant

In the restaurant, copyright BKWine Photography

A glass of sweet wine for dessert

A glass of sweet wine for dessert, copyright BKWine Photography

Coming with the main course

Coming with the main course, copyright BKWine Photography

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